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  1. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT in New Orleans Damn Mike Evans trying to get suspended
  2. The only difference between Mitch Trubisky and 2020 and 2021 Ben Roethlisberger is that Mitch doesn't have the excuse of being injured about 30 times in his career.
  3. Yeah if insulting one of your players was the idea to motivate your defense it failed about as much as his opinions on January 6th Meanwhile apparently when the Colts play in Jacksonville they turn into a high school team. Could have kept Wentz if you are going to play that way
  4. Well then Miami interesting way to start
  5. I would be more concerned that A&M had almost their entire secondary out with either dumb suspension or targeting penalties and barely got 200 yards passing and no TD
  6. I am not sure we are ready in this country for a 3-0 Kansas football team. But this Jalon Daniels is no joke
  7. Nebraska is so shitty that that they made Gus Johnson sick and out of the 2nd half
  8. The popular (well maybe not popular but mentioned the most) is that Reigns vs Paul is how they remove a title from Reigns. Reigns beats the crap out of Paul, Theory cashes Rollins style making it a 3 way and Theory sneaks a pin on Paul. Although I dont know if the match has announced as a title match.
  9. Do you think the person who used to wrestle which playing his Nintendo Switch during the match a year or so ago is really pissed off that Tony Khan didn't that twitter reaction.
  10. Which makes the Texas A&M pep rally they did on Thursday or Friday night so bat shit stupid. Listen I have never been to Boone NC but I have a hard time believing they are that bad because if you watch the clip you would think the game was being played in 1939. And to make it even funnier is that your head coach was born in Clarksburg West Virginia which is probably closer to your Appalachian stereotype that you think. Sure he loved that shit.
  11. I was going to make a "NO DUMMY IT IS WILL GRIER TIME" but he got cut after looking better than usual in camp. Seriously does this team only have 2 QB's because I don't see that DeNucci guy either.
  12. Also a sentence that crossed his mind every week since 2019.
  13. Yeah that is probably going to be most Steelers games. As long as the defense can play to their ability then they will always be in the game. But the offense is not going to be strong enough to carry a game. Losing Watt is crushing. Hopefully Najee Harris wasn't seriously injured as he was out with injury too
  14. A bad snap and kicking with the laces in. Thank you Bungals
  15. Never seen a player have more incredible and moronic big plays in one game than Minkah. Well time for Mitch to be more than a guy paid to not fuck up. With no Najee Harris
  16. Dont look now but Washington is blowing another lead. Slowly as hell
  17. Mitch Trubinsky might be the only QB who takes being called a game management guy as a big compliment
  18. Meanwhile Baker Mayfield is having the worst revenge game ever Mike McDaniel is a nerd god so far
  19. Dolphins up 10 against the Pats. Damn
  20. Joe Burrow is getting killed in this 1st half saw that the Bengals re did their O line and and not for the best Tomlin throwing out every trick play possible is a little worrisome but so far so good
  21. We haven't hit October and we already look to have our first weather porn NFL game as the Bears vs Niners game looks to be playing today in a flood. Granted maybe it is a quick one.
  22. Yeah Neal Brown and Scott Frost are fighting to see who will open the door at the unemployment office. Unfortunately for WVU fans getting of Brown will cost a ton. Not sure about Frost
  23. I think it is obvious after today that the Sun Belt Conference is a Power 5
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