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  1. Mr. Sting also revealed a couple of the boys extra-marital doings upon his conversion to Xianity whilst wiping his own slate clean (supposedly). That is not a good form of lockerroom etiquette. I, for one, would never buy a house from that man. - RAF
  2. Jerry Lawler would be in my "Top 5 To Lay Out A Match That Involved A Non-worker/wrestler", cf. Andy Kaufman. - RAF
  3. Hey, don't interfere with our marksplaining! The bodybuilder angle is spot on for the shaving, but both the shaving and ladies tights have a lot to do with convention, in the sense that that's just what wrestlers do so to look like a wrestler, you do it. Any after-the-fact reasonings are just conjecture. - my conjecturing about thee conjecting, RAF
  4. Dammit, I was supposed to guest on the Rock & Wrestling Connection podcast tonight (following in the footsteps of previous yakkers Bill Alfonso, Effy and Techno Destructo - a high bar indeed) but the studio was booked. Maybe next week. RAF is in demand, baby! It's a good podcast, check it out before I lower the standards. - no autographs, please, RAF
  5. Yahweh forgive me, but Shawn Michael's overacting is perfect, and honestly in my Top 20 things that delight me about thee pro wrestling. It is sui generis, tho' - I honestly don't mind when folks are inspired by Michaels to the point of imitation in the ring, but no one can copy his dramatic thespian techniques without looking like a goofball (ACole & SRollins are two that come to mind, and -hey- even Mr. Triple HHH). - RAF
  6. AND I dig promo photos wherein the wrestler has his/her eyes rolled back into their skullbone. The usual rogue's gallery delight me with this: Sullivan, Brody, Abdullah, Lewin, Sheik - Undertaker is the modern example but he did it in the ring more than in pictures. - "it's thee manifestation of their Evil!", RAF
  7. I <heart> <heart> <heart> Satanic Kevin Sullivan. I really do. - RAF
  8. I also like promo photos in the form of this grappling pose - - thank you, Mr Sonny King. less ephemeral digital duckface selfies, more cinderblock background publicity pics, RAF
  9. I miss when rasslers would do the "stunned wide eyed stare" in photo ops. Abdullah was a master at it. See also: Brody, Bruiser, and Samoans, Wild. - RAF
  10. I was there, and am working on an an extensive write-up of this show, whilst I am in my rowing machine. - no rowing machine actually, RAF
  11. I have seen the bare pale asses of Dick Murdoch, Rick Rude and Ric Flair many times, and I am a better man for it. not that there is anything wrong with that, RAF
  12. Old Man Tarzan Goto is just... very right. Rightful. Righteous. Right now. yes, RAF
  13. This sad news gave me the blues all today. I always loved the Road Warriors. "iron Man" is great entrance music. I remember being blown away by them in Georgia (via TV) and I got to see them several times in the AWA where they were always an awkward fit. Sometimes they no sold the untouchable vets like Crusher and other times they had to incongruously sell for Verne or Raschke. Freebirds vs. the Roadies was fun as heck as was vs. the Fabulous Ones, but them losing to Jimmy Garvin and Steve Regal practically exposed the business. They were great and always over in JCP/WCW, and the Warriors were cheered against any of the Horsemen who were usually the faces in Chicago. I vividly remember Flair vs. Animal ('87, UIC Pavilion) and the crowd was convinced that Animal would squash Flair here in his hometown. It was a screwjob, as Flair gouged Animal with his own spiked shoulderpads and the ref DQed the champ before the match even started. The audience was PISSED and it was a bad note to end on. The Road Warriors were hard to book but it could be done. The WWF never did as much with them as they could have I felt. They were SO VERY influential in the biz, every musclehead wanted to be a no-selling monster after them. and it kickstarted the Age of Steroids. Great promos and Amimal was always my favorite. He sounded like a stand-up guy and now I am bummed all over again. RIP to you, sir, thanks for all the good memories and pants. you tell 'em, big guy, RAF
  14. Here's how I look at it: The Hardys may or may not have been great workers, match-wise - I can see how that is debatable. However, if you owned a promotion, you positively would want them in it. They sold tickets, they sold merch, they made the card more exciting, they brought in a young/female demographic, they had longevity. Like most workers, you wouldn't want a whole roster of Hardys, but they served an essential purpose on it, and they were influential in the business. I believe them to be HoFers, for sure. - RAF
  15. In the WWWF, managed by Fred Blassie (thee Hollywood Fashion Plate of Wrestling), Hansen's elbow pad was definitely loaded with coins. How else was he going to take down Sammartino? I don't recall him using that gimmick when he returned (paired with again with thee Classy one) to face Backlund. What era matches were you watching? Maybe his elbow got callused with age and he didn't need the foreign object... - RAF
  16. Oy, Konnan looks rough. Savio Vega (same age) looks great. Can't wait for the restart - I hope it is done as safely as possible. - RAF
  17. Piledriver? Powerbomb? Both are good choices, BUT YOU GOTTA PICK ONE. - RAF
  18. Those Patterson rumbles are some of the most elegant, subtle, lyrical and sophisticated pieces of booking ever - and those are words not normally associated with rassling. They are also damn effective and entertaining, getting over gimmicks, characters, moves and storylines (old & new) at a swift pace. Like a movie that is so engrossing that you don't "see" the acting, special effects or camerawork, those big matches that Patterson had a hand in are some of the ones that get talked about frequently on this board because they emotionally resonated with us - as the best wrestling does. Allow me to gush. I am in awe of the folks who excel at the arts of booking and writing finishes and such. Patterson is one of thee best. - I am going banana inside, RAF
  19. I know a great wind-up for a head butt when I see one. - RAF
  20. Plus Pat Patterson was there, to lay out the matches and finishes for the big angles to keep things flowing and logical. He took care of these details and helped with the big picture. Patterson was a master of this. PP > a whole room full of writers who never have been in the ring (secondary) and who have never absorbed the knowledge of booking savants past (Shire, Owen, Graham). - RAF
  21. If we get into a "casting wrestlers in the Seinfelds", you and I will be in a heap of trouble. - RAF p.s. - Harley Race as Alton Benes
  22. Sweet Jeebus, Mr. USA Tony Atlas was such a good babyface. He was one of the few we born-corrupted youths would cheer, come to think of it. That post match promo (love the wisp of a plaster on his brow) is fiery greatness, sellin' tix for that cage match. He never pronounces "Mongolian" the same way twice, and why should he the Stomper doesn't deserve it. He vs. Jesse Ventura (one of my guilty pleasures (SHUT UP!)) was always fun. - "you caint beat Texas", RAF
  23. This is possibly the most secret arcane rassling shirt I have ever seen, If the model did not have tattoos I would have thought it was 30 years old. - nicely done, RAF
  24. I remember these facts with amazement: Kurt Angle (ESPN interview) said he was taking 65 extra strength Vicodin (as well as a medley of other pills AND booze (4 DUIs during his TNA stay)) a day. I stand in awe of how much doctor shopping, pharmacy driving, $$$ and just plain swallowing that entails. He went eventually (allegedly) holed up at home and kicked over 10 days. His f'n liver must look like a piece of buffalo jerky. may The Great Spirit watch over him, RAF
  25. Love those SW tag belts very much, but the Texas heat seems to have melted the camera lens and everybody has a hobbit version of Greg Valentine body. The post match promo is golden. - RAF
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