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  1. Risa Sera & Yoshihisa ├╝to Are Getting married. Probably the second Deathmatch Couple in Japanese Wrestling after Megumi Kudo & Bad Boy Hido Congratulations! https://www.hochi.co.jp/fight/20190209-OHT1T50158.html
  2. i think Momoe Nakanishi surpassed the obstacle till the 3rd stage But not in SASUKE!
  3. TIL : Yumi Fukawa Meets Aja Kong after 16 Years
  4. It's Finally Omukai is return from the cave, hope she booked to Face Satomura sooner, my pants wasn't ready
  5. If That match was from Korakuen Hall, There it is!
  6. ah, i forgot, it's on my Private DM list : Here We Go!
  7. funny enough! alright, let's rocket!
  8. There you go, but this is available on HD at SamuraiTV On 11/1 in AJW Classics #126 http://www.veoh.com/watch/v14715655xWzGNZQy
  9. GAEA 2nd Junior All Stars Tournament at Yokohama Buntai (Bunka Taiikukan) 7-19-1997 * Six Man Tag Team Match : Aya Koyama, Miho Kawasaki & Nana Fujimura vs. Hiromi Kato, Rina Ishii & Sakura Hirota * Singles Match : Miyuki Fujii vs. Sachie Abe * Tag Team Match : Miyuki Sogabe & Sari Osumi vs. Miho Wakizawa & Nanae Takahashi * Tag Team Match : Keiko Aono & Miho Watanabe vs. Misae Genki & Tanny Mouse * Tag Team Match : Bloody Phoenix & Sayuri Okino vs. Maiko Matsumoto & Makie Numao * Singles Match : Chiharu Ono vs. Tomoko Kuzumi (Azumi Hyuga)
  10. Io Shirai Reportedly Injured and has to undergo surgery on her tailbone, she will miss the next two shows
  11. Looks Like Megumi Kudo has been set for in ring return after 19 years of her retirement http://www.tokyo-sports.co.jp/prores/womens_prores/555975/
  12. so, WAVE network is on for today. you can subscribe it for 800yen/month. probably they start free 1 month trial to bring much subscibers. you can watch many past event including CATCH THE WAVE tournament this year. so far still put a lil bit match in their catalog and quality isn't HD btw due they still corporated by ParadiseTV (Basically SD360p). but still worth to watch! http://pro-w-wave.com/wave_network
  13. No idea, but it was announced after Hiroshima Ribbon few months ago and kinda lil bit disappointed.
  14. After 4 Years, she is back for one match As anyone expected Best Friends vs. Thunder Rock is not happened on May, 4th. They Replace Best Friends vs. Nanae Takahashi & X
  15. Kobashi announced Hojo vs. Hiroyo on next Fortune Dream Project, elbowfest incoming
  16. so, Dynamite Kansai will retire this year. she suffering lung cancer 4 years ago http://news.yahoo.co.jp/pickup/6195111
  17. i see that coming, WMOTYC on May, 4th at Yokohama Gymnasium
  18. i'm requesting Onita vs. Chono from Tokyo Dome 99 Strong Style Symphony. this match was on my waiting list. when i see back on NJPWworld they literally muted onita's music!
  19. hard to believe today Eiji Ezaki a.k.a. Hayabusa Passed Away
  20. so, got some announcement from Stardom regarding to launched her network + price you should paid. this probably their matches was uploaded on Stardom YT Channel.
  21. Well, another retirement coming, Nishio (Maybach Wife) retired next month. earlier today she announced she was pregnant
  22. Hmmm.. curious But with a lil bit excitement
  23. Syuri has been resigned with REINA and become a freelancer, and focusing on her MMA career, she's not retire at all, she want reduce her schedule in wrestling. her MMA debut in Pancrase on April, 24th http://battle-news.com/?p=19173
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