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  1. Ha if there's one thing they should be telling non-wrestlers before they get out there, it's not to get out of the ring that way. I caught most of the big angles, but the only match I saw was Nikki/AJ. Nikki has gotten really good, but AJ's stuff looked anticipatory and telegraphed. Glad they got some time, not bad at all, but not noteworthy. Sting looked spry tonight. He's clearly in better shape than his debut at Survivor Series, and I think he's determined to have a good showing with HHH. They actually did something to get me excited for the match, so there's that.
  2. Larry's a good bridge between Attitude era fans and 70s/80s fans. He was really over during the NWO feud. If bands go in, AC/DC would be another good one. Highway to Hell was huge for Summerslam 98. I love the story Foley tells about Vince at Rock's first SNL appearance when they were the musical guests. He had no idea who they were, but he started rocking out and dancing during their sound check and became a huge fan.
  3. Ooh can someone do one of those Paige/Rollins YouTube videos about Meng and Big Sexy?
  4. I don't think WWE could win in court, so is the concern that indies wouldn't bring in wrestlers tied up in lawsuits with them? It's expensive to even hire counsel as well. I guess the threat is enough.
  5. The Return of Durant and Die Darkman Die, both starring Arnold Vosloo. Staples of late night 90s HBO.
  6. I know some of the folks that work at a skating rink where CZW runs shows. I don't follow the promotion but I routinely get texts with gems like this from Saturday's show: "A wrestler had fans spit into his hand and then he drank it. His opponent was so repulsed he began vomiting in the ring and they had to cancel the match because the ring was covered in vomit and the guy couldn't wrestle. "
  7. Rollins will be one of the most over guys on the show in front of that crowd, so they could get away with a cash in. I don't think they will though. They might get nervous and have Sting/HHH go on last.
  8. I enjoyed Spud/ECIII a lot. I've seen almost no TNA in the last 2 years, but I was sort of aware what was going on and the pre- and post-match and work really told a great self-contained story. I'd imagine it would have been even better having seen the build. The commentary didn't really do anything for me, but I tuned it out so it didn't hurt it either. I'm not crazy about the finisher tribute stuff, but Spud was great, ECIII is a good heel, and the last 5 minutes or so were pretty enthralling.
  9. I gave up on Stiller after The Heartbreak Kid. Incidentally, there was someone in the cast named Shawn Michaels by amazing coincidence and I spent the whole movie waiting for HBK to show up. It was a bummer.
  10. When it says Rapist at the top of that last one, is that a gimmick name like Invader or...?
  11. Don't usually watch Main Event, but someone recommended Paige vs Nikki from the beginning of the year. Really stiff, well worked match. Nikki does some nifty armwork and Paige takes a couple of nasty bumps. Finish is a little awkward, but it's a treat to see the Divas given time to tell a story and deliver. Between this and Cesaro/Sin Cara, I'll have to start keeping up with the show.
  12. "Blue Baracudas vs Purple Parrots in a Locked Down elimination match!"
  13. That particular guest star on Kimmy Schmidt was just stunt casting, but I don't know if I laughed as much at anything else in the series as the footprints in the sand/Dale Earnhardt story.
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