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  1. Count me in if you don’t mind. I promise not to pick Story of Riki. I was on a Shaw Bros. binge in the summer and fall. I was uploading my favorite fight sequences to Instagram too.
  2. I watched A Field in England. It was up there with Valhalla Rising in the incredible visuals / head scratcher department. Saying whether I liked it or not seems irrelevant. I really liked some scenes or sequences and others had me questioning my decision to watch it. Anyone who tells you exactly what it was about is fucking lying.
  3. Feel bad the kid got KO’d but ESPN has had multiple silly headlines on this and its clear rhey want to make some sort of statement about this ‘teen’ getting duked up by Ovechkin. He wanted a scrap and got one. It happens. Meanwhile you won’t see a hockey headline about anything else anytime soon there.
  4. Man, Shiozaki’s lariats are the best. FFS, that sound.
  5. In the race for lottery position, the Rangers should lose to Columbus as they are trying like hell to secure that wild card spot in the east. Then Detroit and Buffalo play Saturday and the beautiful thing is someone will have to win that game, and as long as the Rangers don’t get any crazy ideas and decide to compete with Pittsburgh Saturday they should leapfrog one of those teams. This what it’s come to boys. Kind of exciting. In a way.
  6. I haven’t played RDR2 yet but I would probably like that realistic mechanic. One of the reasons the fight and action scenes in Last of the Mohicans are awesome is that Michael Mann goes out of his way to show how you get one shot and then it’s a brutal fight with edged or blunt weapons, heightening the intensity. At least that’s how I am imagining the mechanic in the game. Better know your sidearm well and be good with it or you’ll be dead in the majority single action only / cap and ball days. As for video game annoying stuff, lore for the sake of lore does my head in. That shit better be interesting or good writing if you’re saturating “examine this” in every damn area.
  7. I have a lot of time for Stephen A. It’s not that I agree with him often and forget about inside voice he doesn’t even have an outside voice, but he clearly loves arguing and generally doesn’t give a damn. He’s entertaining in short doses and I always get a kick out of when an NBA player tries to come at him he acts like he’s a mob boss or something who can have people whacked if he decided to wield his power.
  8. Fuck those people he’s one of the best directors going today. Can’t wait to see it.
  9. I read the piece and since I am still playing it heavily it resonated with me. There are some things so fucking simple to fix that anyone with half a brain woukd see that it brings to mind Dorothy’s quote, “Wellwhat would you do with a brain if you had one?” It’s an absolute shame as the mechanics are there for a grand old time. I should buy The Division 2 as I really liked the first one, but I will stick with this for a while and hope it turns around.
  10. Does the Theranos doc cover the part near the end of the company when she got a “wolf” dog, Balto, and let it piss and shit all over the facility? A facility with laboratories and samples? She is a narcissist who fucked over so many people, including you. I work in a similar industry, and when sketchy people do sketchy shit the regulatory agencies toe everyone’s balls and increase the regulation or scrutiny and it adds cost to deal with it. She deserves a very long prison sentence.
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