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  1. Seconds later Jim Cornette smacks the baby for not crying. gif-masters, please do your magic and make this happen, stat. -please, RAF
  2. HONEST QUESTION: I have had quite a few friends/coworkers/fans/DVDVRs tell me that I should write a book about my experiences. Although I think it might be interesting, I think the audience would be very limited. You don't really hear anyone ever say it, but typically no one gives a shit about guys that never "made it"... and thus I haven't written anything.I think I could put a different spin on things... maybe something similar to Mark Titus' book about his college hoops experience... But even then, he has some name value. Just curious what would make you avoid a book by an indy guy, or what might make you overlook that stance? Or, is it simply not caring about someone with no name value? My pal (an indy darling himself) and I swap rassling books frequently. We both remember the days when it was hard to get any book on the subject, and we also have itchy Amazon trigger fingers, so I have read a bunch. Quite honestly most pro wrestling bios and autobios are terribly written and/or edited, and that includes stuff from ECWPress and Crowbar Press, let alone the vanity stuff. Now, most indy guys have had unremarkable careers in my opinion and no sense of their place in the business. Coupled with execrable writing and usually lots of filler (fantasy booking, blow-by-blow match descriptions, paeans to Jeebus) it can be painful to read. Wrestling for me is about being bigger than life - I don't want to hear about the banality. I had a very minor career, and a lot of these authors did less, and they cannot even put the business, let alone their experiences, into a perspective that makes reading about it significant let alone entertaining. Most "veteran" worker's books don't really meet my standards (I just slogged thru Disk Slater's book). Now, not to blow smoke up your ass, I would be all over a SSNA book. Based on your posts, I think you are a good writer, you have well thought out opinions and you have good grasp of the business in the big picture as well as from the trenches (and it's place in Amerikan culture). I honestly have no idea about your career but that is not as important as intelligent writing and a contemplated viewpoint. Look at all the indy wrestling autobios on Amazon and see how they have sold. Contact ECW and Crowbar or look into self-publishing: see if you think it's worth your time. It ain't gonna be for the money - just like rassling! write on bruddah, RAF
  3. I would like to see some well produced kayfabe mockumentaries like "The History of The Deadly Green Mist" and "Anti-American Wrestlers in the US: Threat or Menace?", with plenty of match footage and mondo-style globe-trotting investigations and historical reenactments. - call Christopher Guest, RAF
  4. Roman - yes, I am a big fan as well. Didn't it seem like there was a glut of rassling books coming out a couple years ago, and now it has dried up? I reiterate the brilliance of the multi-volume Exotic Adrian Street auto-bio, and warn people away from any books by indie guys you have never heard of and any born-again workers. - RAF
  5. I confess: that the wizened gremlin-like photo of Lex Luger in the voluminous jersey that seems to have occupied the corner of the WON homepage for months really creeps me out BADLY. Grinning, always grinning... my boobs are nicer, RAF
  6. How can you forget Tiger Jackson? Tiger Conway Sr. & Jr. - RAF
  7. True. I assume it wasn't built up for two reasons (neither of them good): the real gimmick of the match was the random wheel spinning aspect, and to emphasize any one particular outcome (let alone the CMG "winner") would have given away the work. They should have made a couple promo videos giving each option a few minutes with clips and talking heads putting over the danger. The other reason might have been that Bill Watts assumed that the nationwide audience was familiar with the ins'n'outs of thee Coal Miners Glove experience like a good Mid South crowd would have been. I think that all gimmick matches should be part of the curriculum for today's schoolkids, make 'em strong and smart, start a presidential cabinet on that, yeah. - RAF
  8. You can't see it, but I am shaking my (ungloved) fist at all the whippersnappers out there in the Rassling InterWeb Cloudland. And yes, BigMcLH, the coolest gimmick matches mean nothing if the bookers don't get them over ahead of time, so true. -old&intheway, RAF p.s. - wait, there are kids out there who are not down with Dutch Savage?!? There needs to be an unheralded under-lauded Golden Age grappler video edumacation thread started, stat. He was just obited in the WON, by jeebus.
  9. I don't think it would have been that awful of a stipulation if it was just something that was booked ahead of time instead of being the lamest option out of all the stipulations on the wheel. It's like getting a free vanilla milk shake only to later find out that instead you could have had a free cookies and creme milkshake. May y'all be cursed with Hex of a Thousand Badly Laid Out Prince Of Darkness Matches. I luv Coal Miner"s Glove bouts, please watch some more Dutch Savage before you post, out of touch with the kids himself a tetch, RAF
  10. Bruddah, any second of that featurette could have evolved into a porno, just like any second of a properly led life. VIVA LA LUCHA LIBRE! - sexo, RAF
  11. I liked when Rick Rude carried all his WCCW titles to the ring in a little red wagon. So arrogant and so practical... - listen up, RAF
  12. I knew that SB Harris worked Mempho, B.K. (Before Kimala), no surprise there HOWEVER the revelation for myself is PEllering's awesome raven-hued hairstyle'n'chops combo. I have only seen him as a blonde (thus the Precious) and those sideburns are Don Leo Jonathan-worthy. I too love to learn, RAF
  13. Reminded me of this: ,,,and that is a high compliment. - S&D, RAF
  14. I remember that, and it was freaky for the reasons you mentioned. Hardcore, even? - RAF
  15. This is so life-affirming that my current bleak worldview is now filled with sunshine and rainbows. Tremendous. thank you, RAF
  16. Thank you for your huckleberry help, fellas. I feel a bit closer to Thee American Dream now. I thought this RAW was a slight drop-off in PEAL (Personal Enjoyment Appreciation Level) from the past few weeks, but there were many festive moments. Only Paul E. could have pulled off that genius in-ring declaration of The Love That Dares Not Speak Its Name on international TV (how will this play in Dubai?). - happy, RAF
  17. Hold the phone: can someone (only one man) explainify to me what being a "huckleberry" entails and how this will negatively impact TripleHHH's victory plans? We are sleeping on this new(?) Dustyism people, and I want to be in the loop. i love Big Dust, RAF
  18. I would dig a WWE King of Trios event. A couple teams from NXT could be featured as well as some indie and (maybe pseudo-) international three-mans. If they presented it as a fun event, a bit tongue in cheek and retro but not ironic or having the announcers crap all over it it would work. Keep it low-budget, maybe as an iPPV, since its appeal would mainly be for established fans. - RAF
  19. This is from one of my favorite post-match interviews. I always enjoy watching how happy the three of these fellows are for getting the best of Lawler. "you forgot to look under the ring", RAF
  20. You Glee-boys are making thee Ghost of Dick the Bruiser gnash his teeth with rage. aghast & ashamed, RAF
  21. I almost started a thread for this question, because it is really perplexing me: why don't most WWE matches start with a lock-up anymore, let alone some chain wrestling? Is this a directive from on high (Mr. McMahon, HHH)? I am used to the myriad stories that can be developed from a lock-up and I miss it. old & in the way, RAF
  22. As an amusing anecdote, Mr. Nick Bockwinkel will walk into the general lockerroom, even if he has his own dressing room, and not only shake everyone's hand, he introduces himself to each and every individual and asks their (often) gobsmacked names. The man is a super class act, and defines not only the honorific of "world champion" but he IS his gimmick. I have seen him treat the lowliest of indy scum workers (myself included) as you would think he would treat a seasoned veteran of ring and road. honored, RAF
  23. What are the odds that your friend was at National Pro Wrestling Day in February? I saw a guy wearing this shirt there and marked out over it so much I took a picture of the dude's shirt. Possibly. If it was this guy: then you met a legend, baby. - RIP, RAF
  24. Don't overthink it. Choose a style you like, find some cool material, and pick an element/motif/symbol for yourself and one for the wearer and just do it. Get started ASAP as they are trickier to make than one would think. Mask-making is a real craft and designing them is an art, but this is a personal gift so your effort and the heart will show through. tiki motif sounds fun, RAF
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