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  1. He's one of my favorite characters too. There's something compelling about how he's so self-righteous about everything. Have you ever checked out any of the old Bill Everett books? They're very well done for golden age comics.
  2. As a head's up, Asbury Park's parking authority is intense. Make sure you pay your meters!
  3. Weren't his brains already turning to mush before he joined the WWE?
  4. Met Joey a bunch of times and really is one of the coolest people ever.
  5. My new dream King of Trios team.
  6. I felt the same way at the time about Finley. Looking back, I think it might have been because there were so many other wrestlers that I was into at the time. And the whole stable/team with him, Knobbs and Al Green was just sad.
  7. Storyline wise, why should Tyler Breeze be in this? Has he even had a Raw or Smackdown match yet?
  8. I thought it was already established that everyone who watches NXT is a brony so the leap that everyone who likes New Day is one too isn't that far. What's a Brony? Is it like a Jabronie, only unemployed? Brony is the name of a male My Little Pony fan.
  9. Fritz story I knew. But that's nuts about Nash!
  10. That's because Taker's crew weren't whiny little bitches who power-played Vince. They were fucking men. If they didn't want to do the job then you better be tough enough to put them down for reals.....in a shoot!!! They didn't fake retirements or heart attacks. Probably a dumb question, but who faked a heart attack?
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