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  1. So wait if I am hearing right there are people in the new World Title tournament that is either currently on Smackdown or will be when the thing starts. The current Universal champ is and always will be on Smackdown. So unless Roman drops the belt soon ( ), there is a likely possibly that both belts could be on one brands STILL.
  2. At this rate they might have to sign talent just to have an NXT Women's Tag Title match. The drafted the champion. They announced a tag title match and they they draft their opponents. Still a little weird that Bron wasn't one of the guys elevated. I guess they want him to season the heel character for another year.
  3. If you needed more proof how the Stanley Cup is the most difficult playoffs in sports here we go. Not sure there is a sport where the home crowd is so powerful in energy and so meaningless at the same time
  4. That wouldn't be an issue if you didn't do a unification match for the titles as the main event of WM LAST YEAR. Is it going to be like the Olympics where every 2 or 3 years they add a new belt to justify another one
  5. So the Lions take a gamble with Hooker at QB. I mean you can't expect Goff to be okay all the time.
  6. Well the good news is that he can't possibly be worse than the last QB they drafted high
  7. Hell yeah Steelers getting Joey Porter Jr to address the secondary issue. So far in terms of needs they are hitting a homerun on picks.
  8. An idea to make the draft interesting for TV, if you are in the waiting room for the 1st round and don't get picked; you have to stay in the room all night Big Brother style. I mean you can put some recliners and beds in there
  9. As long as we got something for that offensive line I am good
  10. Detroit going running back in the 1st seems weird Well nice to see the Packers tradition of not giving a shit about offense in the first round continues
  11. Except for the 1st pick, it seems like most of these mocks are way off. Granted they didn't think the first hour would be a trade orgy
  12. Man if the Commanders end up getting Jalen Carter
  13. Comparing Richardson to Donovan McNabb isn't the flex that they think it is . Seahawks better take Jalen Carter because I guarantee you the Lions will
  14. Yeah the good news is that they got their next QB. Bad news they haven't got anyone else in the offense. Maybe a decent running back but that is generous. Anderson is a home run pick though I guess the Colts have to bite the bullet and take one of the risky QB picks. They really wanted Stroud
  15. Wait Houston is moving up to #3? Man they aint fucking around this year
  16. If this is the new NFL Draft tradition of having it at the Super Bowl champion city then there are some teams I don't want to have an NFL draft. If you thought the Chiefs were unbearable.
  17. so apparently Bryce Young is a lock at #1 according to ESPN. not sure if this is old news
  18. Brock has gotten the Arn Anderson promo almost down to the science. Now if his ability gets there then man we can have something here. Now Brian Pillman Jr on the other hand looks like he is auditioning for the New York Dolls or maybe a hair metal tribute band
  19. I think the issue with Shlak isn't that he is a neo-nazi it is that his friends were out and out nazis. Or at least pretending to be ones. It is guilt by association but man that association is a huge problem In better news, this years SCI Tournament is shaping up good including this match that I never thought I wanted to see until now
  20. If that is the case they are basically admitting that they are padding their stats to make Roman's title reign look more impressive. Also it kind of goes against the concept of Roman just being a part timer who only feels like defending it when he wants and that is not often. Like most things in the WWE, they are probably going to seriously regret this idea in about 4 to 6 months.
  21. I am sure the XFL doesn't like that St Louis isn't in the playoffs given how the fanbase has been rapid for the product. Washington has a great fan base but even they are not at the level of them. It would be something if even in the XFL a team from Seattle fucks over a team from Washington the playoffs. This time I hope not. So the championship is set as Arlington faces the Defenders. Yeah Arlington has a losing record but has been very hot in the last month. The last time they faced each other had one of the craziest 4th quarter/overtime with a huge comeback
  22. I guess the biggest question is whether the Universal Champion is now the new (or old again) Smackdown championship and the World Title is the new RAW championship? I will assume that Reigns is going to stay on Smackdown. He really doesn't seem to give two shits about RAW and frankly don't blame him. they are going to need to move a ton of people to Smackdown if that is the case because they have already did the Drew, Sami, and Kevin thing. GUNTHER probably isn't happening until next year at the earliest. There is nobody on the current smackdown roster you can have face Roman.
  23. Well the XFL team is basically playing on a baseball field. Although frankly that stadium might be in worse quality than Oakland
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