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  1. the Petey-Pedia entry that coincides with the latest episode of Watchmen is very insightful https://www.hbo.com/content/dam/hbodata/series/watchmen/peteypedia/06/blake-memo-actual-work.pdf
  2. Hughey definitely looks like Michael Shannon, but the actor playing Homelander looks like someone took Michael Fassbender and Julian McMahon's DNA and grew him in a lab
  3. I'm in agreement with that, i think the fight scenes came off the way they did was on purpose to show how un-polished of a hero she is, she isnt a trained fighter she's an alcoholic private eye with super strength so i wasnt disapointed in the way she fought in fact i think it added to her character. One of the main reasons i loved the fights in Daredevil because if u pay attention to them he made mistakes u'd only make if u really didnt have great vision theres a few hiccups in his fight scenes which play on his lack of natural vision.
  4. I don't think ive ever posted ne ways out of popular shows hopefully no one minds the copy n paste Popular TV shows from the last 15 or 20 years or so I have never seen a single episode of: Justified Mad Men How I Met Your Mother Deadwood The Wire 24 The Shield Glee Friday Night Lights Sons Of Anarchy Rescue Me The Closer Oz Friends South Park i havent watched since maybe 2001 or 02 any network or cable network produced reality show that wasnt the ultimate fighter i never watch Films Scarface never watched it from begining to end all the way through The Godfather films same as
  5. pretty awesome actually now the magic bullet theory makes more sense to me lol http://youtu.be/ByCY2UYLHG8
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