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  1. I thought it was amazing to hear that Peyton had one less passing TD last night than the ENTIRE 2012 Chiefs season. But then again the Chiefs did have Brady Quinn & Matt Cassell
  2. Brandon Stokely has to be in the "guys in the NFL older than me" category. Seems like he has been in the NFL forever
  3. Clearly special teams practice is not a priority for both of these teams
  4. 78 and cloudy, apparently. Camden Yards is empty. Well its not like the NFL is traditionally played on two days of the week, that other sports can schedule around. . .Fuck the NFL and its Thursday kickoff bullshit, not that we don't all love it, but to put this on the Orioles is absurd. . . Wasn't there some kind of religious excuse for not playing the NFL or O's game on Wednesday?
  5. Apparently the weather isn't so bad that we allow their NBC Sports guy to hang out with metal umbrellas like fucking Ben Franklin I am surprised they need a hologram Ray Lewis for their celebration since for the last year all we heard was that he could walk on water like Jesus.
  6. Clearly they don't want anybody to go to work on Monday since you have to leave at around 1to make good time for that hellhole of a stadium The Riley Cooper/Corey Williams "fight" is a perfect example of how awful sports broadcasting has become. If you listen to ESPN constantly talk about it, you would think that at any moment a race war is going to explode over the city. Desperate for TV time I guess since Tebow is cut Still think it is weird to see CBS and Fox hype their stuff on NBC.
  7. You know the midget Million Dollar Baby looks like the love child of Edge and Heath Slater Speaking of bad promos, the Lightning Kid promo talking about losing the belt to Chaz and then regaining the title "in Marietta, GA" was really off the wagon
  8. http://www.wwe.com/videos/wwe-coo-triple-h-addresses-wwe-universe-concerns-over-a-new-regime-superstar-fir-26146347 This is something that would have been much better on RAW or Smackdown then on the WWE site. Plus it would have helped Cole instead of dealing with JBL for 3 hours and screaming "TALK TO HIM WAR CORRESPONDENT" every hour.
  9. You have to give Sonnen being credit for being a loyal UFC solider but no matter how hard he tries he can't sell me that Ryan Bader has a snowball chances in hell of winning this fight.
  10. Dave Lagana pointed out on his twitter that the last time Pittsburgh had a winning season, ECW was just born as Eastern Championship Wrestling. It has been that long
  11. You honestly think another month or two of the heels getting everything and the babyfaces looking like pussies is good for BUSINESS (the 55th reference to that word tonight)? Oh but we are going to get a Survivor Series match. WOOO HOOOO the only reason to watch Night of Champions is too see Punk vs Axel & Heyman right now. Yes right now a Curtis Axel match is the saving grace on this PPV.
  12. I know that when Big Show eventually kicks ass it is going to get a huge reaction but I am definitely getting a NWO vibe from this angle. We are probably going to get another month or two of this with nobody getting any comeback
  13. For the low low price of $75 you can now get Meltzer's newsletter from way back in 1972-1973 when he was covering the California scene. http://www.f4wonline.com/more/more-top-stories/118-daily-updates/32933-earliest-meltzer-work-1972-73-newsletters-for-sale-now
  14. It was baffling that they hired him in the first place. I guess the vast majority of Fox Sports Southwest is shown in Texas and lately they do love their bat-shit crazy fundamentalist Christians.
  15. I really hope someone is telling Dana that they are risking serious oversaturation. If you watched everything, you had 5 hours last Wednesday (6 if you want the pre shows), 5 hours last night, and I believe 7 hours this Wednesday if you count the Ultimate Fighter premiere. Hopefully once they the shine of the new network is gone they take it down a notch.
  16. An argument can be made they don't have a quarterback either
  17. Make that another special teams TD for Alabama. This is definitely not your father's Beamer Ball
  18. I am going to miss watching the SEC on CBS instead of ESPN. Just doesn't seem right to watch Alabama without Verne Linquist
  19. Chris Champion's mullet on NWA show in the tag match against the Fantastics has to be a top 5 all time
  20. Maybe I am being unfair but if I am covering a football game on my network, I would try to get the name of the city showing the game correct. It isn't Morgantown, Virginia and it isn't Morganton, WV. Good job Fox Sports 1
  21. New season, same old shitty WVU defense as they down 14-7 to William & Mary for fuck sake
  22. This is the reason why the Pats are always in talks about the Super bowl while the Jets are in talks for trying to make the playoffs. The Jets signed him for marketing and financial reasons, realized he was terrible, and still get him on the roster with no desire to use him. The Pats saw he was terrible and didn't waste a roster spot on him.
  23. The main reason there are tons of Cowboys in VA, MD, and DC is because they are sick of the Skins and like to fuck with them. I don't think racism has anything to do with. Half of the Cowboys fans in my area don't seem to have a clue about the team.
  24. I think we have found the Tim Tebow of Fox Sports 1 and his name is Johnny Manziel. Every time they show up on the Gameday show, not only is he being hyped as a great QB but they are almost turned on by watching him. I think Erin Andrews had a wet moment when they showed him warming up By the way, I couldn't stand Petros Padakis as a analyst for the games but he is unbearable in a debate show kind of setting
  25. I find it weird that Fox Sports 1 is using those Korean/Vietnamese sports parody animations when talking about Manziel or anything for that matter. But these things are awesome so more publicity for them is good.
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