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  1. The same Stern interview has Cena denying ever taking PEDs and while that could be true my first take is that John is carving out his own little reality bubble to rest his weary head in I think Linda hasn't divorced Vince because they're barely married anyway and she wants to politic with Christian conservatives which involves both money and holding up the institution of marriage as sacred (for women, men can get divorced)
  2. I'm still partial to Shut 'Em Down, it's a good one for protests https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXCrkY5WNA0&ab_channel=PublicEnemyVEVO
  3. Starting off hot with Rhodes/McIntyre! Drew's deadlift powerbomb is rad. Solo left Jimmy hanging though, that was cold Interesting that Andrade is keeping the el Idolo Holy shit, they gave McAfee a telestrator. Wonder how long that one will stick I don't expect WWE to drop the number of ads, all I can hope is that the ads on Netflix will be less intrusive. I'm keeping my fingers crossed we somehow get grandfathered into the ad-free tier A battle royal is always a good chance for a break. Fun finishing stretch, good to see Raquel back. That's my favorite Shayna Baszler gear Really good promo from Becky before everyone else filed in Gable/Ivar was alright, they've done better and this feud needs to be over since we've already got the payoff of Chad suplexing a big dude I'm into serious New Day Uso/Gunther was good shit but Jey isn't really at that level in singles matches yet. One of his spears was barely a shoulder block to the gut. Jey and Jimmy need to settle their score so I'm fine with reheating that for Mania. I'm calling for Zayn/Gunther next
  4. When I have spare time I sometimes search 'Bret Hart vs' on Youtube and pick a random match. They never disappoint, even the bad ones are at least interesting in how they are bad and the timeframe their in. Bad news is Vince is the lead commentator on a lot of Bret's matches and hearing his voice makes me nauseous https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8IXXAcZl6c&ab_channel=WorldofWrestling Bret Hart vs Rocky Maivia (Intercontinental Title Match - March 31st, 1997) This one seemed timely since Rocky has just turned and this match takes place right after Bret turned at Wrestlemania 13. Weird start as Rocky backs Bret into a corner and holds him there so long he should have been disqualified twice. Eventually, Bret just bails on his own. Tony Atlas is in the crowd, nobody is kicking him in the face so he looks a little bored. Maivia gets the early advantage with his superior athleticism, Bret takes over using a more aggressive style and heel shortcuts. Hart's systematic dismantling of Young Rock drags a little, Bret hasn't spiced up his in-ring heel work yet so it's a lot of punches to the back. Right before Rocky hits a nice fisherman suplex for 2 we are assured that no matter how long this match goes we will still be able to watch all of La Femme Nikita. Rock with a body press off the top but Bret rolls through for a close 2. Finish comes right after as Bret lures Maivia into the figure four around the ring post for the disqualification. Steve Austin comes out to break up the hold but Owen and Davey Boy are there for the triple team. The Road Warriors come out to even the odds and the not-yet-named Hart Foundation bail into the crowd and exit past a fan in an NWO shirt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_Gxz63ax54&ab_channel=ToomuchWrestling Bret Hart vs Dr. Tom Prichard (Feb 21, 1994) The difference in audiences between 94 and 97 is stark. Technical exchanges to start and Hart grinds Prichard down. Nikolai Volkoff is in the crowd and Donnie Wahlberg calls in to promote his album, it's a real who's who. Tom takes over and it's not the most exciting heat segment, the crowd still gets way behind Bret. Cornette tries to hit Bret with the tennis racket but Randy Savage steals it, in the process Jim falls head first into the steps and is out cold for a few minutes. Owen comes out to taunt his brother but Bret gets the Sharpshooter anyway for the win. The Hart boys almost duke it out but don't, thrilling! And I just realized this match is the beginning of the Bret/Owen feud and the previous one was right after the reconciliation so I went full circle in reverse
  5. See? 'It must be personal for you' is exactly the response I was talking about. Thanks for proving my point
  6. I could tell you the same criticisms people have been saying about them their whole AEW run (repetitive and boring matches with no psychology, no charisma, poor aesthetics, etc) but the response from the Bucks and their fans alike is always that our opinion isn't valid because we just don't "get it". And when you've been watching wrestling for decades and like a lot of it, even stuff that's adjacent to the Bucks, it's annoying to be told that you don't understand wrestling anymore just because you don't buy into their very specific social media style of performing. It's never "We're not for everyone but we appreciate every fan we have" it's "we're the future of wrestling and if you don't like us you're not a wrestling fan". It's troll behavior and trolls get hated on
  7. It's not often I'm on the same page as Meltzer but I had the same questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8Wv2pb0_3c&ab_channel=F4WOnline
  8. Wardlow has also been undercut by aimless booking for over a year now, it's hard to get over that way
  9. I thought it was just some Gen Z hairstyle that goes with dressing like a schlub which seems to be in fashion these days
  10. No arguments about Punk but Cole was out with the same number of injuries and for a similar amount of time. Pretty sure two were in ring injuries and I think the "freak" ankle injury is just him not having strong ankles
  11. I watched a couple of recaps on YouTube and I remember now, I do think that was Cole's best work in AEW even if it seemed like he forgot how to sell. The Revolution match is when he came out in the Halo cosplay and that was my "Oh he has bad instincts" moment
  12. Nick Hausmann has been replaced on Rumor and Innuendo by Dominic DeAngelo from SEScoops. The other host has his own podcast and inferred it was over the Jericho speculation
  13. He's one of those wrestlers, if he works for you he works. I have zero memory of his feud with Page though so if he was doing good stuff there then I may have missed it
  14. I think his matches with OC and Jericho are some of the worst in the company's history. I was already not a fan but I could buy Cole in NXT, everything since he came to AEW seems like a pale imitation. Kind of like Keith Lee, in fact Edit to add: To expand further, his move set was reigned in on NXT and without those limits it's truly random and poorly executed moves for moves sake. His promos are okay but the SNL skits were a terrible idea imo. And I'm a size queen so yes, he's too small now
  15. That's interesting. One of the reasons I stopped watching New Japan is the endless counter and counter-counter sequences that seem to make up the majority of their high spots, they always seem more like a dance than wrestling to me
  16. If you're bringing in Okada and Ospreay and adding them to Joe, Page, Swerve, Copeland, Christian, Danielson, Mox, Jay White, and eventually MJF at the top of the card not to mention your tag scene and rising stars like Takeshita, Starks, and Hobbs, is there even room for Adam Cole anymore? Putting aesthetics aside for the moment, he's been underperforming and injury prone since he debuted. I can't imagine trying to heat him up as a singles wrestler again
  17. I only tweeted at a celebrity once when I was on that app and it was to tell the Rock that the movie Southland Tales was awesome. Also I love bad movies
  18. Conrad Thompson has floated the theory that HHH wanted to undercut Rock’s politicking by booking Cody to win the Rumble to generate fan backlash. Big if true!
  19. There's still a lot of goodwill invested in Sami, he got one of the louder pops when Pearce was running through the possible Chamber participants and his promos lately seem to be leading somewhere. But he hasn't been kept viable enough that people thought he'd beat Orton, and going face/face with a foregone conclusion didn't help that match. Sami's best when fighting from underneath, maybe they're giving him a bit of a losing streak to set up a comeback. Sami/Gunther would be rad if they built it properly
  20. I know they're both knocked off from Succession but someone is going to think they ripped of Roman Reign's theme
  21. Really good episode. Styles/McIntyre is a match I'll always watch, I'm into Bayley's face run, and DIY/British Strong Style should do a best of 7. Orton/Zayn was a little heatless, I hope their going somewhere with Sami
  22. Liver King's real gimmick is being a terrible father so most wrestlers could slot into the role
  23. If they run with Seth/Cody vs Rock/Roman, maybe Rollins can pin Rocky to make up for getting buried throughout this angle
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