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  1. Essentially the Jays just freed up a roster space so they don't need to carry 3 catchers.
  2. All things considered it's not a bad draw for Canada, and that Morocco game has some sneaky track meet potential if someone scores early.
  3. Machine Gun Kelly did a fucking abysmal cover of SOAD Arials that I absolutely refuse to post but instead have this version which is very good
  4. I beat the game for the first time in about 70 hours but I skipped a MASSIVE amount of side content, I could have easily gone for 100 I'm not posting a lot more on it for now because literally all of it would be spoilers for other people, but yeah this game rules save for one boss I hated (it was *that* duo fight, if you've beaten the game you know).
  5. Nothing increases the pace of play like *checks notes* giving old men a microphone.
  6. I don't know if this is gonna be a minority take or not, because uniform hot takes are always wild, but I really like the Nats look. It's simple and clean.
  7. The Saints are a team just begging to have a bad season so they can try to draft their Next One and honestly you would hope the combo of Winston and Hill is just the thing to get them there.
  8. Would cutting back the number of days required to count as "one year" of service time help put a stop for this sort of thing? Latest I can find is that it's 172 days which honestly seems really high to me. Is there any good reason spending 90 days on a MLB roster shouldn't move the clock?
  9. It just occurred to me that based on some of the mayonaise-brained discourse that took place around the lack of revealing costumes in MK 11 being replaced with actual motherfucking armor, there is a very high chance someone is going to do a reddit thread about MK 12 accussing Scorpion and Sub-Zero wearing masks of being a political statement about COVID. This thought sucks and brought me pain so now you have to share that pain with me.
  10. I didn't have cable TV until I was like 17 because I grew up in a weird house so that's entirely fair.
  11. I had no idea Brian Bosworth (a contemporary of Bo Jackson who kinda flopped in the NFL) ever made movies but this looks absolutely batshit insane incredible.
  12. Listen I don't ask for much from wrestling, but
  13. Now that I've beaten Elden Ring I'm probably gonna stream Satisfactory just for a complete change of pace.
  14. No spoilers here but HOLY SHIT THAT WAS INCREDIBLE
  15. So about them Blue Jays... *laughs in nervous Canadian*
  16. My hometown show's big claim to fame!
  17. My God, this tournament has been fucking great. Day 15 is going to be absolutely wild.
  18. Yeah, never fat roll, it's not worth it.
  19. I can't believe the Jays actually found a buyer for Grichuk and his mythical year of hitting 80 RBI without actually being a power hitter and going .241. No offense to the guy but I'm happy to try someone else and press my luck there instead.
  20. Look on your map in the un-revealed areas for a little Obelisk-like shape, usually it's on a road, those are gonna be the towers that have a map piece. And it took me forever to realize this too. Figuring out "that's a map piece" and "that's a mine" were definitely two things that helped me out.
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