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  1. So much easier to just number the chairs.
  2. Honestly, looking at the ticket prices, if they had only sold the most expensive 2,000 tickets in the building, it's a gate of over $200,000. Whether sold to fans, or a combination of fans and scalpers, they sold all 10,000 tickets. That gate is well over $500,000. They could sell zero merch, concessions, etc. and still meet payroll for what's honestly an indie show that could've taken place in front of 1,000 people, and also each buy a few new cars with their cut of the profits.
  3. It flew kinda under the radar, but Greg Valentine sued Windy City, Toyota Park, and the City of Bridgeview after he got "injured" at that show. He won. Windy City folded, and no pro wrestling has been there since. Green guys on that show mentioned how they provided Valentine with the liquor he requested as soon as he got to the show, so... yeah. After all that, we won't see more wrestling shows there.
  4. Such lack of quality control in WCW. The referee, the cameraman, and the director all decided it would be a good idea to get a closeup of the makeshift belt.
  5. Here's the list of participants for the Heart of SHIMMER tournament (4pm on Saturday at Eddie Deen's Ranch). Former 2x SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa Former SHIMMER Champion Nicole Matthews SHIMMER Tag Team Champion Cherry Bomb SHIMMER Tag Team Champion Kimber Lee Candice LeRae Veda Scott Jessicka Havok Nicole Savoy Leva Bates Heidi Lovelace LuFisto Crazy Mary Dobson
  6. We'll be holding the Heart of SHIMMER Championship tournament at our show in Dallas.
  7. Any backstory on this? I can't imagine Prazak booked and flew all of them in for an unadvertised appearance and 1 match? That's... pretty much what we did.
  8. Whoa! I thought the only version of this match was the handheld one I traded for in 1992.
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