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  1. As much as I have found Dick Vitale annoying at times especially being an undeniable Duke homer, the ESPN Films special on him is absolutely must watch. it is extremely sad to see a man who is known for his voice has resorted to needing a tablet to communicate for almost a year. And unfortunately cancer is still messing with him. The stories about how he had to deal with his bad eye was hard to listen to. But even with that some great stuff as well especially his friendship with Jim Valvano and his early career at Rutgers and Detroit.
  2. I can understand being mad to lose the title on the first AEW run PPV. Well 2nd if you consider the WM weekend show an AEW run show. But listening to people act like Claudio is just a WWE reject is just insanely stupid
  3. Apparently Gresham has asked for a release not sure if he did this before or after the match. Given his reaction it sure seemed like before As far as Gresham deleting his Twitter, his wife will more than be happy to share an opinion on this. Not saying she would be wrong but it will definitely be shared
  4. Did Tony Khan bring back the Embassy because Prince Nana is back
  5. My argument in the "Brock actually did leave but got more money" is that while Vince might be able to work some of the sheets with a story, the fact that almost all of the sheets except WWE fanboys like JobberNation or Garreth or Satin believe the story makes me believe. I can't remember the last time Vince literally fooled all of them
  6. And of course the top person to replace is Goldberg which if so means Theory is cashing in . So you have an awful main event and a goofy cash in
  7. The more you hear about Ashley Massaro stories in the WWE, the more you can sort of see why she unfortunately turned out the way she did. What a disgusting time she had to deal with if even half of it is true
  8. Figures it goes here I know this is probably in the "get off my lawn" category but why the fuck are people hitting each in the face with a tortilla. I mean is this just an excuse for people to slap the hell out of people. In some cases people of the opposite sex
  9. Everyone. Frankly if you are still alive and have a Legends contract I am sure you can get an induction speech for him
  10. So is Titus O Neil is on a red eye right now to wherever Smackdown is?
  11. And TK has officially turned into the person he definitely doesn't want to be Eric Bischoff
  12. I do wonder how much of a "retirement" this really is. I mean like a month or so ago when everyone said Stephanie is now in charge when she had very little
  13. If Nick Khan has a lasting legacy in the WWE and from the looks of it will be a huge one, one of the biggest is that if it is Friday afternoon then some horrible shit is going down
  14. I would like to see how Hager got out because I cant see hin squeezing through the bars easily
  15. They are really testing the idea that Kingston is going be over regardless of the booking. Eventually that is going to disappear
  16. I guess you can add Zack Gibson to the list of people who should never go completely bald. I mean he was always bald but the hair on his beard compensated well. Now it looks someone put his head in a vice and it is stuck when he is facing you
  17. Unless Kingston and Jericho come to the ring in a raft and there are explosions in the water, don't tease us smart marks like that. Onita would never do that
  18. Trying to remember was the year Bryce Harper won the HR Derby also the year he left the Nationals at the end of the season? If so then I guess the Nats have invented their own HR Derby curse
  19. I hope Titus is getting paid a ton of money after publicly licking the corporate boots on live TV when all reports are that the wall Street Journal is far from done.
  20. More proof that Jeff Jarrett is the smartest man in wrestling. Nobody else is working a WWE PPV and a Ric Flair "retirement" match in a matter of days The parking lot angle is just vintage retirement Flair. Excessive bleeding taking an unnecessary ass kicking . Jeff yelling to Crockett how his dad hated his guts
  21. The DB Cooper documentary on Netflix is the perfect example of what is wrong with many of the docuseries on Netflix. After about part 3 DB Cooper isn't even that much of a part of the story and it becomes more about conspiracy theories and people trying to keep to solve the mystery by any means necessary. Almost like part 4 the producer realizes that there isn't much to work and just goes another way to justify 2 or 3 more parts. I don't even know if watching the ending frankly unless there is a huge bombshell that took FOREVER to get to. Maybe watch the first 3 parts of then maybe the ending because the rest is just a waste of time in my opinion.
  22. I think most people had a long list of things that would ultimately end Michael Elgin career. Stealing protein powder in Japan was not one of them I bet.
  23. Was there another part where Jesse asked how his wife was doing. While I am sure it was just a normal "How is your wife doing" but it wouldn't surprise me if Jessie knew about Jericho's wife and thought that question was perfect
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