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  1. Rumors of Bo Nix playing like his usual self in the biggest games may have been incorrect. Slow start but starting to cook
  2. this explains why there has been a lot of Kelly Kincaid recently. why she was pretty good in ROH in a particular character, she doesn't really have the same sass as MacKenzie. Hopefully this doesn't impact Vic Joseph. man should get a HOF ring dealing with Booker for about a year
  3. I think the final straw with some it seems to be Flair cutting his usual 1985 NWA promo tonight on Rampage. That wouldn't be an issue if it was a 75+ year old man who last on TV looked he has was being held together with embalming fluid talking about only wanting to see 18-28 year olds at the hotel. He is unfortunately a victim of his history at this point.
  4. well looks they finally pulled the trigger on Billie vs Athena today. and judging from the crowd reaction going with this instead of Rousey was the best decision. Although I am not sure that Billie is winning or even if she should win. just hope it doesn't involve Lexie Nair interference
  5. People are desperate to make people think that nobody cared about college football until Deion arrived. Maybe the people who only watch football when it trends on Twitter it was a big deal. But you telling me that last week and this weekends game wouldn't mean shit until Deion and his 4-8 team showed up this year? Also to say that college football was in the shitter until Deion went to Colorado is kind of insulting to black colleges given that this is his what 3rd year coaching. So you are saying that in order for Deion to actually save college football he had to leave Jackson State and go to a "real" school.
  6. The only way I can see that happening is if Louisville beats Florida State (can happen) and Iowa beats Michigan which seems almost impossible barring a huge letdown. While the Texas controversy over Alabama is a serious one, the biggest one is trying to justify that an undefeated team in Florida State shouldn't be in the playoff just because they lost their starting QB. Even though they really haven't missed a beat I guess the main reason why I see this as irrelevant besides thinking Iowa has no chance of beating Michigan IMO is that I can't see Georgia dropping out of the top 4 from losing to Alabama. If you think losing to Alabama is that bad then it makes your argument that Alabama should be in even dumber.
  7. So the new playoff ranking are out and for some reason they decided to make Georgia vs Alabama irrelevant by making Bama #8
  8. Are we sure that College Station isn't a cult because man this is weird as fuck https://twitter.com/KySportsRadio/status/1729263390743519500
  9. I am sure I am overthinking it but it felt like wrestling equivalent of the 80's yuppie who was a 60's hippie that found out in the 70's that it was either stupid to believe or that the system would never allow it to begin with, quits, and now wants to cash in
  10. Well the main reason why you won't be seeing those shirts is because the people he works for isn't the biggest supporters of said positions. At least if they want to keep one member of the McMahon family happy (Linda). Plus I am sure the UFC side of the company wouldn't want to see it given who they are so desperate to pander too As far as Saudi shows, if Sami Zayn who has way strong convictions in his beliefs is going to appear now then Punk will definitely be there.
  11. Somewhere Vince was watching the segment and screaming "I WANTED A TOOTSIE ROLL NOT JELLY ROLL DAMN IT" . And I definitely don't mean the 95 South version as well. If Punk's new character is that he is the new Kevin Nash meaning the business is about money and not "elevating the business" or "changing the business" then the promo last night was a great start. if that isn't the plan then low level version is going to fail. But it will solve one problem and ensure that Seth Rollins isn't getting booed. While his title run has been stale lately, he can't turn heel again.
  12. Frank Reich being as bad as he was and then fired shows how corrupt the Rooney Rule really is. Can't tell me that Steve Wilks would have been a worse coach. Would have been a losing coach but not so bad that the Bears want to throw a parade for him.
  13. So watching the Steelers game last night. offensively the performance was much better but still need to deal with points. A lot of yards that went nowhere near the redzone. But it was a small improvement over the rest of the week. There is one issue on this team and apparently we have ANOTHER diva wide receiver on this team. Seems to be a pattern lately. Diontae Johnson got into a scuffle with Minka earlier in the week which is bad enough as it is. Then yesterday Diontae had maybe one of the laziest plays of the year.
  14. Not watching the Steelers game but guessing somewhere Matt Canada is laughing his ass off And finally a TD for the lead
  15. Well Punk already had his "hide your wives" phase. This will be his "let's see how it takes for him to get offended" phase
  16. I give it about 8 months with Punk WWE 2.0 but it is going to be an insane and interesting ride Underrated part of Punk debut is Orton in the background. He was in complete "the camera is off fuck it let's have fun" mode
  17. not sure a QB went from goat to Iron Bowl legend as quick as Alabama QB. Just a great pass and catch. wasn't even bad coverage either. Auburn had a chance to kill a season
  18. Have to give GameDay credit for making me do something I don't like and that is root for Ohio State. Fuck Desmond Howard needs to be taken down some pegs Guessing people watching Fox version is thinking the opposite
  19. Is that the first ever Hail Mary returned for TD. I mean it takes an extra level of suck for that
  20. Death. Taxes, and Iowa hitting unders. the only certains in life. seriously it wasn't even 27
  21. Someone needs to explain to me how Sam Howell is this "QB of the future". I mean he is good maybe even top 15 but it just feels like Kirk 2.0. I guess we need to see him against an actual O line
  22. Dax and a couple players eating the turkey leg with about 6 minutes left on the sidelines is next disrespect. cue the "HE WAS TRYING TO THROW IT OUT OF BOUNDS" excuse
  23. Tony Romo getting steamed up about Dolly Parton in her cheerleader outfit may be the highlight for non Dallas fans in the 2nd half
  24. So who had the laziest performance so far: the Lions or Jack Harlow.
  25. is this the most important Lions Thanksgiving day game in decades? I know this is probably a jinx but is Jordan Love getting good?
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