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  1. I'm kind of concerned that Steph will find out about his cowbell gimmick and introduce it into her heel act.
  2. The Fatty Arbuckle movie they were going to make with Farley is a huge "what if." It could have pushed the direction of his career into that drama/comedy sweet spot that a lot of comedic actors try to reach.
  3. With things the way they are it'll never happen, but The Long Halloween would be perfect as a binge series for Netflix.
  4. The leaks coming from the Suicide Squad preproduction made it sound like the solo Batman movie will be an adaptation of book 3 of DKR. They're pretty much doing DKR, just out of order.
  5. Oh wow, I didn't realize Punisher had reverted back to Marvel. I'd love a Good Guys Wear Red episode. I wouldn't mind Thomas Jane or Ray Stevenson playing Frank in it either.
  6. I initially thought they'd have The Defenders out early enough to have some extra masks show up in Civil War, but that doesn't look likely at this point. They're rumored to have at least a minor role in the Infinity War movies, so they have some time to lay the groundwork.
  7. That might've been accidentally on purpose.
  8. Yeah, I watched the pilot of Breaking Bad and thought it was going to be a little too cute. I didn't go back to it until much later when I found out about the Walt heel turn and Odenkirk being a regular.
  9. My wife and I found out this week that we're expecting our first child. Unfortunately, I've just discovered that her ideas for baby names are similar to those doled out in WWE developmental. Wagner is not a first name!
  10. Poor Chris Klein. He fell off the map and then got kicked while he was down with that leaked Mama Mia audition tape. I thought Freddie Prinze Jr. would mature into A list roles and have a Keanu-level career. He probably could have been a pretty good character actor as well. I remember the director of Punisher: Warzone telling a story about the studio insisting that she let him audition for Jigsaw. He crushed it, and then they wouldn't let her cast him because the audition was just a favor.
  11. QT's version is more about the Gale character covering the murders and less centered on Mickey and Mallory from what I recall. Dylan's cover of You Belong to Me is chilling. Love that soundtrack.
  12. I'm really happy to hear that Regal is as much of a mark for his robes as I am.
  13. The cat thinks Natty is still doing the gassy gimmick and it's trying to protect kayfabe by looking like it just smelled a fart.
  14. I'm guessing she'll modify her build a little to make it further. Cena was absolutely absurd-looking as a bodybuilder at one time.
  15. Ziggler is finally getting repackaged as El Hijo De SeƱor Ass.
  16. I think they had a hard time choreographing the fights with D'Onofrio. The physical stuff up until the last episode was a lot simpler for him, and the other fights in the series had the benefit of a stuntman in a mask fighting stunt extras mostly. Shooting around D'Onofrio's double was probably tougher.
  17. If that's the case Sheamus needs a "Feck Fear" T-shirt ASAP.
  18. Wai Ching Ho, the actress who plays Gao, is really wonderful. It took me some digging to find out who she was because oddly she's not listed on the show's IMDB. Pretty much everyone crushes it, terrific ensemble.
  19. Two episodes in. This is the kind of comic-to-TV adaptation I've been waiting for since I was 8.
  20. J&J Security tire of taking Seth's beatings for him and hire their own security... Enter Deadly Danda.
  21. Because foreigners who can't speak English well is somewhere between diarrhea and incest on the Vince McMahon funny bone scale?
  22. "To kill, you must know your enemy, and in this case my enemy is John Cena. And Cena will never quit - ever. He's like the Viet Cong- the Cena Cong. So you have to fall back on superior intelligence and superior firepower. And that's all she wrote." Murray vs Cena would sell out AT&T Stadium.
  23. Some of the Marco stuff was silly and the denouement felt abrupt, but the bingo scene was perfection. It was an expert balance of humor and poignancy that the show's nailed all season. I loved the Chicago sunroof story, "but that's on me I guess."
  24. Mallrats 2 has been moved in front of Clerks 3's production based on the availability of a mall scheduled for demolition. It also sounds like Kev doesn't know if Affleck is in or not, or he's playing it close to the vest.
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