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  1. I felt that Ruby/Ford was one of Ruby’s better showings in AEW so far (wonky Irish Whip aside) but the most noteworthy part of that match, that I’m surprised didn’t see mentioned amongst the Cody hoo-haa is professional doormat Richard motherfucking Knox laying down the law with the foreign object. How’s that for character development? Or maybe the Hardy faction didn’t pay him as much as he’s come to expect from the Bucks. The Fish mauling and the Bryan/Dustin match were a pleasure. Perceptive take on Bryan thinking he’s a good guy but basically acting like a heel and the crowd cheering him like crazy so he’s so damn good. Yes I’ve taken delight in throwing pot shots at Cody’s pomp and jingoistic crap, but the Reign of Terror comparisons are a bit much. Also what’s been omitted is the drama and storytelling that Cody brought vs Aldis at All In (the emotional heart of a show that had some pretty goofy shit) and vs Dustin at DoN 2019 (MOTY candidate). Move him on, have him ‘do the work’ without all this extracurricular stuff, wrestling week in, week out in the AEW-Verse then re-assess.
  2. For what its worth, (and to the extent that it matters, since I think we may presuming too much over what the Saudis will and wont accept in a WWE show/WWE talent) Piper Niven is bisexual.
  3. Happy to see TK crowing to be honest, after being pushed into a head to head fight he didnt start, them pulling out the big guns and pulling the commercial-free shit and the Fast National leaks after the past few weeks, and him pretty much staying the course and trusting (rightly) in the AEW faithful in the demo to show up. Pretty restrained really - i’d be shitposting memes of me tea bagging VKM but hey. And the winner is...the audience getting to see plenty of good shit across the board, especially that Bryan/Suzuki war. And then Hangman bringing it home with Cowboy Shit the next day plus Fish/Bryan making me rethink my position on bringing in Fish full time. Pretty fun times.
  4. Getting withdrawal from not having my usual Dynamite fix to look forward to on Thursday evening here. On the plus side it’ll be great to watch both Rampage and Dynamite live on the weekend. Hopefully the neurosis and concern trolling about ratings (elsewhere) chills out a bit during this pre-emption time, though I know TK stoked those flames to an extent with the Smackdown smack talk. Personally I would have kept Fish on a per-show basis, but not my money. Also I saw Tony saying that he knows Windham but is not in talks about bringing him in. Assuming he’s not kayfabing that’s a relief that he’s not snapping up yet another free agent for now.
  5. From memory, due to his 'occult' ink it was thought to be a bit dicey to travel into the more Orthodox Middle Eastern states.
  6. Loved the crowd nailing the chant, the Danielson Special and then the Cattle Mutilation finishing the match with Nick (although Nick's obnoxious hair-dye/jewelry/feathers game was off this week which knocks a couple of snowflakes from the match rating). Good to see Jade has some gear that stays on her when she delivers a butt-whipping, agree that she is being built well and this was an okay match with a bit of a crutch from the plunder. The Mark Henry split-screen special continues to inoffensively but pointlessly exist. And Jack Evans from the Heavens, with the skeeziest look in all of televised wrestling (can't help but imagine him wearing and sleeping in that gear for like a week straight) gets a main event spot and jobs to the clippers with the feel-good finish to a quality hour.
  7. Hey, Elton's numbers don't lie and they'll spell disaster for Drew at... *dodges rotten fruit as audience groans*
  8. LBO Rush has found his first mark *ahem* valued business partner in an organic hemp venture backstage. I don't think he's grasped the nuances quite yet: Edit: managed to wipe my notes on the show making that lame joke, oh well. Wonderful bookends in JB/Cole and Sammy/Miro, the women were stepping up their game and I'll gladly take Punk as a 3rd swapping out Skee-a-vone or Jr thanks very much. Didn't much enjoy the content of AmDrag's promo but the wider context and direction is good. I also liked Aubrey's indignant 'Hey!' when Cole got up in her bidness, not the cowering, subservient muppet that we've got used to seeing on TV wrestling. For me, just the right amount of Brodie Lee commemoration and callbacks but will be happy to see DO evolve. I'm also not massively high on Sammy as a face personality but willing to see them run with it and Do The Work (blessed be to our heavenly Cody) week in, week out. Am I right in recalling that Kip Sabian and Sammy faced off in the very first AEW match at DON 2019, and Kip won that one. Interesting the paths both men have taken since.
  9. I know Gedo’s gonna Gedo with the G1 twists and turns but for now I will enjoy ZSJ’s domination, outrageous tekkers and show-closing promos about tiddlywinks and dickheads.
  10. Fascinating chat between ‘Laserdisc Enthusiast’@Mookieghana and Brandon Thurston.
  11. Men of The Year? And it's pretty much famous for having the world's deadliest (or most dangerous?) motor race, and for being the birthplace of the Bee Gees, and that's about it.
  12. Damn, pipped to the post by 4 minutes. I remember watching the reboot with Ian Wright (swap in another loud black footballer, it’ll work right?) with the same old Scottish ref shouting ‘contenders READY!’ looking to capitalise on the nostalgia factor. A bit like World of Sport really. And about as commercially successful. Edit to add: I buried the lede somewhat, as the real gladiator turned wrestling super star of that series was one MASON RYAN. Can’t forget the Welsh Goliath.
  13. Pilman's not even been at it as long as Tay Conti, he's still got time to develop. You could argue with his appearance on the show at the expense of someone else but that's on the Booker Man. It was serviceable as a cool-down match and MJF's stuff with Julia added a little extra to it. I like his look and the fact he's not a PAC-like aerial prodigy doing the springboard gives some oomph to it and less the perfect high-diving contest vibe (speaking of, still waiting for the signature Punk 'I'm flying!' but maybe he'll be avoiding that with the age and miles). Like HHH said, it's marathon and AEW seems to have set their watermark solidly at 1.0-1.3m for now. I do wonder about Fite viewership - the subscription and even PPVs really are a steal on that platform for us foreigners, and anecdotally my British wrestling mates use Fite more than ITV4, I wonder how it looks elsewhere.
  14. Rewatching the clips of the opening match, seeing Callis there at the epicentre of all of it, looking like as one reddit post put it ‘a walking GTA Vice City Loading Screen’, makes you think about what a wild ride he’s had in the last few years. From being completely retired from everything wrestling related till 2016, to doing the podcast for fun with Lance, to NJPW announcing, to helping to give Impact a shot in the arm with D’Amore in a behind the scenes role, to the Carny Piece of Shit hanger-on for Omega, soaking it all in with 20k fans going BANANA. Quite surreal.
  15. Almost falling between the cracks of an all-time great show was the hilarity of Y2J proclaiming he was ‘feral’. I know you did your best Brody tribute in New Japan but come on mate, you lead a sing-song karaoke session (backed by yourself singing in your own vanity rock band) every week. I’ll willingly buy a lot of things from the man, but wild man shooter is not one of them.
  16. Agreed on the commentary, they're meshing more and more, and the pacing of the matches tonight worked in JR's favour. Although he does need to check a thesaurus to find an alternative term to 'strange enigma' to describe an 'alternative' wrestler.
  17. And barely a Buck in sight. @just drew will approve! Dream MOTYC -> Punk on the mic -> Pilman's kid against the hottest young heel -> Sting turning back the clock -> Malakai Black bringing the hurt to Cody and family -> Ruby going from underused to main-eventing their biggest show ever against arguably the most over homegrown talent (and, oh yeah, happens to be a woman). What a sequence of awesome in a 2-hour show. Those acoustics were unreal too.
  18. Well whatever the outcome, as long as he doesn't grab the mic afterwards and give his views on the state of New York as a father of a beautiful multi-racial child.
  19. C'mon, we need the hometown villain showcase as much as the hometown hero one Could be the best opening to a televised wrestling show since....a couple weeks back with Punk's debut. They really are building up steam. I'm sure soon this show, like Kenny put it in M.Bison's words, will be 'just another Wednesday'.
  20. Serious TK with a stick up his arse. Give me goofy awkward caffeined-up Tony all day. Couldn't sleep last night looking forward to the show. Will be electric.
  21. But who will be Denzel’s friend now? Edit to add: I saw TK is apparently going to have a Rap Battle with Max Caster at the Queens show. Anyone got some bars for our former compatriot? Also, will we will see the cringey (or adorable YMMV) foot stamp of passion on display?
  22. Preach! ZSJ/Bryan (or Garcia, anyone really)is what I’ve been salivating for since the forbidden door was ‘BLASTED OPEN~‘. Good to see the women drawing big, though it wasn’t the smoothest of matches. And TK gets to make it up to the diehards and will probably play the whole bloody song when Suzuki enters just to make sure he gives the people what they want. Yes it was an overfilled show, they’re probably being a bit dogmatic over the hometown hero being so heavily featured at the expense of a better holistic storytelling approach. But fuck it, everyone’s just been stuck at home for a year, starved of live wrestling, I don’t begrudge them for wanting to bring a party to wherever they go on this comeback tour. Im happy to see some new and different views here, but find it very hard to nitpick as much when it’s such a thrill ride and a happy place to come into each week, with all the positive intent in the world.
  23. It’s true, the way TK frames it all your favourite guys will likely be used sparingly over the years, absence making the heart fonder, in precious few top-shelf matches relative to WWE. The only place you’ll get to see every delicious permutation played out…the video game. With a roster to rival the all-time greats like HCTP, limitless possibilities with reskins/legacy stars, if they get the engine right and time it to ride the crest of this wave they could have gold on their hands. It’s one of the aspects of AEW I’m personally most stoked about.
  24. I’ve said before, Kip Sabian is the quintessential example of this, whatever this new box shit is. The ones on shakiest ground are the folks who would be a bigger fish in a smaller pond where you used to have to ‘make do’ and make them seem as much of a big deal as you can (say Jimmy Havoc if he was still with them, Big Swole, Joey Janela, Lance Archer as much as I like him), or the touted hot young prospect who has proven to be underwhelming for an extended period and been leapfrogged by the Dark ‘grinders’ i.e. Sabian. You’re better off being a ham-and-egger who knows their spot, with bags of charisma (2.0) or bizarre habits/friends in high places (Chaos Project).
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