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  1. Everything I just brought up is in direct reference to many of the scummy things Vince has done. It's a joke man.
  2. I'm not a billionaire bossing around oiled up guys on drugs to entertain the rubes who sit around on the internet jagging off to subjective debates about star rankings all because I can't vent my frustrations over my mother sexually molesting me by pretending to do the same thing to my daughter on tv for ratings?
  3. "Come on Bayley, the kids dying. Mak him a man and I'll owe you one."
  4. Wrestling, by its nature, is very dangerous. At what point do limitations placed on the performers hamper the art too much?
  5. Is there a post of the year awards, because I'd like to nominate this already. For those who don't know, oswreview did xfl review that was pretty great.
  6. Have we talked about how Joe has now hurt at least two guys?
  7. I think its more of Heyman, as a man well versed in wrestling politics, shares his information freely, with a guy he could just see the talent in...and make good money from. Again, if you read the man's book, yeah, maybe he could have been a heart surgeon. Look at the guy - thats a man with a helluva drive. He knows how to put in work, he cant jam a needle in his ass to be a better doctor, but he clearly has a work ethic beyond most people and if applied to anything, success would have likely folllowed. Would have made a great Duke Nukem, or insert comic book role.
  8. They've sold you on the idea he's a star, but how is that working out? He didn't usher in an era of new ratings highs and I'm doubtful he moved WWE PPV numbers like he did for the UFC, but I don't have those numbers. It's certainly paid off well for Lesnar. I'd suspect he's more known to a general audience because of the UFC and not the WWE. My mom certainly doesn't know about him because he beat up the Hardy brothers. Who says it had to be in wrestling or MMA? Brock is a unique physical specimen - no one should tell him how well being a movie star pays - it requires less travel and you don't need to be face punched. If he liked to mindlessly screw women I'm sure there are several companies that would have worked with him. In a world of viral moving images, him being an unknown doing something insane on video would have drawn attention and would have brought a money truck to his door for something. You can't teach what Brock is and you'd have to be blind to miss it. If it wasn't WWE, it would have been someone else, doing god knows what with him. Personally, I think Brock being a comedy foil would get over like a million bucks.
  9. Vince and Co had fuck all to do with the man growing up and getting into real wrestling. They didn't instruct him to jump security and approach Dana White directly. Someone with half a brain cell would have tapped this guy at some point. It's been done on so many lesser people - Kimbo jumps to mind immediately. It's not genius to market a monstrous human being as a bad ass. Hell Dixie and Co managed to pull of the same thing with Joe. Brock is simply an overpriced hired gun. If anything Vince is the dumb one here. The return on the investment doesn't seem to equal out and having an assumed steroid abuser on your active roster is a shitty pr thing in light of the fact you were federally investigated over such things.
  10. I'll take it you didn't read Brock's book. Vince might want to claim Brock as his own, but Brock certainly wouldn't see it that way. Dude would have been a star for whoever ended up marketing him. Brock also manipulates Vince to get what he wants, not the other way around. All the bs other guys took from Vince, Brock has expressed his ability to not be blinded by it. Hulk Hogan would bend over backwards for a Mania spot. Brock doesn't give a shit as long as the check clears and if it don't, he ain't doing shit. No I'll owe you one pal, for him.
  11. While I agree, wouldn't it make Zuffa or whoever, the TRUE king then? I mean, Brock is a mercenary for Vince, he's not his creation. If another fed came along and offered better, Brock would be out the door before the ink dried. So now that Vince gets his last huzzah as the undisputed king of his little world, what's his rosebud?
  12. Will those conditions lead to possible death or paralysis while wrestling? You want to nitpick about my word choice, ok, my concern remains the same - should a guy who had a heart attack from wrestling really be ok'd to wrestle when they won't let a guy with who could be paralyzed from a single bump. I mean they don't want Angle to wrestle, allegedly, despite the proof he could for the the last 10 years, but they'll ok the guy who had a heart attack.
  13. Funny how the biggest wrestling company in the world screwed that up so many times
  14. And if both guys have medical conditions there is no reason either should be in the ring and it's really hypocritical if they let one guy wrestle and not the other. And no, neither one should be in the ring.
  15. Let me get this straight. Danielson might have a really crappy life if he takes a bad bump and the WWE docs won't clear him. Lawler had a heart attack from being in a match and he's going to get an all clear. Ok....
  16. Someone has to clean up the arena after shows.
  17. Wasn't Lodi doing birthday phone calls for fifty bucks a couple of years ago?
  18. Why does it feel like every couple of years people rediscover Goldberg/Raven?
  19. Did Linda have anything to actually do with the WWEs success? I know she wrote press crap and made meatballs for investors, but, like her daughter, is there any direct correlation between something she did and success for the WWF?
  20. I swear some wrestling guy wrote a rant about being on hold for over an hour for one of those things and then they skipped over him because he was a wrestling guy.
  21. I've now switched browsers and the board still hates my phone something fierce. I blame my unupdatable os.
  22. Last time I knew, when you do things strictly for money, the word prostitute got thrown a lot.
  23. When has going backwards ever helped in going forwards? So if you know a wrestler is working you, and you let them because hey it's a childhood hero, did they actually work you if you would have bought merchandise anyways?
  24. I'm under the impression this was a call in to the show. Aka something unlikely to ever happen again. Pretty sure Dave or Bryan have talked about wrestling media pretty much being a nonfactor in their press conferences.
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