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  1. I pre-ordered Samurai Shodown so I get the season pass for free. Can’t wait to play it. It looks like a return to SS2 gameplay which is my all-time favorite fighting game.
  2. I spaced writing why I picked Against the Drunken Cat’s Paws. Because it’s awesome. First saw it as a kid when Video Watch by GL Perry had a VHS of it. Came back to it often. Glad odessa liked it.
  3. Breaking Away It’s changed quite a bit, but I could walk a mile down the road and be at the limestone place scenes were shot and any number of places around campus. As for South Bend I think Prancer was shot around there in addition to Rudy. Public Enemies had the bank robbery from South Bend in it, but I don’t think it was shot there. Could be wrong, though.
  4. Congrats to the Liverpool fans here and FSW wherever you may be. Happy for big Virgil.
  5. Awesome album...The Blind Leading the Blind. Glad Napalm Records picked them up.
  6. They are softening us up so the government can admit these creatures exist and we won’t panic. Or is that aliens.
  7. I guess it’s better than that or if she had said the post-burn Darkman.
  8. I worked in Atlanta fir a little while last year and a black lady kept telling me I looked like someone but she couldn’t place it. One day she saw me in the hall when she was with another lady and said she figured it out. I looked like Liam Neeson in Next of Kin. I don’t know if it was complimentary or not but of all the Liam Neeson roles the Appalachian redneck one is probably not the one I would have preferred her say She knew alot about movies though and was adamant about it.
  9. When he’s not busy ousting Nazi occupiers from Poland he’s busy ousting polluters from Poland Spring. Is there no end to this man’s derring-do? https://youtu.be/aYpvlV2T6kw
  10. That or I should have watched and honored the greatest movie ever made that turned 50 yesterday. “ You brought two too many.”
  11. Are you going to make us ask you? I’d rather skip the “trust me” back and forth part so if you know a taxi driver whose uncle knows a guy just come out with it.
  12. I watched The Magnificent Seven remake and it was terrible. I should have just rewatched the original or my Total Larsson DVD instead.
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