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  1. Not sure if this is kosher, but please delete if not. I have 2 good seats to AEW’s first TV this week, but travel plans have changed and I can’t use them. Have tried to sell them on Stubhub and Ticketmaster, cheaper than I bought them, but no luck. If you’re interested, PM me. This is a “pay what you want” situation at this point, otherwise they’ll just go to waste.
  2. Was it ever clear why Alexa was out of the ring for some time? I seem to remember a report (Meltzer?) about her being injured, which she vehemently denied? Then she wasn’t working matches, had the talk show thing, and got put in this tag team. She’s looked fine in the ring, although noticeably smaller than she was previously, which leads me to believe she wasn’t able to work out for a while. Anyway, I’m enjoying both the story and matches she and Nikki have been having, and interested to see where it goes, which is more than I can say about most of the product.
  3. Yep. Doesn’t help that she usually looks like she’s about to laugh while cutting a promo. Or that the script about her actually dead father was full of clichés. In fairness to Nattie, I can’t think of anyone who’s evoked even a hint of sympathy delivering a WWE written promo in years. Hell, I’m struggling to come up with a recent sympathetic in-ring performance from the main roster, from the company that “makes movies.”
  4. crazypook

    NJPW G1 2019

    Maybe Kelly put the work in to improve his knowledge of the product, but his delivery is so, so bush league. The last few shows have been particularly embarrassing, as he’s been wrong on who’s eliminated and who isn’t. It’s great that NJPW has the English commentary, but the fact that there’s apparently zero QC on it is maddening.
  5. When Raw went to commercial after Alexa/Bailey ended, Bayley immediately stopped selling and walked to the back like nothing happened. Yeah, it’s a TV show, but good grief, really? As for anyone who trashes their own company on social media (not only Sasha), I won’t shed a tear for what follows. Can any of you get away with something like that? I wouldn’t even bother showing up to work the next day. They’d have already cleaned out my desk for me. The booboo face is a whole other level. You gotta stick up for yourself, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Sabotaging your colleagues is the wrong way.
  6. It actually was, but during the show. We noticed the helicopter above the stadium earlier in the night, it hovered around for several minutes before landing outside the building. Don’t remember what match it was during, but at the time we assumed they were just grabbing some overhead shots of the crowd.
  7. I’m very happy Becky won, and I don’t think they’ve done anything to take away from her moment (yet—we’ll see how tonight plays out). But there are interesting conversations to be had. I sort of get why one wouldn’t want Rousey tapping out, but that line of thinking is bizarre to me. It fits with the recent Twitter garbage where she’s going on about how “this shit is fake” or whatever. Even 25 years ago, I absolutely loathed stuff like Dean Malenko being called “The Shooter.” If he’s a “shooter,” what is this guy over here, a “faker?” Dumb. Even if you’re ok with all this, making it a three way protects Rousey, because there’s no MMA equivalent to a triple threat. In addition, it’s ostensibly no DQ, so it should be VERY easy for the agents to come up with a submission finish that would satisfy Rousey or Heyman or whomever it is who insists on protecting their “real” fighters. All that said, Seth Rollins absolutely STEAMROLLED Brock fucking Lesnar on the same card, with Heyman at ringside! Was that somehow not believable?
  8. I don’t understand how Johnny Gargano exists in WWE. The main event was peak more is more style, which, no matter how you slice it (or whether you even care for it or not), is incompatible with “slow down and tell a story,” “make everything count,” etc. that you always hear from people who supposedly know better (and are allegedly putting these matches together). Are these people just full of shit or what? Also, I get that Vince is hands off with NXT, and these are “separate universes,” but why does it have to be one extreme or the other? Dudes kicking out of springboard Canadian destroyers or whatever on one show, while guys are losing to rollups in 2 minutes on the other. 1 show full of top tier superstars, and 1 full of inept geeks. Can’t we just find a happy medium? A separate issue—I feel like I must be crazy, but I don’t accept Johnny as a baby face after the way everything has played out. Am I crazy? Did I miss something? Just because he got the drop on Ciampa when he tried to turn on him again? Or because of his injury/surgery? Are we supposed to just forget about Johnny being a dickhead for 6 months? He never apologized or actually turned or anything. I don’t get it at all.
  9. crazypook

    G1 Supercard

    Preshow: 6 woman tag was pretty good and the few people who were there at 6:15 were into it. Rumble was fine for what it was. Muta was a big surprise. People really wanted a Liger win. I imagine commentary didn’t catch it, but we saw Kenny sneak under the ring so we knew where that was going. Opener was very hot and one of the better matches of the night. People were shocked (and not thrilled) about the fast Rush win, but the last time I saw Castle he could barely move, so I guess it makes sense. Women’s match was a bit of a mess and was not well received live. The Bully Ray thing started off hot, people popped for Flip, but I think a lot of people don’t know Lifeblood as a group because when the graphic and music first kicked in, everyone was screaming for Taz(!). The whole thing was dreadful, the people played along but it felt like this long plodding nothing. Juniors were great and got the crowd back immediately. 4-way was decent, some fun spots but a lot of standing around waiting on the outside which can be hidden on TV but looks so phony live. Enzo-Cass thing seemed real for about 30 seconds, but when it dragged on and security didn’t get involved, it was clear live that it was a work. People did go nuts for it, though (ugh). I maintain my strong dislike of ZSJ. That aside, the crowd was really not that into this match at all. Big pop for the entrances and TAKA intro, but the match itself received polite applause that came off as “we’re supposed to like these guys, so we’ll clap for them, but this isn’t anything special.” Naito-Ibushi was great, but there were 3-4 sloppy miscues. I wonder if there was an early concussion or something. Very uncharacteristic. Ladder match was the spectacle you’d expect. I’d say people were most into Marty to win, but Taven really won the people (including me) over with his hard work and crazy bumping. Other than that sick bump by Lethal at the end, I think Taven took the most here. When the big purple ladder came out, we definitely got the sense Taven was winning it. Main was great. Jay got a great heel reaction, and Okada might have gotten the loudest pop (close call between him and Naito). I really like how these 2 match up, and would like to see more from them down the line. Short promo in English by Okada after (not sure if this aired). About 5:45 (including preshow), definitely too long. I don’t think any matches needed to be trimmed, but the women’s title and street fight back to back felt like an hour.
  10. crazypook

    G1 Supercard

    I got into town from Japan last night and saw random folks all the way from JFK to my Airbnb in Newark (Jamaica Station, Penn Station, on the trains...) wearing NJPW merch, crazy. I see Los Ingos stuff all the time around Tokyo, but it’s wild seeing it in NYC. On another note, a friend in my group going to this show has boned us at the last minute, leaving me stuck for a ticket. If anyone needs a single, feel free to PM me. (If I’m breaking any rules mentioning this here, please let me know and I’ll take this paragraph out right away.)
  11. Bundy is a tough one for me. One of his brothers taught P.E. in my elementary school district. He was a big guy (not as heavy as Bundy), big voice, big personality. I was in kindergarten when WrestleMania 2 happened, and don’t remember quite that far back. But I do remember that for the rest of my time up through 6th grade, he never let go of Hulk Hogan beating his brother in the cage. Anytime someone tried to talk wrestling in gym class, he’d launch into a promo, trashing Hulkamania and shilling for Bundy. It’s one of my favorite memories from that school. I teach elementary school now, and often cut heel promos on my kids when they mention John Cena at recess. They love it.
  12. I haven’t followed ROH in over 6 years, but I’ve got tickets to the MSG show, and I live 20 minutes from Korakuen, so I decided to check out all 3 shows this weekend. Jumbled thoughts on my way home, since this thread isn’t getting much love. The Iizuka retirement was superb. He and Tenzan were marvelous this whole last tour building to Thursday night. The crowd was DESPERATE for him to come back out and speak, chanting for him long after the live feed ended. While it wasn’t a storybook ending, I’m happy the company let him go out the way he wanted. It also contributed to whatever is happening with Taichi, a guy I didn’t give a shit about before the Naito feud, so I’m loving that as well. Marty remains over in NJPW without the rest of his peeps, and is a pro at working to his spot on the card. I feel like he’s gradually toned down all the egregious stuff people give him flak for, and has gotten a lot better. Very much looking forward to seeing him in a bigger spot in the Garden. This was my second time seeing Shota Umino live, and I really think he’ll be a big star in a few years. Taking out TAKA got the people invested from the opening bell, and Zack gave him just the right amount. Never heard of Gresham before. He had a decent showing both nights, although it was weird seeing Zack, who normally ties guys with amateur credentials in knots, being outclassed. I guess it works in a non-canon bubble. Don’t know if this comes across on TV, but Gresham definitely needs to tighten his stuff up. His lockups are L-I-M-P, which is extra jarring following a young lion match. Ishimori getting flash pinned by Liger, and his reactions to it, were so on point. He continues to be my favorite thing in NJPW right now coming off that match with Taguchi. GoD oddly had a lot of Japanese fans pop for their win, which was weird to me. But it sets up a title vs. title match at MSG, so that’s something. More Jeff Cobb, please. Ospreay did his best, but Dalton Castle looks like Randy the Ram out there. Brother is what, 32, 33? I’ve never seen him live, so I was quite taken aback. The Briscoes remain the most believable, most pro wrestling thing in ROH after all this time. They are in the vein of a Stone Cold where they can flip the switch on and they never do anything to take you out of what you’re watching. They work the apron in tag matches so well, which stands in stark contrast to other top guys, like Okada with that doofus gaping mouth face he does when he zones out during these 6-man tags. It’s a crime they never got a WWE run. Jay Lethal wasn’t exactly in there with a phenomenal worker in TK, but he just looked lost at times. The fact that he’s your company ace is offputting. I know it’s 2019 and he’s had a career arc, but I can’t take him seriously as champion. I still hear his mom screaming “GO HYDRO!” from the bleachers. The less said about The Kingdom, the better. I guess some day I can tell my kids I saw Matt Taven wrestle in Korakuen Hall.
  13. The folks who did come out tonight were on the edge of their seats, but yeah, I think maybe it's not. For me at least, it's the Japanese version of Cena/Orton.
  14. Just got home from the show, some thoughts from being there live: -Shota is gonna be great. I'm sure this is a thing with the young boys, who wouldn't dare "go through the motions," but his fundamentals are so good. His lockups, the way he hits the ropes, and he's got some good fire. Crowd was definitely into him, and I fully bit on that 2.9 he got on Sho. -I want to like Zack Sabre, I really do. He's just such a GEEK. He's the epitome of a guy playing at being a wrestler. The first time I saw him was in the CWC, and I was excited to finally check him out, and I came away thinking, "Him?" 2 years later, despite the push and having TAKA doing this amazing intro, he still does nothing for me. -Amazed that they did literally nothing for almost 10 minutes in that 6-man and had the crowd in the palms of their hands. The only negative was that the GOD managed to beat down 6 guys. Yuck. -Elgin/Makabe: Makabe can still deliver. I'm not necessarily the biggest Elgin fan, and it seems Gedo has cooled off on him, but he was fine tonight. Like sevendaughters said, I was just waiting for them to start throwing bombs, and they had some nice ones. -Yoshi/Page: Yoshi-Hashi is--a guy. Out of the seemingly infinite members of Chaos, he's easily the least interesting, and desperately needs a refresh. I really don't see what him going over Page does for anyone. As for Page, this was my first time seeing him live. The first few times I saw him, I wrote him off as a black hole of charisma. Recently, I stumbled upon the footage of Bullet Club invading Bar Wrestling, and as hokey as all the Joey Ryan stuff is, I remember thinking of Matt Striker/Stryker and wondering if there were two DIFFERENT wrestlers named Adam Page. Just night and day from everything I saw before that. This got me to start watching BTE, and I've been enjoying him showing some personality on there. I think the tricky thing about trying to judge the WWE viability of gaijin wrestlers in NJPW is the fact that they don't have that many opportunities to have singles matches, or to cut promos. He's definitely delivered in his first G1. There was a short segment tonight, where he had Yoshi down and was sort of kicking/toying with him, but live it came off more like he didn't know what to do, and they definitely lost the crowd for a moment. So--he's still putting it together, but I think in another 2-3 years, he'll be a better version of Seth Rollins. -Suzuki/Fale: They lost me here. What's the point of having a faction, when you're facing a group whom you KNOW is going to cheat, and your other 2 boys who already had their match earlier in the night don't run out to prevent a 3 on 2 beatdown? Ridiculous. -Evil/White: Both guys continue to grow on me, and this was cool up until the end. Evil came off like a dope when he got the chair from Jay and teased using it. Yeah, he was mathematically eliminated, but he was playing spoiler to Jay. Why would he risk getting DQed? -Main event was a good one. This was my second time seeing these two face off live (first was Wrestle Kingdom 9). The crowd was nearly unanimously in support of Tanahashi. I feel like Gedo must be in denial, which is why he wasn't at ringside. The story I took from it worked, though--Tana only needed a draw to win the block, but the Ace doesn't go for a draw. He aggressively pursued a win--Okada coming out and sort of big-timing Tana, combined with the 30-minute time limit, made this a real uphill battle for him. I think this was the best way to get Tana to the finals without hurting Okada. Side note--Red Shoes is HORRENDOUS. I was having flashbacks to early ROH Sean Hanson. He's not as bad on TV, where he's not in every shot. But when you're there live--there were times in the match where it was impossible to follow the action because he was just so distracting. I don't understand how he's still a thing. For those who enjoy looking at ticket sales: I bought tickets for tonight's and tomorrow night's shows just this past Monday. I was able to get A block seats in the 7th row of the 100 level, just to the side of the hard cam--terrific seats. For B block, I was only able to get 200 level standing room tickets. Sunday show was completely sold out. Saturday seems like it will be as well. Tonight, though--the floor was full (although they could have easily put down another 3-5 rows of chairs on all each of the 4 sides), but there were 3-4 entire sections upstairs that were 100% empty. Also, the last 4-5 rows of EVERY 100 and 200 section were empty. Nowhere near a sellout tonight. Granted, it would have looked better in Kokugikan, where there are 3,000+ fewer seats. But I'm not sure how much the difference has to do with Friday vs Saturday, or the weak A block vs the stronger B block. Just something to chew on.
  15. There's a logic hole that took me out of the 4 way. Peyton and Billie made it a point to stress that they were going to share the victory and both be champion. No dissension was teased in the buildup or the match. So, once they took out Nikki Cross, why would they try to put Asuka down, instead of one just lying down for the other to get the pin?
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