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  1. Punk being aware of FSW will always be my favorite DVDVR lore.
  2. You’re saying the guy who wears a crown, loves to eat fast food, and hangs around high schoolers wouldn’t be Jerry Lawler?
  3. I saw the Dolly video for the Queen cover, and it was basically just We Are the Champions but with a bit of We Will Rock You thrown in as an outro.
  4. Freeway II is one of those sequels that’s basically a remake of the first one, but it’s based on Hansel and Gretel, and Lyonne totally gets the tone. I haven’t seen it in like 20 years, but there’s a “twist” that wouldn’t be acceptable today in any movie unless it was financed by Moms 4 Liberty. The writer/director of those movies seemed like he would be a fresh new voice in genre cinema, but after Freeway II he made Tiptoes, and that was a wrap on his career.
  5. One of my earliest memories is seeing the part in Omen IV where the snake handler nun gets her concentration broken by seeing a picture of the kid and the snakes bite her until she dies. EEK.
  6. I miss watching forty minutes of recaps of shows I already watched plus a Flash Funk vs Tom Brandi match, and then sticking around for an episode of USA High.
  7. To quote the Deadlock boys, “This is the least cool man in the history of wrestling, how did he change the industry twice?”
  8. “She’s her step-aunt, so it’s cool.”
  9. I was thinking the other day that they can only get away with that tax write-off thing so many times before it starts affecting public perception of their movie slate and makes it harder to get talent to sign on to their projects.
  10. That looks like it could be Happy Death Day 3, and I’m all about it. Horror Icon Justin Long always brings the goods.
  11. All I know is that I switched to showers after the first time I saw My Cousin Vinny, because elementary school me knew it was time to put childish things away and Marisa Tomei needed a man.
  12. I never think about how long Green Day has been around. At work the other day, I heard someone walking by singing She, and when I turned around it was a 60-year-old man. Of course, I’m also never prepared for the oldies station that used to play The Supremes and Neil Sedaka to have on Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  13. This was totally charming, and it’s about as narratively neat as possible considering all of the moving parts. There’s a Trekkiness to some of it that I don’t recall seeing quite as much of in the other cosmic movies. I tapped out on Ms. Marvel after a couple of episodes, but Iman Vellani is delightful here. I like Nia DaCosta. I’m happy she made a solid movie, and I don’t think anyone’s going to blame her for the box office amidst the strike and all of the Marvel Studios hullabaloo in the media right now. The stuff they set up at the end was cool, but it’s kind of like speculating about AEW booking right now where I get fatigued even thinking about what’s next.
  14. No, he turned out to be just another tech dude who had an axe to grind with Stark Industries, and he used drone illusions to appear like he was from another universe. Gee, it seems kind of dumb now that I’m typing it out.
  15. Not going to lie, I want to see Flair strut while he’s doing Edward 40-hands.
  16. The newest episode is probably the darkest, grossest one of the series. It’s more satire about the modern world’s inherent dilemmas regarding ethical consumption than it is laugh-out-loud funny. It’s also perhaps trying a bit too hard to achieve the balance of shock value and poignancy from the early seasons, but it’s definitely unique among the recent episodes, and I didn’t remember there were new voice actors until this very moment. Also considering the subject matter, I’m glad they
  17. We were probably robbed of at least a couple Candy/Martin reteams in the vein of the 90s Lemmon and Mattheau movies.
  18. Hawks and Wayne reused the central premise of Rio Bravo in El Dorado and Rio Lobo, to the extent those movies are considered remakes, so Carpenter was working with a very established western trope in Precinct 13.
  19. Stephen King totally ripped off the ending of The Dark Tower series from the Mighty Max series finale.
  20. I always think of Moll as Slan the Cat, the Kurgan Lite antagonist from The Highlander series pilot. and he was an all-time children’s action comedy movie goon.
  21. I want an OG United Artists faction; Toni teams up with Serpentico doing a Douglas Fairbanks/Erroll Flynn swashbuckler gimmick where he’s swinging around on random ropes into walls.
  22. When they changed names in 2002, there was a popular tribute video going around called WWF As We Know It that used Blurry. WWE managed to nearly copyright strike it out of existence, but it left an impression during early torrenting and YouTube. https://archive.org/details/rip-wwf-first-and-original-version- Edit: @Elsalvajeloco beat me to it, by like a lot.
  23. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Guilty by Suspicion (it was on HBO constantly for years) but Scorsese has a significant supporting role as a friend of De Niro’s character.
  24. I remember Milos Forman popping up as Jack Nicholson’s friend in Heartburn and being confused. Honestly, if Polanski had stayed out of trouble he would have probably been in a lot of movies. M. Night was definitely filled with false confidence because of Tarantino and Kevin Smith’s 90s runs as directors who cast themselves.
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