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  1. so apparently the Commanders decided to honor Sean Taylor being the 15 year anniversary of his muder with a big ceremony. of an oversized Sean Taylor mannequin. not a statue a mannequin. needless to say people aren't happy
  2. EDIT Or what he said. not sure if USC potentially facing Utah instead of Oregon hurts or helps their chances
  3. not sure I am ready for a world where Michigan scoring over 45 points. But I am ready for Ohio State giving that up much
  4. um is Georgia Tech good or is Georgia just sleep walking through this game
  5. The story of how Jump Around basically became Wisconsin version of Renegade was pretty cool. Although it also makes you old as fuck because Everlast looks like Blue Meanie with Santa hair
  6. To the people complaining about the Hunter Henry call, Jessie James would like to have a word with you
  7. I do like Olsen and admit that Buck and Aikman was grating at times. I guess it is like others mentioned where it doesn't feel like an A team Giants got lucky on that penalty as an INT at that time could have been terrible
  8. watching a FOX game with what feels like the C level announcers just feels weird
  9. Trying to think is this most competitive set of Turkey Day games in a long time? even Detroit is playing decently right now .
  10. wait Ole Miss is in the Jimbo Fisher sweepstakes? First of all get in line because half of the state of West Virginia is begging for him and there will be opening in about 4 days. more importantly expect for his 1st 4 or 5 years at Florida State he has been extremely mid
  11. DIJAK looks like someone backstage said "we want to push a much less lazier version of Luke Gallows"
  12. Any possible sympathy you may have had for the Elite side of this mess with Punk COMPLETELY went out the window tonight. You can't scream LET IT GO then constantly reference it. Also it is clear Punk is coming back to I guess be the gooder guy in this feud of douches because if not then this is most childish shit in many years.
  13. The only way you wouldn't know that he was Reggie is unless you have terrible memory and need to see a doctor. Never mind how it looks and that awful mask, Reggie is such a recognizable looking wrestler. I mean is there anyone that short with that much flippy shit and black thar you could even think NOT Reggie Even if they brought in Lio Rush there is a difference
  14. I like that they are deciding on having WM in different cities. At this time last year the plan seemed to be basically run in a 3 or 4 town major loop until a new stadium is created and then MAYBE add them to the list. It is clear from Summerslam this year that Nashville could run a WM weekend.
  15. Well the series finale will be the one for you. The last 45 minutes is basically her and other followers still defending him. I think Nicki realizes that things look bad but he helped her so much in her mind that he can justify it blindly. The real scary one is Michele who will justify every single thing he does and probably will until death.
  16. Nine minutes of extra time seems excessively high but I only watched about an hour ago
  17. So either Jaylen Brown is just as stupid as Kyrie or knows exactly what he is doing and just don't give a fuck (which is my theory). I mean showing the Black Israelites protesting during an NBA game to show support for Kyrie is pretty interesting. A lot of people are using the "well he didn't know about them" excuse like they did for the documentary that Kyrie supported until someone actually told him the shit in it is kind of insulting as well.
  18. With the loss the Vikings are now 8-2 with a negative point deferential. That seems really hard to do but losing by 37 will do that to you
  19. Supposedly over 40K Buffalo fans made it to the game today. HOW? Do they have amazing road clearing service in Buffalo. I was sure that Davis Mills was going to be good at the beginning of the year. Yeah about that
  20. so IMPACT saw Tyrus win the NWA title and said HOLD MY BEER
  21. I wouldn't be surprised if they find a couple thousand Bills fans will do it for a gift card at the store and maybe a preseason game. Although even looking at this is making my back sore
  22. I don't know if this should be here or documentary thread but the 4 part series FIFA Uncovered on Netflix is really good for people who is looking for an explanation of the shit storm that FIFA has been for a very long time. I am sure that for hardcore fans none of this information is new.
  23. I would not be surprised if the finish of the Saraya/Britt Baker match is them pretending that Saraya broke her neck or suffered some brain injury on a DDT or some other move where she lands on her head. And that is probably the best option because Saraya from a 3 to 5 year break having a "workrate" match seems like a bad idea
  24. Yes I am sure it was the woke mob. I am sure hoping your employees would act like cheap slave labor and failing miserably wasn't the issue at all You realize how weird it is tell people that you may be on Mastodon
  25. I haven't heard the 6 feet range although I did love hearing the joke that how are they going to run the ball when Chubb and Singletary are both under 6 feet tall. But yeah almost all of them have at least 2 to 3 feet guaranteed at game time which is going to be awesome to watch and terrible to play
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