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  1. The last time I saw little Colby he was around 10, screwing around in the ring with his dad. It was cute. Now seeing him...it's like Steve Corino and C.M. Punk had a love child.
  2. Pretty sure Jericho did. I hope the deal he signed reflected it. All this talk about how people carry belts and I'm the one taking things too seriously. Psssssh. All kidding aside, aesthetics for how they treat what's supposed to be the most important things in wrestling, is a big deal.
  3. Man...who thinks Sting isn't HOF material? Given it's Dave's readers it's got to be Ole right?
  4. Reading that almost all of RAW is on the network...what was the hold up?
  5. Bret Hart, Eddie, Benoit, Dynamite Kid, Warrior, Von Erich...wrestling is littered with tragedy after success. I'm massively cynical. And as a guy with bad habits and time inside wrestling locker rooms, I wouldn't recommend that environment to anyone with bad habits.
  6. Rich Swann has overcome a lot. Given that it lead him to wrestling, isn't it likely he's heading for a tragic ending?
  7. Are Burnet or Rodriguez personally involved with the inner workings of the show? I suspect they're more of the mindset of does it generate more money for or not, and after that, they don't care. Who is responsible for the actual creative direction of the show, DeJoseph ? Hardy and Lagana weren't looking to be in a position to make that more of a reality for TNA, especially since Corgan says Dixie didn't like that stuff, which is surprising if it's her company. Wrestling drastically needs a shake up somehow. No one seems to have hit the target exactly again yet.
  8. His idea that wrestling needs to be something beyond what has basically been the same approach for nearly 100 years isn't exactly rocket science. Look at the Hardy's stuff. Look at LU. You don't have to stick to the arena look.
  9. God DAMN did Corgan just bury Dixie with Dave and Bryan.
  10. Everything Corgan said with Bryan....god damn would anyone but Lucha Underground actually try and do something different? Why does Billy F'N Corgan get it, but no one else in the business seems to?
  11. Aren't these stories about other people with someone else named to tell the story?
  12. Remember when WWE had storylines and plans that intended to make talent bigger stars and it would lead to more money for everyone? DTTW remembers. I'm just never going to buy any part of a 50 year old non fighter beating an actual fighter. It's not a deep thought it's just my perspective as a guy who crappily does mma. It's not for me, I'm just so sorely disappointed that after such a long fight to be the best, their new standard of best just reeks of mediocre and there are a slew of reasons it need not be that way. Ultimately no one but the company has anything to gain from Brock vs Goldie. That's such a tremendous waste of opportunity. I'll drop it now. Go back to smelling the rose gardens.
  13. As a guy who trains in mma stuff, even if you catch Brock off guard, just no against a guy with zero experience. I mean punk lasted what 2 minutes? I wasn't thinking in terms of importance, i was thinking timing of matches. UFC has conditioned the fans that fights are all over the board time wise. WWE has pushed long matches as a narrative for as long as I know. They ran short matches like crazy but short ME is a rarity. Now they made it into a thing. How will the fans take to this attempt at reconditioning? How will they react to 20 minute matches if short dominations dominate the top of the card? Wasn't there a Japanese fed that did something like that?
  14. Yeah, just read about that promo. At least Paul tries to make the puzzle pieces fit.
  15. I hate to sound like a broken record, but the board seriously hates my guts or something. Between my phone and computer, everything keeps getting screwed up if I type for a paragraph or more it seems. Sigh. To be brief, the short nature of their match in an era of long matches was fake shoot fight. I know it's Goldie, it's wrestling, etc, but sometimes actors take rolls for checks when they really shouldn't and that's what it felt like here. Can't blame the guys, but even in a fake fight, a 50-year-old with zero fighting experience beating a juiced guy of Brock's caliber doesn't seem believable. And ultimately, if this is the pattern, what are the fans going to think of it, and what will they think about the rest of the card who don't perform like that? I'm wondering if maybe some serious damage was done here, but it's not going to be evident for a while.
  16. Dixie continuing to do well despite every single problem with the company pretty much being her fault continues to sadden me.
  17. Goldbergs streak was fake and it was over a decade ago. Brock face punched people for real and it wasn't that long ago. They try and treat Goldie like an MMA guy, when he's not an MMA guy and that's why it's bad. Punk and co work because it's fake, they aren't selling those guys as equals to Brocks accomplishments. It works because it's in the bubble. An actor is not equal to his parts and Goldie would probably get beat by tons of guys in mma gyms coast to coast. I can be entertained by Brock pro wrestling with pro wrestlers but when he fake shoots with a pro wrestler...just doesn't do anything for me because I can't buy a lie that flagrant. Hey if I could con 40k plus for working for three minutes, I'd do it too, especially if I'm aware it's all fake here and doesn't matter to anyone but a bunch of marks like us on the internet.
  18. I'm saying Goldie has extremely limited qualifications that suggest he is on Brock's level. You're right, it can be...when it isn't contridicted by a harsh reality from a competitor who's entire business model makes your idea look stupid. And they'd market the shit outta such an actually shocking moment...which WWE can't do because we know it's scripted. What's funny is the WWE just keeps reaching backwards to attract new fans...and sooner than later all they are going to find is their hand covered in their own shit.
  19. A near 50 year old football drop out beat a certified MMA badass who is juiced to the gills in under 5 minutes. The fantasy booking I have involves a room full writers and executives along with a high capacity weapon that fires rapidly to fix this level of stupid booking.
  20. Cept for the part where they bring them in, don't treat them seriously, book them to lose, and then say they arent grabbing the brass ring. If it was a hit and miss thing, ok, but it's got to be around a 90% rate where they never seem to tap into whatever they saw in guys to hire them in the first place. Look at the ratings...and realize they have better depth, diversity, and resources across the board...and yet the company seemingly has zero momentum. They don't have another Cena ready...despite a roster full of guys who were able to be Cena back home. I'll buy a few guys being smoke and mirrors...but nearly every single guy...come on man, at that point, it's not talent, it's WWE. I think back on Taz and compare it to AJ. Took them 20 years but they seemed to realize hey if the guy comes elsewhere and he's massively over, maybe we shouldn't waste all that momentum. And then I remember Roman and hope ends up lost again.
  21. True, but it's strange that smaller companies can figure out how to make money off guys, but WWE sometimes can't.
  22. My favorite part...I'm fairly confident that footage was not fully graded. That's like over 100k they didn't account for in their budget when they got access to their spiffy cameras. If Jeff is by chance reading this - Hey motherfucker, I'm still here willing to fix and edit the project just so you don't rip people off. To be fair mental issue is part of the reason it failed.
  23. Allow me to get my camera geek on. The story goes that they shot the thing on Red One cameras. Red One cameras are like 20k "cheap" movie cameras. Annie Lebowitz used to take still images from the camera and turn them into photos. Seriously high end stuff. The problem is, those cameras are by their very nature, not designed to shoot things like pro wrestling. They're for making movies and TV shows in a controlled and staged environment. To capture the chaotic movement of wrestling with these cameras would require a skill level that is probably not humanly possible.
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