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  1. 4 minutes ago, ExcellenceofAirPollution said:

    small world.  If true, I'm talking to a legend.  Respect.

    I'll let you in on a little secret, I'm the real ExcellenceofAirPollution.

    Check out his post history, he’s talked a bit about his feelings at the time etc elsewhere on the board (if that meets your threshold for proof in this crazy online world in which we inhabit 😉)

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  2. 3 minutes ago, AxB said:

    Thanks for sharing. Moral of the story: a 5-day LSD bender is just the ticket to provide oneself with clarity in future career aspirations.
    But seriously, great to see a bit more of his background. I had watched the short documentary showing him in GCW but he had come across as a ‘doth protest too much’ indy 4 life, totally-not-bitter guy before, which was probably an unfair presumption on my part.

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  3. On 12/2/2021 at 6:18 AM, J.H. said:

    I think the only thing that Liger has over Rey is that Liger was able to to work heel if given the situation (NJ v. NOAH Jrs, 10thJr. title run being a heel build up to challenge Sasaki, CTU). You can argue Filthy Animals were heels but Rey was cheered regardless. I lean towards Liger. Hell. add ring music into it and Liger wins!


    BOO-yaka this man! /s

    I agree on @SirSmellingtonofCascadia’s point regarding stale just-a-guy status of Rey in WWE. If he’d have just had that one phenomenal Rumble appearance where he’d somehow found the Fountain of Knee Rejuvenation and then carried on as an international touring attraction, presented with the bona fide legend status he has earned, with short stints at all the non-wwe players (excepting COVID), that might even enough to raise his perceived status further towards his rightful position as all-timer.

    Heart says Rey but head says Liger.

  4. I for one will take a Designated Danielson Match and Designated Punk Match as a mandatory 30-45 min block for as long as we are blessed to have it, be it 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years.

    Women’s match was the highlight for me. I couldn’t help rooting for Stadlander so a bit disappointed and I knew the bug-eye reaction would feature heavily here before looking (a little overdone but nowhere close to a 1 on the Gargano Scale of Melodrama).

    I could take or leave the Cody match but am amused that not only is he the only one in the company to get the middle entrance, the rising trapdoor, the two themes, the Kevin-Nash-bankrupting-WCW level pyro, the reality TV show, the gender reveal extravaganza, the massive entourage for big fights, the first win over Black. Noted Hardcore Legend Cody Runnels also gets sole dibs on the flaming table. Good grief.

    Darby’s dive where somehow he ended face down prone after slamming into a Gunn was a new level of spectacular.

    And I’d happily have taken Taz for the full two hours on commentary, even without the Hook twofer.

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  5. Miro at least deserves an honourable mention in the Wrestler of the Year discussion. In terms of sheer batting average in everything he’s participated in on-screen (matches, interviews, vignettes, in-ring confrontations, everything) I’m not sure anyone comes close in terms of hit rate. 

    But from personal preference I’d have to say Danielson. I’ve never got such vicarious pleasure in someone else’s sheer joy of head-kicking-in from Omega to Suzuki and on and on, the switch-up of finishers, that gleam in his eye. So great.

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  6. Whether or not to share my early 20’s pretentious wankery…🤔

    Spoilers for pretentious wankery:


    I studied Classics (Latin and Ancient Greek) at Uni and did my dissertation on the Roman satirist Juvenal, progenitor of the phrase ‘who watches the watchmen?’ so started using the mouthful of a handle ‘CustosCustodum’ or ‘Watcher of the Watchmen’ when I fell into a Big 4 grunt job soon after as an external auditor as it seemed appropriate. Shortened over time.

    Lurked for 13 years then came out in mid-2019 when my fervour for AEW (which shows no signs of abating) overrode my better judgement to not actively participate in online wrestling discourse.

    .…I thought AxB was Ax Bomber too.

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  7. 984k viewers, 0.37 in the 18-49 demo, no.3 on the night behind NBA. Coming within a hair of a million again is Cowboy Shit.

    Im all in on dickhead Bryan leaving a wake of destroyed Dark Order members. Thought we were only getting the amazing pre tape MJF and then he also blesses us with his presence in the ring opposite a mute Punk. Definitely up for that. Women tore the house down and Sammy belonged in his spot. Such a great show when they could have just done a filler/regroup session.

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  8. Totally agree with @christopher.annino and @Ultimo Necro that MJF/Darby match way exceeded my expectations and was a joy from bell to bell. It also had one of the better near falls in recent memory in terms of timing and the crowd biting on it with that 2.99 kickout after the Code Red. The pillows had something to prove.

    The Matt Jackson nod, then Hangman batting away the beer and embracing his buddies was just the right amount of melodrama for me. And Punk/Kingston and Miro/Danielson delivered very well even compared to my giddy anticipation.

    Would never have bet on Prince (sign) and Baron Von Raschke sightings though!

    Edit: just rewatched that near fall again - was so great, and definitely worth it cos the first time I'd missed Tony's jubilant 'ho ho ho!' like he couldn't believe how good this was and it's only the first match of the show.  

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  9. 6 hours ago, The Natural said:

    Now that's a poster.

    Crazy hyped about the match, but with the ‘haggard’ filter turned up to 11 on Bryan and the setting, that poster looks like he’s the head of Vince’s mythical Hobo Army advancing on the Redeemer as God’s final test.

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  10. 20 hours ago, Gordberg said:

    It reminds me, on a larger scale, of Kuuga (Asian Cooger) in Osaka Pro. He's legitimately my friend. I used to sit in a group of people who are all his friends and we were friends with each other through him. I used to sit right next to a happy loving couple who are still together, who were introduced to one another by Kuuga. And we would boo him like crazy and he'd curse us and spit at us. 

    When Eddie Kingston came to Osaka Pro with Chikara, he never broke character. He was always a mean, angry bastard, in and out of the ring. And we never stopped booing him and cheering for whoever he was fighting. 

    And I know for a fact that he loved it here, and he knows for a fact that we loved watching him fight. The proof is right there in that video he posted a while back. He still has the "Please come back" letter we gave him. 

    How can we not boo this man?

    @Gordberg was Large Marge all along???

    For real, such a cool memory for you guys.

    Edit to add something on-topic: for me, Miro/Dragon and Punk/Kingston are tied for most anticipated. MJF/Allin could be a sleeper hit too, not wanting to be outshined by the shiny new toys. I can take or leave the ATT stuff but apart from that, pretty hyped for every other match on the card.

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  11. Lucha Bros title match and win were a top 10 all-time MOMENT for AEW, but beyond that I have more faith in Santana and Ortiz compared to them in rising to the occasion if they were given the ball, with something to prove and get their teeth into since…god knows when. It feels like they’ve been Jericho’s hangers-on for too damn long.

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  12. A fair point @eoae but the corporate analogy is a bit apples to oranges. I don’t hire 3 Accounts Payable Officers (and don’t get the vacancy signed off by the HR director) when I have the workload for one - a clearly defined role with a clearly defined task timing.
    In WWE’s case, it’s a bit more elastic (leaving aside the outrageously erratic creative direction). I’d compare it to a soap opera expanding their pool of actors under contract to (way) beyond the regular core. On the face of it, again not the most financially prudent choice, but if you’ve got the writing chops you could create all sorts of interesting and diverse storylines which may give an upside in viewership. Not to mention, you’ve got a spin-off in the works which may also benefit (NXT UK/HHH ‘world domination map’ in this analogy).

    Personally, for me the shittiest thing is having people uproot their lives, relocate and cutting them within weeks. I’ve worked for a few huge multinationals (albeit not in the good ole U S of A) and there’s no way they would countenance that kind of poor planning and people management, unless the company was suddenly and unexpectedly on its knees approaching insolvency.

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  13. Great show, just let D-Bry rip it up every Friday and I'll be a happy man. Not the biggest fan of Cole in general (the wrestler - Chugs is fucking awesome) but that main did pull me in. And echoing Punk and Kingston top 5 Rampage segment to-date.

    Caster's Johnny Ace line, the commentary team's reaction then Max's mugging for the camera was all fun too. Can't go wrong investing an hour with Rampage recently.

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  14. 49 minutes ago, The Natural said:

    Nia Jax, Karrion Kross, Scarlett and Keith Lee stand out as surprised to me. Nia Jax with how long she was there/hurting opponents/who she's related to, Kross/Scarlett even with the contrast from NXT to main roster booking, ditto for Keith Lee. Such a difference from Lee's Survivor Series 2019 to everything since then including losing the NXT Championship so soon after winning it ending Adam Cole's long reign to Kross.

    By most accounts Nia Jax is pretty beloved backstage. When the weirdness with Charlotte happened, there was scuttlebutt in support of Nia, to the effect that Charlotte was acting on her self-inflated ego but against one of the few women she couldn’t impose her will on physically, hence the awkwardness. The Becky/Charlotte segment somewhat vindicates this view. Now the ’reckless’ stigma is a separate matter but as the AEW is prioritizing a good-vibe locker room, the attitude is a factor.

    Edit to add: given the above, it’s all the more bizarre that she has been cut. Maybe an anti-vax thing?

  15. 4 hours ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

    He'll be remembered fondly for helping create AEW but he can never be Dusty or Dustin he's just not that guy. He could easily go heel and then switch back to face in a year or two and be loved again. 

    Fans don't hold grudges.  Hunter got his flowers.  Cena got his flowers.  Cody will eventually. 

    On his part, obsessing over how he’ll be remembered is whats getting Cody into this mess in the first place. For a (ostensibly) healthy, functioning 36 year old he talks ad nauseum about it (’legacy is a funny thing’, ’I built the bank’ blah de blah). 

    How about, live in the same world as everyone else, in the present, kick some arse (or be dastardly in avoiding getting kicked), and stop losing to yourself in your own game of 5d chess. A splash of that grandiloquent shit in the odd ’Road To’ is more than enough thanks.

    Or have TK pull rank and take it out of his hands to do whats best for business.

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  16. 6 hours ago, eikerir said:

    There was a point around mid 2000s ROH where you could have 4 guys or more in the ring wearing black and red attire, wrestling on a black and red ring canvas with black and red turnbuckles and ropes with black and red ROH logos all over the barricade and entrance. 

    Not to mention lots of these attires were those plasticky shiny pants that were all the rage amongs Indy wrestlers back then.

    I still loved it tho.


    Spoken by the guy with the red and black avatar, to round it off neatly!

    I forgot to mention but remembered as others noted, Punk’s ’Reclaim The Bodyslam’ campaign to make the poor neglected move mean something, dammit (well that or an ego driven thing of ’look at me, Im so over I can make ’em pop for a BODYSLAM brother) is pretty great. Atomic drop next please.

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  17. 3 minutes ago, HarryArchieGus said:

    I loved seeing 10 get run over by Moxley.  Such a fun squash.  He'll be fine by the time he's ready for a good run.  

    Amen. The man is a tippy-top guy in a foul mood and is not fucking around. Loved the Yuta and 10 steamrolling to be honest.

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  18. 11 hours ago, zendragon said:

    This is interesting 

    This was the conversation that prompted my post in June where, fron the outside , it just seemed totally bonkers the simultaneous conflicting positions and emotions that WWE talent must have in the current process.


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