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  1. Not to say TRTs weren't incredibly shady and it's good they're gone, but that article seems to be very carefully written to avoid saying that Belfort's tests were high, but within the legal limit. Jon Jones never broke any rules and punishing him for breaking nonexistent rules would have been a massive legal liability for the UFC.
  2. Great win for Lawlor! His status as the best fighter in the history of DVDVR posters remains unchallenged.
  3. From the looks of it, he spent both weeks just training to escape that guillotine. Mendes set that up perfectly and the next second Connor was gone.
  4. "Gay Jesus" is going to go down in history. Great job by Romero to throw away all that good will I had for him after that KO in a few seconds.
  5. There's zero chance this case ever makes it to a jury and I can't imagine him serving more than token jail time when he cops a plea.
  6. My impression is that he's looking at a misdemeanor and I can't imagine UFC hitting him with anything beyond a token fine for that. What a lucky guy.
  7. Scizzy

    MMA Talk.

    It's kind of awkwardly written, but I think the "administrative oversight" was that he was tested for substances of abuse at all. And if Jones was not informed he was being tested for drugs of abuse, UFC would likely be on very, very shaky legal ground punishing him for testing positive for them.
  8. Scizzy

    MMA Talk.

    Both weed and coke are only banned in competition (I've read conflicting things about the precise definition of when that is, but it's somewhere between a week and 12 hours to fight time). Everyone who has been punished for marijuana failed in competition.
  9. I guess he talked less than Rashad and offered more of a fight. But man, Jones is a hard person to hurt, especially with his reach and the ever present threat of an eye poke.
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