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  1. I’ve tried out most of the big wrestler hosted podcasts over the past few years, the couple I’ve stuck with are Chris Jericho (with wrestlers and rock guests) for his interview style, and surprisingly Sean Waltman. He can trip over himself sometimes, and his co-hosts in that ‘zoo’ setup can come across a bit sycophantic but generally he has an interesting take on the news and gets a wide variety of guests with a different slant of questioning. He just had Juice Robinson on this week which was a fun listen.

  2. 1 hour ago, The Natural said:

    Must see wrestling documentaries? I've come up with:

    Wrestling With Shadows.

    The Rise and Fall of ECW.

    Journey to WrestleMania: Daniel Bryan from his DVD.

    Bret Hart's from Bret Hitman Hart: The Best There Is, Was and Ever Will Be DVD.

    CM Punk's from CM Punk: Best In The World DVD.

    Chris Jericho's from Breaking The Code: Behind The Walls of Chris Jericho DVD.

    Beyond The Mat

    Also a personal favourite is the Louis Theroux episode where he visits the WCW Power Plant and Sarge has Louis doing cardio until he pukes and admits to resembling a dying cockroach on the ground.

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  3. I feel the same way. I understand he's green, give him time to find a niche etc. but there's nothing there right now. I think Greggulator's relentless optimism in reading through this thread is fantastic most of the time but when it comes to Mojo Rawley it seems misguided. Give me anyone else.


    And with how good NXT is, what is the opportunity cost of putting this guy on TV for 10 minutes every week? That's precious time for an hour-long show. 

  4. RIP. No doubt one of the most iconic entrances, theme music, personalities ever. And like others have said WMVI perhaps made the biggest impression as a wrestling fan on my young mind. It really was so great to see him officially accepted into the WWE fold and giving inspirational speeches in front of millions in the last few days. Such a pity.  

  5. Having caught up with NXT during the hype week before Wrestlemania, I love it and all the wrestlers in it. Well, except for Mojo, he really just does nothing for me yet.


    But I just wonder where Zayn, arguably the most talented guy there, fits in the main roster? As I'm sure others have said the bearded, hipster-attired, never-surrender underdog gimmick is adequately represented right now. Is he the show-stopping movez high-flyer? Surely that'll be Neville? I think the new approach of waiting for the right moment and the right gimmick to be called up is the right one, but I just can't see where he fits in a world with no brand splits and separate divisions.


    Also, I love how well represented the UK is on the overall WWE roster. I just wish Paige's odd semi-Americanised accent wasn't so jarring. She seems to be taking after Layla in that respect. 

  6. Raw capped off an amazing weekend. So much to get excited for: Bryan, Wyatts, Shield, Paige...THE NEW HEYMAN GUY.


    Cesaro has this certain quality to connect and empathise with him. Maybe it's because he does most of his talking through his actons in the ring and just seems to delight in competition, overcoming challenges and being the best. Kind of like what Cena says he is, but spends so long telling us that it overshadows virtues of the actions themselves. Maybe it's because more often than not you can see the smirk and the look in his eyes that suggests he's loving every minute of being there. Maybe it's the mindblowing stuff he does in the ring plus the other countless arguments in the March Madness threads.The pieces are almost in place for him to explode as a face.


    I know I felt so sorry for the guy when he was just crestfallen but in a classy understated way, staring down from the ring at his crowning glory, smashed to bits by his jealous former buddy.


    I also haven't heard it mentioned in the WM thread or here about the German interview that Cesaro did with Hogan following the announcement of the ARMBAR.



    At the time when it was released, we thought that glance to the camera after Hulk say 'I know you've got a lot on at Wrestlemania, brother' was simply a sarcastic, 'yeah right. The pre-show tag. I've got PLENTY on...'. Did he already know he was going to win at that point?

  7. Yeah, I guess that may be it. 


    And I didn't mention Rowan in the previous post, but I certainly don't think he detracts from the stable. I've always been in the camp that thinks his awkward greenness fits the character anyway, but he does seem to be improving a bit.


    And the whole stable just have that genuinely menacing, physical intimidation factor. Lots of guys on the roster over the years, whatever their size/opponent/quality of booking, will will only ever come across as well-conditioned, attractive athletes ready to go through the choreographed motions with a guy who is actually their friend (or at least colleague in entertainment). Whereas I get instinctively scared on behalf of any of the Wyatts' targets, imagining being in their shoes. My 8 year old nephew feels the same way. And it's testament to the design and execution of the characters that we both connect in the same way, despite the 20+ year age gap.   

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  8. Based on Greggulator's recommendation, I watched the last hour and it definitely lived up to expectations. I was gripped through all of it, although I feel there's such a tonal dissonance between the comedy stooge Vicki and the creepy nightmare fuel that are the Wyatts that it's just jarring when they interact. 


    I did love Dean Ambrose on colour. He can obviously hang with the announce team and never seemed out of his depth or at a loss for words like some others on the roster do when exposed on the announce table. But to me, sometimes he was trying to show his chops as an announcer at the expense of staying in character. The only time I knew that he cared about his 'brothers from another mother' and was totally committed to the triumph of the Shield as a unit was when he got physically involved. Until then, he was cracking jokes about 'Vintage Goldust' while Reigns was getting beaten up. But maybe it was deliberate, and it's only a minor point anyway.


    I don't think you can say anything about the Shield and the Rhodes that hasn't already been said - phenomenal. Personally, I want to see more and more of Bray and Luke Harper all over WWE television. Just imagining all the verbal and in-ring interactions with everyone on the roster makes me excited for the future.  

  9. Like everyone else is saying, I can't recommend these podcasts enough, especially the wrestler interviews. 


    What's refreshing is that even those more prone to bullshit and/or self-aggrandising (Bret, Shawn, Nash) come across so candid, likable, just shooting the shit and telling great stories. Maybe it's that another wrestler is interviewing them, they don't have to 'work' him...


    ...well, until you get to Kurt Angle. But hey, Kurt Angle.


    Can't wait to listen to DDP part 2

  10. He should run in, run around the ring, and run out.


    Then every so often during various backstage interviews, he should be seen just streaking across the frame.


    And once during one of the shots coming back from break where they show the outside of the arena, he should be running around it.

    Unfortunately he might need some new knees for that to happen.


    Unless they maybe shoot only above the waist and have him ride a segway or something. 

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