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  1. You deserve every internet brownie point for this post.
  2. I feel like how you react to this Rumble depends on how long you've been a fan in some ways. I notice that some of the more young fans that have grown to be desensitized to all this bullshit booking saw it for what a much better show it was compared to what they've done as of late. One striking thing I got from it was that dual-brand shows will forever feel more important because of the lack of depth on both brands throughout the card. Some of us older fans look at the Rumble in nostalgic eyes, towards the days when there were REAL surprises and people won that you could conceivably see be a huge draw. Now it is just "hey this guy gets it because why not?' Either way, I'm not completely against Orton going over but I agree that it seems so flat. Why not give the Rumble to a guy on the bubble for once?
  3. SmarkyRudo

    2016 NFL Draft

    I'm just hoping that my beloved 49ers don't embarrass themselves...again.
  4. My head and shoulders front runner is Zayn vs Nakamura however there have been some real good ones aside from that. I really loved the Triple Threat at WrestleMania for the Women's Championship and feel it deserves some love as well. I've yet to see the Zayn vs Joe two out of three falls match but I hear great things.
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