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  1. Be sure to tip your service industry workers if you're still going out, because most of us are probably not going to make rent.
  2. How long do we have until MLW runs out of taped material?
  3. Did they go as over the top as Dave and break with their own rating systems? I genuinely don't know, as I became disillusioned with star ratings before all of that. I feel like the backlash against Dave would have been far less pronounced if he hadn't started saying NJPW matches were far better than any match he'd ever reviewed. I personally am more inclined to listen to a "Kenny Omega is a great wrestler" argument than a "Kenny Omega is the best wrestler ever" argument. I always felt like Dave's criteria was inconsistent, but it seemed to really go haywire around that time.
  4. Ultimately this is the only reason anyone still cares - he somehow provides credibility to the case that Omega or whoever is the best wrestler ever, so people can cite him as if that makes it more "true."
  5. I don't post in "another place." Just bringing it back. Here's some more HH for all you Hulkamaniacs:
  6. As the board's default Vince defender/reality peddler: don't give him too much credit. People may not give a fuck about wrestlers, but Vince pulling his circus act shit with football players would have blown up into a huge story. He did what he had to. Do you even know how much XFL players are being paid?
  7. The decision to have face in peril be played by Luchasaurus, who is on a team with Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy, was a weird one.
  8. I mean, they'll just take Akam off TV too, won't they?
  9. I'm sure that off-camera there is a contingent of kids that didn't show up to the village gathering because Eddy should have gotten a longer run.
  10. https://bigearsfestival.org/big-ears-festival-covid-19-cancellation/ I'm particularly salty - the restaurant I work at really needed that extra traffic in town.
  11. This is a rabbit hole that will likely get the thread closed. There are both plenty of reasons to panic and plenty of reasons not to trust the mainstream media. No one is crazy. So let's get to the real question: Are we ever going to see AKI Man in an AEW ring?
  12. Severino Corrente is enjoyably sleazy. Should've just had him go over Havoc, beat Havoc down after the match, have Havoc fired from the company, kill Havoc, cremate Havoc, piss on Havoc's ashes, and go back in time and erase Havoc from history.
  13. Yeah, George South was by far the best part of this whole show and I'd love to see him regularly. Colby's promo came off pretty stiff and rehearsed, especially for the subject matter. This is the first time I've really paid attention to the Circle Squared format - the general concept is fun, but every single one of the fan reactions is obnoxious and I can definitely do without Allysin Kay saying "good babyface promo" on a wrestling show. It seemed like South was the only one trying to kayfabe the whole time.
  14. I guess I just thought that was general knowledge here. Not the highest point in the board's illustrious history.
  15. If you're talking about in-ring work strictly, the argument can be made and not be that far-fetched. But if you're making the argument outside of that, it's pretty clear you're doing it from a perspective that doesn't recognize, value, or respect Hogan's contribution to the business. Honestly? @AxB's vision of an Ultimo Dragon free world sounds really refreshing right now. I'd watch the shit out of current NXT if it was a bunch of hosses. I don't even usually skim the current shows as they are anymore.
  16. I can't do crowded shows anymore for the same reason. Always thankful for venues that have less intense spots to escape to.
  17. RIPPA is mostly right, but I was also referring to this: I guess I'm just way higher on Shayna than you - or way lower on the Horsewomen. There are plenty of people being hard on Shayna here. Do her real fight credentials really matter when she's doing an MMA gimmick in a worked sport? Seems like something JR would nitpick about while doing commentary for the other show.
  18. The whole idea of it is to make matches and wins matter. The phasing out of the financial aspect of wrestling in WWE's storylines is a big part of the reason why their matches don't matter and their wins and losses aren't important. It fits perfectly in line with AEW's general booking philosophy (the rankings). Cody hinted that something resembling a secondary title would pop up before the end of the year, but that nothing was final. He said it would be a concept that no one is doing currently - which pretty strongly indicates that it isn't a TV Title and there were never plans for one.
  19. Man, some of y'all are living on Mars. The main event was laid out horribly, but literally none of that was Shayna's fault. No one can fill 10 minutes of standing around and taunting and make it interesting. To suggest that she has no charisma, can't connect with the crowd, and is somehow not as good as Sasha fucking Banks (and that one wasn't even Niners!) tells me that this is the first Shayna Baszler match some of you have watched.
  20. Why is it weird? It's an old-school concept that Vince phased out for no reason.
  21. You mean how they gave him a push and the Cruiserweight title and he fucked it up by beating her?
  22. What would a satisfying payoff to the search even look like? Is there anyone already in the company that they have in mind?
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