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  1. RAF has uncharacteristically been quite unmotivated to attend live pro rassling shows for the past several months. Modern wrestling product makes me sad, vintage rasslin' on my DVDs and tapes is fulfilling and tracking down the vast amount of rare movies on free streaming services is way fun. That being said, I made a pinkie promise with my now-suburban pal JAG to go to the next Battleground extravaganza (which looks to be a **shudder** ECW reunion schmozz) and soon after that is thee MLW, so now I live to raise my altakocker hopes up yet again. By the Spirit of Abdullah Farouk: wrestling, don't let me down. Maybe Gangrel will be at both shows!

    p.s. - Verily, I really really miss being able to smoke cigars at cards.

    p.p.s. - the board did that thing AGAIN to me where when I hit the "submit reply" button, I was logged out and my post was lost. It happens randomly enuff that I never remember to copy my words, just in case. Gggrrr...

  2. Changing pages in a topic still only works about 10% of the time for me in Chrome (book or phone), and inserting pics or vids is random as well. Sometime RAF can't even give a like, and he likes to be supportive. However, twice now, upon hitting the "submit reply" button I get logged out and the witty post is lost. I have to log back in and remembered all those works. Distressing!

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  3. I dug the middleweight 4-way, but at least three of the fellows could do this style of match blindfolded in the dark and it would still be entertaining. Clara Carreras: oh, heck yeah. I remain, as always but somewhat arcanely, delighted by thee RealNZO1, that promo was hilarious. Cesar Duran is, as always, a gem. He makes the tired ol' "evil owner" shtick make sense. The return of Mance Warner also is cause for celebration in my longhouse, what a classic gimmick. I (without evidence) secretly think that JFatu stays indy so he can inhale copious amounts of marijuana reefer all day - I am happy if he keeps doing his thang because it works for me and I don't wanna watch no WWE or AEW. MLW: keeps on trying, with more hits than misses in my book. It is sad and beautiful that this is the only fed I follow regularly for the most part. 

    p.s. - I am listening to The Heads "relaxing with..." and I remain convinced that they could write more than a few mighty entrance musics and stirring PPV theme songs.

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  4. On 11/7/2022 at 4:58 PM, thee Reverend Axl Future said:

    The damn (moderndayequivalentofa) booker of the major fed teasing the recipient of the fed's main title belt change and it being reported on social media is exactly what turns my stomach about pro wrestling today. This does not make the product more compelling or sell (moderndayequivalentof) tickets. Just because everyone ignores kay fabe does not mean it is dead. Try it a little - it might improve the "product". Lou Thesz can spin in his grave and I don't care, but this shite would make the corpse of Buddy Rodgers weep zombie tears. Feh.

    Jim Cornette was complaining (among a jillion other other (justified) things) about Tony Khan doing essentially this same thing re. Jeff Jarrett "invading" AEW and later TK welcoming him on Twitter and talking about his office position. Just don't say anything at all if you don't want to engage with kay fabe. It is more insulting to me to do this total backstage reveal. Ugh. Note: RAF does not watch AEW or do the Twitters, and feels more happy about these decisions every day.  

    "Hustlers of the world, there is one mark you cannot beat: the mark inside." - WSBurroughs

  5. 9 hours ago, Dolphman 3000 said:

    Kevin Nash said on his podcast that WCW Saturday Night was appointment television for The Kliq during that period, and that Terra Ryzing was their favorite wrestler.

    If you look at who came over to WWE in 1995-1996 (HHH, Austin, Mero, Pillman, Vader, Foley, Goldust, Godwinns, Man Mountain Rock), it's wild to think none of them would have got spots if the Kliq hadn't been marks for them beforehand

    Are you saying that Michaels, Hall and Nash dictated the hiring of wrestling talent in 1995-96?

  6. 2 hours ago, Eivion said:

    Fetterman was a stand in for Big Show at some point.

    Ach, you beat me to it. I was going to say that Fetterman looks like the Midwest indy guy whose claim to fame is that he doubled for Big Show on the body caps for the new Midway arcade standup Wrestling Power Superstar Rumble. His promo 8x10s have him posing next to a WPSR machine. [RAF note: this was a coveted job for indy workers in the 90s in the Chicago area - posing for arcade & pinball graphics and getting filmed doing moves & bumps for wrestling games (the actual stars came in one day for art purposes). Punk club patrons also got recruited for cabinet art and photos. History!]

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  7. I really really dig "Satanic" KS and his Army of Darkness. The promos and the whole years-long angle are so genius. To this day, if someone next to me is blathering on, I may start doing thee Haze/Singh/Molokai/Graham/etc hand gestures. I don't suppose it would get over at a funeral (possibly a wedding), but I can state for a fact that it is very fun and effective during a bouncer vs. drunken lout testosterone chest bumping stand-off. I was wont to do it during several club security stints, and it unnerved many a former patron before they were ejected from the premises. One post-brawl oaf asked if I "was a devil".

    "Call me Abudadein" was/is thee True Answer. Good in case he called the cops, too. 

  8. 6 hours ago, SirSmellingtonofCascadia said:

    Foley murdering himself on that sunset flip on concrete is stupid. What a dumb fucking spot. It's nonsense. Why would you do that in the context of a fight? You'd obviously be hurting yourself more. 

    '90s Cactus ends up doing a lot of irrational shit in these matches that sort of takes me out of the match. The characterization of "a man who likes pain" wasn't as pointed as it was for Mankind later on in the decade. If it were, I think I could get past that sort of thing. Even as wild as Cactus is presented, some of this stuff was a stretch even for me.

    On another note, Van Hammer was a heck of an athlete, particularly for his size, and I understand why WCW wanted to push him so much. 

    Who are you, why have you hacked SirSmellingtonofCascadia's account and what have you done with my friend?!?!?!

    Also, that match edit is shite because the best line of all was left out: "That's no cowboy, that's Abdullah the Butcher!".

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  9. The damn (moderndayequivalentofa) booker of the major fed teasing the recipient of the fed's main title belt change and it being reported on social media is exactly what turns my stomach about pro wrestling today. This does not make the product more compelling or sell (moderndayequivalentof) tickets. Just because everyone ignores kay fabe does not mean it is dead. Try it a little - it might improve the "product". Lou Thesz can spin in his grave and I don't care, but this shite would make the corpse of Buddy Rodgers weep zombie tears. Feh.

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  10. Not for nothing, but if you arrive at a hospital after an incident complaining of neck pain and such, they are damn sure going to put you in a brace and keep you there, especially back then. Even today, most probably, but it would be harder to get painkillers.

    Everyone here needs to watch "My Breakfast With Blassie" again (I hope) and get the real scoop, and also some mega-Zen lessons from AK and Thee Hollywood Fashion Plate. 

  11. I am waiting for TripleHHH to give me that call for my talent scouting prowess. Colleges? Please. Nothing there but a bunch of mollycoddles and pinks. I see what there they think they're doing now, but all the old traditional places to find wrestlers that I read about in the magazines are being overlooked: the flesh pits of Calcutta, the Canadian lumberjack camps, alone on a farm pulling a plow or tossing hay bales, the darkest heart of Uganda, the year 2012, Thee Iron Gates of Fate, our nightmares, frozen in a block of ice, Algeria, the French Foreign Legion, walking out of the surf, the Wrong Side Of The Tracks, on leave from the State Mental Asylum, 3 Mile Island, Every Girl's Dream, the Bowery, The State of Euphoria, Badstreet USA. I mean, a classic rule of business is to fill a void that everyone else is overlooking. Hunter, I am eminently qualified, brother, gimme a hollar.

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  12. I  don't like those kinda matches anymore because I have been listening to too much Jim Cornette podcast whilst I cook dinner for the ungrateful family, but I also liked this match (mostly). I would bet that the same person trained both of these guys because they had the same kind of "Marvel Way To Draw Comics" exaggerated movements -play to the cheap seats, kid- which I think is good. Everyone should see what you are doing, better to be overly broad and then work on making it more natural than the other way around. There was too much overacting (a totally different thang) by the other employees of the promotion, in that "everyone wants to be a worker way". Only the wrestlers (and managers, if necessary) should be overstated, all else -referees, announcers, commentators, security, merch sales- should be as naturalistic as possible, you're all ordinary humans and audience proxies amidst the warring titans. The sexy ref in particular was comically overselling, but in every other manner she was right on top of the action and in the right place for the workers and for crowd control. We all can't be part of the show. The guy picking up the trash got scared like he was auditioning for "Scooby-Doo", but please do not use fatboy texting on his phone at merch table #2 again, he brought it all down for us watching on video. There were a couple of my pet peeves here: the chair to chair slugfest (uuggghhh but it was short) and poor choice of plunder. Don't use jumper cables unless you clip some real nipples or fleshy folds, there are ways to gimmick that. If you are gonna do some duct tape hair removal, DO IT and show everybody at ringside (which was every patron there, I guess). A plastic storage bin lid? Worker, please - crack that shiznit in twain and start raking a back. That said, these boys looked good. and the match had a nice flow. I dug saving the big color for the end. Note to Scary Boxing Boots Man: the real Bruiser Brody always knew where his chain was, therefor Mr. Cameraman shut yer gob. The camerawork was great. The lack of entrance music and commentary added to it all for me. There were a lot of seniors in the crowd, a true sign of believable ringwork. I would watch stuff with these guys, and the the ref, again.

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  13. This is for the the folks who were born after the Amerikan Bicentennial who might not realize what an amazing worker and wrestler Adrian Adonis was, and how festive The East West Connection was, and even how much fun Jesse "The Body" Ventura was too. I wuz gonna babble on, but this is about Thee Golden Boy. I wish there was more SWCW footage of him available. 

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  14. But wait, viddy this: from the same ham'n'egger that originally owned that mag, this amazing WWF MSG program - 


    With annotated back resultz! I love that he had to put "win" and "lost" or ""drew/drew" - that's thoroughness. What is up with my long lost homie's penmanship?:


    But there is more! Look at this Nth degree carny ad ----


    Ohbahgum, Johnny take my moneys... The show was in Allentown in the same building that they used to shoot TV in. Also, a big mist to the eyes to all the greedpigs selling rassling mags for $10+. Information must be free, history is for thee People, magazines don't belong in plastic sleeves and I need to win MegaMillions. 

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  15. 21 hours ago, SturmCRF said:

    As an eight year old, I would record the audio of WWF shows onto cassette tape, so I could listen to them in bed. As a result, the commentary of Summerslam 93 is seared into my mind, especially Vince shouting 'Jannetty is an opportunist! Marty Jannetty is as opportunist!' during his comeback against Ludwig Borga.

    Borga was my favourite wrestler of all time for the, like, three months he existed for a kid who didn't get to see Raw, only PPVs my grandparents had recorded for me. After all, he beat Tatanka, who I hated, and came out to the Finnish national anthem, which was like The Mountie's instrumental theme song but even more stirring and epic. As a general rule, the more a heel came across like a James Bond henchman, the more I liked them.

    You were a strange and genius eight year old, I am sure you are still carving your own path through life. When I get my time machine I will pay you a visit and ,with your grandparents, I will take us all to a house show with my futurepast money and foresight.

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