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  1. People who are bitching that Sasha is asking for $30K either: 1. Have never had to deal with the autograph and memorabilia market and don't realize how EVERYTHING is over-priced 2. Think that being tied to Star Wars franchise in any way is no big deal
  2. I didn't say it was a bad thing. Just not a PG thing. I will settle down now
  3. There is way too much ass on NXT to be a PG show. I think just the creation of Toxic Attraction and Nikita Lyons eliminates it from PG category I can only imagine how more annoying commentary is going to be under TV 14. Sure Corey Graves is desperately pitching live sex shows every week now
  4. Speaking of Progressive Field, apparently Baker Mayfield pitched an idea to Progressive that they were "moving out" of their home in Cleveland and into a new one. They rejected it.
  5. Juan Soto is starting to getting his hitting back after a terrible start that made people start wondering if he is overrated. That is the good news. The bad news is that the nationals pitching still sucks
  6. Like mentioned before other places, when one of your top 3 qualities is that is you are a really good driver then maybe there is a problem Speaking about people with problems: Adam Schefter. Man he is going to be so glad when 2022 is over
  7. I didn't see a lot of Elaynie Black (I think that was her indie name) but I don't remember her being a "heel" but more of a brooding emo with kind of a vicious streak to her. Instead of a skateboard she use to come out with a little coffin that contained I guess a notice of their opponent death. If you didn't know already it is obvious that they are trying to destroy women's tag team titles. I guess even the thought of them makes people think about Sasha and Naomi and can't have that shit
  8. This is going to go great with my Sin Cara Penis shirt
  9. If you need another explanation of why the Britney Griner situation actually happened, look at the trophy that the WNBA All Star Game MVP won. If you like it then you can go on Google and get one for about $20
  10. Just an FYI if you are in the Atlantic City area at the end of July and have a ton of money to burn then the National Sports Card Convention is for you. Four days long and tables and autographs all over the place.
  11. Trying to put last names on people who have always been considered by first name is pretty funny. Like Azrael being called Mr. Smith and Akira being called Mr. Jones ALLIE KATCH BREAKING THE GAVEL.
  12. So today is the first of the GCW Settlement Series shows. Otherwise known as how do we beat over the head that we and IWTV got major league issues. We have all the wrestlers coming out to 'Bad Boys", we are talking about "a discovery phase" where the real "trial" starts at match 3, to the opening bell being the beginning of Law and Order DUN DUN/ Now we are getting Judge Effy and Alllie Katch
  13. There will be plenty of destinies for him to seize in wrestling. Even if he already did it about 10 times already on the subject. So I guess Vince will be on Smackdown tonight
  14. I am not sure if Killer Kelly is doing an Amy Winehouse gimmick but it is good that she is back in the states. Shame that IMPACT is in the middle of nowhere in terms of viewing because they are building a really good roster with all these new additions. In addition to the stars they currently have.
  15. Listened to the Renee Pacquette episode with Allison Danger and man talking about her year working and getting released from the Performance Center is kind of painful. Trying to finally get her dream in the business (well kind of as a coach) while dealing with kids and a husband and just getting fired out of nowhere and then being fucked with on Steve getting fired too. Man she has had a tough last 2 years
  16. If we are going to do super leagues in football then the concept of begin regulated has to exist. Time to put the Vanderbilt and Kansas and Rutgers in the AAC or the Sun Belt conference (if that still exists)
  17. I mean does the SEC think that Charlottesville is close to DC? I mean the idea of Blacksburg being in the DMV is such a joke
  18. Kind of curious would this effectively kill the Pac 12 Network. Or will the Network turn into the Big 12 Network which I have been hoping for they created that fucking Longhorn Network
  19. Just remember Week 1 is Carolina vs Cleveland .
  20. Congratulations on being the 9th to 11th seed in the Eastern Conference for the next 5 years
  21. Seriously unless they are going to merge the PAC 12 with BIG 10 to create a conference this seems stupid. If you wanted to get the top teams wouldn't Oregon be the #1 team on the list
  22. By the way was there any explanation why the JAS was dressed they were? I figured the red was some Detroit Red Wings thing but maybe there was even more ulterior motives to that. I would love to hear the conversation from Jericho trying to tell Jake Hager that it is a good luck for him
  23. Regal acted so devious when JR wanted to know what was going on. Like him and Eddie were planning on ways to set someone on fire before the match
  24. When Eddie got tackled by Hager he clearly dropped it and must have rolled under the ring. And bottle was too big to squeeze through and spilled too much for it to matter They do need to figure that middle part because i guess it was too wild between it that people were having hell of a time getting one ring to another. Hager almost killed someone trying to throw them to the other ring
  25. The way they were reacting i thought Matt shoot low blowed him cause he was fucking up the skewers
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