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  1. And outside of Lanny Poffo I can't quickly recall any of those guys who walked away from it all ok. I'm sure y'all will just start rattling them off. Just getting so sick and tired of WWE being above the law. So sick of their two faced lies. So sick of their conning people and employees without much repercussion. Even when they lose, they still always win, no matter how immoral or self serving the action.
  2. So the WWE is just gonna catch zero blowback over roidy mcroidface performing on drugs and not being tested then? Wasn't Benoit supposed to stop that crap?
  3. 30 years of being paid more than he drew says otherwise. Guy is a good hand, but he has never warranted what he has been paid. Unless he knows his role coming in, keep that snake out of the garden.
  4. I have hope for the remake to be but not in a wrestling way. We shall see I guess. AWA, WCW, WWWF, WWE, NJPW, AAA, and everyone else who had a lot of "large" success in wrestling did it primarily with a male talent base. Most female wrestling has failed to maintain itself because the audience to see such things, simply doesn't seem to be there. Joshi was a cultural phenom that had a 20-year heyday run the way I understand it. Something tells me the WWE can't tap into something like that because of how the world works nowadays. They are of course capable of lucking into it and blowing it like usual *coughBayleycough*. Their female wrestlers are also nowhere near as talented so that doesn't help. Now because the world works different, places like Shimmer can find a larger audience, but if some network executive thought it would draw big ratings, it would have been on some stream by now don't you think. In a world of significantly better-written television, and options galore, what sized audience do you think is clamoring for pointless female on female violence over a prop like a woman's title that has at times, been passed around like a hot potato, or stored away in a closet and forgotten? Shimmer, Wrestleicious, GLOW, WOW, and who knows who else, have all had a shot, and none of them really broke out. The WWE couldn't turn Bailey into PG Austin type gold on RAW, but somehow Sasha and Charlotte are going to spearhead that.....I mean good luck, but that just doesn't jive with me. Personally, I think Bolivian Fighting Cholitas would work because it's just so different, but that's me.
  5. And notice how it wasn't enough of a difference to matter. That's my point. It's great the women are getting more opportunities, but there is very little evidence to suggest it's going to fix things in the WWE. Maybe they can get it there, but just diving in and saying this will draw....doubt that's going to just work based on everything that came before.
  6. Wrestlicous, GLOW, that one in Vegas who's name I don't know, are the one's I can instantly recall. What else did Mclane try? Hey I blame Vince & co as a major reason why women's wrestling dies in the US. They aren't correcting their own 40 years of self infliction in a few short years in an time of actual female fighters.
  7. ECW blew up...along with TNA, where women didn't matter much either, WCW, etc. Glow didn't blow up and I'll guess that had more exposure than TNA did. Yes I know Glow is coming back, but it doesn't sound like wrestling will be the focus of the show. TV has attempted multiple female wrestling things...none have worked too well.
  8. I am not that dude. Sorry if I am mistaking your intentions. I just don't think the American audience has a big interest in paying money to see women fake fight because they never have in the past and it continues to be a niche product.
  9. Because that NWO ppv did so well....and then factor in the cost to make it happen. If women wrestling was wildly popular, Shimmer would be a bigger deal, Wrestlicious would be battling GLOW for ratings dominance. God people, I have nothing against female wrestling, but it's a niche thing. It's never going to get over beyond a certain point. Save a boat load of money and failure and just run women's wrestling specials of matches hosted by some talking head.
  10. Any truth to the story that the writer was gay and anti-Trump?
  11. I'm gonna guess most of the people who would be in the know regarding this are all pretty high up people who value their million dollar or more year jobs way more than leaking to Meltzer. Any lesser person probably has a NDA and would like to keep getting work by not violating it. Even to this day, various WWE writers are cryptic when talking. I think Bauer once mentioned during an interview that a NDA stopped him from talking further about something regarding the WWE and Stephanie.
  12. I know I'm out of touch, but where does the notion that this would make money come from? Ratings for the women's segments go up, but is there anything to suggest this would sell more tickets? Curiousity factor maybe? It's not the worst idea I've ever heard, but outside of the PR pushing, I'm failing to see how this focus on women has been helping the company much. Can someone point to something suggesting such.
  13. What did Lita bring to the table? Last I knew her career highlights were a match with Trish, a trashy failed fashion trend, and cheating on Matt. Did I miss something?
  14. Did the Boss Man ever do a shoot interview, or any interview, not in character?
  15. Lawler did have a 40 year history of being a draw to back him up. Thinking about it...wouldn't Jerry have been a better fit, culturally, in WCW?
  16. Oh agreed sir. My point was we don't know all the details on what exactly went down and, as I sadly know from first hand experience, that can make a huge difference on things when it comes to charges.
  17. I don't know how things work now a days but I've gotten lucky a few times because the cops overstepped what they were supposed to be doing. If all that stuff was just laying around, Colby is an idiot and yeah he's probably fucked, but cops start snooping around on an unrelated reason, well the line starts to blur and you'd be wise to get a shark lawyer. Just because someone is unconscious doesn't mean they're dealings drugs.
  18. Eh....way I'm reading it, cops might have had no reason to be snooping around. Probably not gonna go his way, but stranger things have happened.
  19. Pretty sure he said in the interview he signed something saying he can't go after Dixie and I think that Big John guy. Left me curious who he was going to sue, but he did say he was going to target specific people. I'll assume it's a subordinate of Dixie's who was probably the person directly lying to his face.
  20. I'm an A/V guy with my head so far up my ass on this stuff that I have no idea what it's like out there in the real world anymore. So what are you random people shooting with? Is it cellphones only? GoPro got you shooting like crazy? Some fancy DSLR? Anyone a 360 camera person?
  21. Didn't they fire her for being fat? Or screwing Batista? Or some other wackiness unrelated to her in ring abilities?
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