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  1. You Glee-boys are making thee Ghost of Dick the Bruiser gnash his teeth with rage. aghast & ashamed, RAF
  2. I almost started a thread for this question, because it is really perplexing me: why don't most WWE matches start with a lock-up anymore, let alone some chain wrestling? Is this a directive from on high (Mr. McMahon, HHH)? I am used to the myriad stories that can be developed from a lock-up and I miss it. old & in the way, RAF
  3. As an amusing anecdote, Mr. Nick Bockwinkel will walk into the general lockerroom, even if he has his own dressing room, and not only shake everyone's hand, he introduces himself to each and every individual and asks their (often) gobsmacked names. The man is a super class act, and defines not only the honorific of "world champion" but he IS his gimmick. I have seen him treat the lowliest of indy scum workers (myself included) as you would think he would treat a seasoned veteran of ring and road. honored, RAF
  4. What are the odds that your friend was at National Pro Wrestling Day in February? I saw a guy wearing this shirt there and marked out over it so much I took a picture of the dude's shirt. Possibly. If it was this guy: then you met a legend, baby. - RIP, RAF
  5. Don't overthink it. Choose a style you like, find some cool material, and pick an element/motif/symbol for yourself and one for the wearer and just do it. Get started ASAP as they are trickier to make than one would think. Mask-making is a real craft and designing them is an art, but this is a personal gift so your effort and the heart will show through. tiki motif sounds fun, RAF
  6. And the piece of resistance (to quote Ed Norton): This FBlassie suit, purchased from Eric Caiden at Hollywood Book & Poster many many moons ago. we hardly knew ye, RAF
  7. The Brody fall line: And Cosmo was indie before indie was cool... here to go, RAF
  8. One of my best pals died, and I inherited some of his vast rassling archive. A sampling: From Japan trips, but I bootlegged that Abby one for him. - ashes, RAF
  9. Blazer, I noticed that you did not call her a mark - my wry quip was not directed to you. I respect your position; once someone calls her a mark ("markshaming"? [copyrighttrademarkpatentpendingprioruse]) that person's argument is voided to me. Anyway, perhaps counter to my defense of AJ, which really was more of a counterpoint to several folks opinions of her actions (not that I know the gal), is the fact that promoters have sometimes used a title not just to represent the promotion, but to placate a markish but disgruntled worker, or perhaps in lieu of a raise. Sometimes a worker can be too cynical to properly rep a belt. Wrestlers can be green marks, but most promoters are heartless homunculi. not bitter but jaded, RAF
  10. This is a very very good observation. I will say that the point is not that she has been bragging about how she deserves the belt, but the opposite, that she is humbled by honor of it. I assume she realizes the difference in degree of her situation and most other (let alone the examples you gave above) titles. If she doesn't, it really doesn't matter. - every time you point out a mark, four fingers point back at you, you mark, or something, RAF
  11. Jerry Lawler was awesome as the hometown hero King of Memphis. If you want unlikeable 1980's faces, go no farther then the Von Erichs in Texas."But he's awesome" doesn't really answer my question, but I have been meaning to check out old World Class stuff.Lawler is still a terrible face. To this day. The point of Lawler as babyface was that Memphis/the USWA was his house, and any other wrestler who dared to challenge his spot as the (literal) KING was committing a grievous act of effrontery, un-hospitality and rudeness, if not outright treason. It worked because the audience supported (created?) this environment, a perfect expression of a regional territory with a promoter who was the lead babyface. Jstout's above example of The Rock is a good modern equivalent of this, in which the majority defines the acceptable behavior of it's favorites. As long as the masses are entertained the contradictions and hypocrisy are forgiven. - it's good to be..., RAF
  12. There needs to be a DVDVR Tournament for thee Mostest Carny Worker of Them All. This video cements Jimmy Hart's entry, but is it a foregone conclusion that Hogan would win? Off the top of my head, other contenders could be HHH, Heyman, Raven, SMichaels, Lawler, Terry Taylor. Note: in my eyes, "carny" is decidedly NOT necessarily pejorative; like most of the other lingo of the rassling world, it has several shades of meaning and definition. - RAF
  13. I might initiate a KickStarter campaign to freezedry Mr. McMahon after his passing (Vishnu forfend) so he can be wheeled out for angles when the ratings dip ad perpetuum. I would vote for Fedora wearing crazy era VKM, with a solenoid tape loop Birotron set-up installed so old familiar phrases like "YEER FIIIRED!!", "Git git git!", "Mr. Socko", "a worthy competitor", et al, would emit at random intervals. preserve the grapefruits, RAF
  14. Whilst rummaging thru a box of stuff I came across one of those tiny but thick Japanese rassling annuals (from 1983) and because I love I share... This is a meme in the making. One of you savvy kids make some nice graphics for this, like "[aspect of modern wrestling] MAKES BRODY WEEP". Baba CHOP! Why is no one doing this classy over-the-knee backbreaker/cobra clutch combo? Submissions are coming back, baby, someone assign this to one of the WWE up and comers, por favor. Any info on the history of this move? There can never be enuff SD manga Abby pics in the world for my tastes. Brodydriver. 'Nuff said. I have ephemera I don't even know I own, RAF
  15. Do so. Seek out the appearances of TFunk and treasure them and learn from them. Pass this knowledge onto the children, and the worthy. Terry Funk is a Living Jewel.of Amerika. - verily, RAF
  16. Tony is the greatest. "Tony Garea - his name sounds like a disease." - Capt. Lou Albano - RAF
  17. If DAmbrose's fingertips were a bit squarer, this could be a Jack Kirby illustration. that's a good thing, RAF
  18. He definitely had the head tattoos by then. I don't think he got the tattoos until after he abandoned the Crusher Brumfield gimmick. My understanding is that he got them when he around the time he started doing the OMG gimmick. That's how I recall it. He came into Florida with long hair as the Panama Gang, broke his leg, healed and joined Sullivan's coven. He was thrown out for not doing his part to destroy The Man Known As Dusty Rhodes The American Dream (whom KSullivan usually called Virgil Runnels) and in dramatic backstage footage, all of his gear was thrown out of the heel lockerroom, so sad as he gathered all up. He feuded briefly with KS and co., before disappearing and showing up in WCCW with the skull tattoos and mohawk and OMG moniker (which he had used pre-CWF). I could be mistaken. from the flesh pits of Siam, RAF
  19. This is an excellent topic, hero. I have contemplated it as well, and all of my correlations I think have been mentioned (gotta find my notebooks). Mad Maxx & Super Maxx: slowly I turned... The Mad Max movie series heavily influenced the depiction of "punks" in Hollywood, b-movies and exploitation films, which then in turn colored pro wrestling gimmicks. In this broader sense, the Rotten Brothers, the Nasty Boys, the Head Bangers and Kronos & Saturn all fit in this category. oi, RAF
  20. For me, the definitive RW match would be the very first match on TV you every saw them in, preferably squashing some jobbers, and the second best RW match would be the first live match you ever saw them (hopefully coming out to Iron Man), destroying some previously protected mid-level babyface team. Now that I am ""smart"" (yes, two sets of quotes (the second set is for extra regret)) I really don't need to ever see another match of theirs but, manoman back in the day they really shook things up, and their charisma & presence remain undiluted. I supposed for a specific match I would choose one of those War Games matches if that's not cheating, but I would really just like a tape (see, I am old) of just the RW's first TV match in each and every promotion they were in as well as the post-match promo. snackin' & dinin', RAF
  21. I still have mine, as well as my "Roos" poster with Animal, Sting, Flair and RSteiner modeling their fine footwear. hoarder, RAF
  22. I thought he just sold off some of the land? Like you think a paltry barbed wire fence and some yellow-bellied trespass laws are gonna stop Terry Funk... Maybe he can auction off just spending time at his house, but the punters end up doing chores whilst The Funker just sits back and regales everyone with road stories, like a carny-flavored cigar factory lectore. sign me up, RAF
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