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  1. I like to pretend that in 2011, DC decided it was getting out of the comic business and focusing on TV, movies, and games. But if enough of you guys like Batman '66, I might give it a spin.
  2. Forgot who said it, but I agree with them when they said Pam is probably the funniest character in television today.
  3. I, for one, would love to hear your take on the schmucks who bought him stuff from his wedding registry.
  4. I only feel that I can speak with any little bit of authority on MLS, so... UNION!!! Le Toux's presence was much-missed in 2012, and since he came back he leads the league in assists, and the team is just finally seeming to play to its potential. It's still a ways to go in the season, but things are looking good after a rough 2012. Though with NBC getting the rights to ALL OF THE EPL, I might take the time to study it before the season starts. Maybe even jump on the fantasy train. Who knows?
  5. My new champion is Friday night's Union game against Chivas USA; it was my third game, and before that they'd never scored a single goal. After going down 1-0 at the half, they rallied three unanswered (including a beautiful shot by Michael Farfan on an indirect penalty, vs a whole wall of Chivas players in the goal) to take the win. It would probably be the undisputed champion forever and ever amen if I'd won the charity 50-50 and took home almost three grand, but what can ya do?
  6. Here's a little something to help you guys with your Summer Sale decision-making. Can't really get any games myself, this shitty laptop can't handle them. But maybe some day, I too can blow my life savings on enough games to last me five lifetimes...
  7. Stuff like this is why I sometimes wish I still believed in God. At least then, I could be comfortable in knowing George Zimmerman would one day face final, absolute judgement. The fact that people are celebrating an unarmed black teenager getting stalked and murdered makes me weep for the future of society.
  8. My first thought was an attempt to make a Frank N. Furter figure on the cheap.Still unsettling though.
  9. If anyone has Comcast, you should be able to see it OnDemand.
  10. Raziel basically sums it up, but also Philly fans hate being proven wrong. A lot of us still think the Eagles would be better off with Ricky Williams despite the fact that he basically decided he'd rather smoke doob than play football.
  11. My favorite bit with them was JBL referencing Cherry on her skates. "If she had a skateboard, half a brain, and no talent, she could be Vice President of Talent Relations!"Still makes me laugh after all these years.
  12. Only because only you and Pete said anything before I got tired of waiting, Fowler.
  13. Money's a little tight in recent times, but once we're in the black, I'll gladly kick a couple bucks to the site.
  14. The former SoopArr AE reporting for his blockbuster pool ass-whipping.
  15. I will make a concentrated effort to dig in and find what's good in wrasslin' these days, though with CHIKARA in limbo, I might just say "hell with it" and go retro.Beyond that, I'll probably keep making idle threats to abandon Philadelphia sports teams, mock other posters' tastes in music, and spearhead the return of DVD-EWR.
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