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  1. Star Wars isn’t hard sci-fi so if people are looking for those types of explanations they are looking in the wrong place. It’s like asking how Thundar the Barbarian’s sun-sword worked or why dudes can jump 30 feet and their robes flap in Kung-fu movies. Because.
  2. Racing / driving games have always been one of my favorite genres so I got a racing chair with all the wheel /pedal mount hardware for Christmas. Playing Dirt Rally 2.0 is mega difficult (they call the series the Dark Souls of driving games) with a controller so I ordered my wheel (Logitech G29) today. Super excited to get it in. Not cheap, but I know it will be cheaper in the long run than the last time I had to scratch the “drive a fast car” itch when I got a real fast car and was happiest the day I sold it.
  3. Heed this advice. Don’t ever go to Rally’s even for curiosity’s sake. Food is only that cheap for a reason and their slogan “Because ya gotta eat” tells you what they think of their own burgers. Marketing saying you will starve if you don’t ingest food ain’t exactly a ringing endorsement. We have some good local burger joints but I do like Five Guys quite a bit for chains.
  4. I only watched Deadliest Catch off and on, but how does one describe that job as inane, especially compared to bad plastic surgeons and a show called Dr. pimple Popper? Ok.
  5. I’m feeling adventurous so put some money on the Bills and a same game parlay of John Brown over 61.5 yards, John Brown anytime TD scorer, and Deandre Hopkins anytime TD scorer. Expect it to finish Houston 6 - 3 over Buffalo then.
  6. Apparently Indiewire did since they asked him about his take on the superhero movie kerfuffle. Seriously, is there anything more precious than comic book movie fans?
  7. He almost drowned the Canadian 24/7 champion and gave him a Michinoku Driver off a sand dune a long time ago. That not enough of a killer for you? https://youtu.be/2XJF7huzUis
  8. Marko Stunt just isn’t a great athlete, or I should say he’s not a great enough athlete to offset his lack of size. Rey Misterio wowed with that, as have other small guys. Heck, I was a massive fan of Michinoku Pro so it’s not like I don’t enjoy smaller guys wrestling. Stunt, from what I’ve seen so far doesn’t stand out athletically. Guys like Ray Fenix are doing incredible things. Spud Webb wasn’t just a short dude who could barely dunk. He could dunk really, really fucking well and it looked crazy impressive.
  9. Statlander needs to come out in a red outfit and some opponent slaps her and accidentally pulls off part of her face, revealing green skin underneath Yeah I watched V as a kid. Tony Khan can invest in some SFX makeup. Before that reveal someone could walk in on her eating a rat backstage for build up.
  10. I had a 4 game parlay last night where the first 3 hit, 4th game was Cleveland -2.5 over Charlotte. Cavs had a 12 point lead as late as under 3 minutes and then Terry Rozier decided to throw up 30 footers the rest of the way. Final score, Cleveland by two. FFS. Cedi Osman also missed 2 out 3 free throws where he got fouled shooting a 3 in the last 6 minutes so fuck him too.
  11. I’m a fan of the World Rally Championship and the 2020 calendar has Japan returning after a 10 year hiatus and the Safari Rally (Kenya) returning after 17 years. Going to be a good season. Unfortunately the manufacturers have dwindled to where Citroen aren’t even running a team anymore, but motorsport is expensive.
  12. Is Pepper Parks a real name? Least intimidating name ever. If there was a character named Pepper Parks in Punch-Out you’d fight him before Glass Joe.
  13. Harden clearly slaps him in the face and that is not a natural follow-through. It blows my mind you actually call people out for not knowing the game of basketball. Do we really have to put up with this shit all year? Can I take a suspension? Hopke, you are a fucking moron.
  14. The Beams were German (Boehm) and settled Kentucky long before the famine. Possible your relation married into the family down the line, though. Veteran of Kentucky bourbon tours here.
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