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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZj9cywRpds&ab_channel=CWAMemphis Hansen/Gordy from All Japan in 86 so there's blood. Hansen is 37, Gordy is 25
  2. Don’t have twitter and no website has picked this up, any ideas how I can read it?
  3. And Tony has gone full Phil Collins and is not lending a hand
  4. There’s definitely something there with Pretty Deadly, I need to see them get plumb mad-dog mean before I can take them in the top spot though
  5. Randy Orton is the smartest wrestler ever, he watched the replay. I think Pretty Deadly are entertaining enough in a mid-card tag role but that has to be their ceiling, right? Maybe a cursory run in a year or two and then the indies? Dom and Santos/Rey and Lee should be fun. Feels like a TV match tbh but maybe they can anoint Dragon Lee with it Man, they're sticking with these boring-ass backstage talking segments, huh? We got a glimpse of a different world and I liked it, maybe too much is happening to experiment right now NCR/LdF was a good match but the whole tag scene is a little heatless to the point that some of these teams are taken for granted imo. Not sure how to get these teams a little more over (obviously, I'm just a fan), maybe some more vignettes like Raw had for the IC title. It's not like there aren't a few entrances that could be edited down to make some time Bianca needs to change some stuff up, maybe lose the hair. Jade still looks like a work in progress
  6. He uses the intro and it transitions into an original track so they start the same. Does it matter? Only if there going to be confusion in the marketplace between Gunther and Mercedes
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bL-RfafrhLY&ab_channel=WWE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7bfuQQGcCg&ab_channel=WWE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVmZpskazoE&ab_channel=WWE Three of the Sasha/Charlotte series from 2016, some of both women's best work. There isn't a full version of the fall's count anywhere match from Raw but I found a crappy JIP version of posted below. There's also an iron woman match from Roadblock: End of the Line (lol) that I haven't found a good version of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ymzi9uDzFMA&ab_channel=RodrigoXD3 RIP Sasha's neck
  8. Oh brother, Bischoff responded to Tony's tweet by launching a new solo show called Wise Choices that may just be him telling self-aggrandizing stories and ragging on Tony Khan for an hour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-e1RoM275tM&ab_channel=83WeekswithEricBischoff
  9. If Christian takes a break maybe Killswitch and Nick Wayne can make a go of a tag team like a mirror universe Jurassic Express. Patriarchy Express? Or just go full troll with the Christian Family and have them all pretend to like each other so nobody at church knows how messed up they are
  10. I feel like Hook or Brock Anderson have rocked these looks
  11. I can think of a few better uses for a billionaire's money but things like alleviating famine aren't nearly as fun
  12. Great episode, really pulled the nose up from last week Me at the start: Haha, Rock and Cody got a This is Awesome chant for standing still. But goddam, something tells me the booking just got all messed up. Did Rock babyface himself in Memphis to set up a turn at Mania? Is he truly so fragile he couldn't stand to be the bad guy for long? What D of chess are we playing, 3 or 4? 5?! Me at the end: God damn, that was a beautiful beat down! And things are clearer now, they could have rode the intrigue over the next two weeks but having a straight ahead showdown seems more effective Ricochet and McDonagh tore it up. Between all their shows WWE is a Tajiri short of having the cruiserweight division of my dreams right now (although it might also be most of the roster) Good to see Punk back and with Drew firing on all cylinders and Rollins upping his game this was a fantastic modern promo segment. It's funny that Sting became Punk for the Bucks and Drew is now one big Buck for Punk, both sides had to exorcise that stuff in the ring I like the LeRae turn so far, it's some character development and experience for the younger women and it's short. The idea that they should only show the women who are already stars is so myopic and yeah Maxxine and Ivy shouldn't be learning on national TV but this is how you build for the future. The one I hope benefits most from this angle is Hartwell, she's good but needs to find another gear Backs and Rhea had a good exchange, Zayn/Reed was good stuff. I called for Zayn/Gunther months ago but it's not as hot a program as I thought it would be. Keeping Gable in the mix has stolen some of the focus, again it's tough to tell if that's intentional and is leading somewhere or just a misstep Nak/Uso wasn't much, it was just there to set up the chaos to end the show
  13. Ivar isn't cleared so Andrade is facing Giovanni Vinci instead which sounds way more interesting to me anyway
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNwizWIpBw0&ab_channel=WrestlingwithPaul Ricky Steamboat vs Randy Savage, IC Title, Maple Leaf Gardens 1987 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruvHq7MsvNs&ab_channel=WrestlingwithPaul Same match up, Boston Garden 1986
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Is5OWiu09w&ab_channel=WWE Taka Michinoku vs Pantera, Light Heavyweight Title, No Way Out 98 The LHW division will always be my favorite failure in WWE, I thought Taka was rad . Pantera breaks out some wild stuff like a leaping headscissors off the apron and tope from the apron through the buckles and more I don't want to spoil, plus he'll kick you in the spine and jump on your guts too
  16. Actually if there's a match from WM30 that was era defining it was probably Taker/Lesnar more than the main event. As much as I want Danielson's win to be what set the table for the past decade of WWE, really it was Brock ending the streak leading to squashing Cena for the belt and becoming an absentee champion while they tried to build up the Shield guys. I've sometimes called it the Fuck You Era of WWE since Lesnar, HHH, and Roman seemed like personifications of Vince's middle finger to the fans And maybe Hart/Michaels Survivor Series 97 should be in a top 5 for importance, it's hard to argue it wasn't a turning point for the company
  17. Hogan/Andre WM3 Hart/Austin WM13 Taker/Mankind HitC Bryan/Orton/Batista WM30 Something pre-1984
  18. Rey Rey tried hard but age may have finally caught up to him so he kicked the shit out of Escobar instead. I can deal with Mysterio adapting to more of a ground game in later years, it was only a matter of time before he had to. Santos was better on offense. Not sure why Dom is being brought back in, I was assuming that Rey/Santos or a LWO/LdF 8-person tag was in the works for WM. Wade Barrett had some good lines tonight OC/Theory & Waller and Street Profits/AOP were totally fine wrestling. Karl Anderson kicked it up a notch Naomi "Sparkplug" Fatu/Iyo picked up after the break until the shit finish (two interference finishes in the first hour) Loved LA Knight plugging next week's Smackdown while getting arrested in case a cop watching the body cam footage was on the fence Main event promo was good but weirdly stalled before a strange ending. Not sure what happened but something felt messed up, maybe the crowd didn't work the way they thought or they went under time
  19. I don't know if pretentious is the right word but FTR put the dates of their matches with the Briscoes on their tights for the last match and I thought that was definitely corny. Of course, Ospreay got a wrong attendance number tattooed on his body so it's not just them, other people in AEW are very proud of themselves Either way, FTR are still considered a top AEW tag team and they got trounced right before they're in a tag title tournament and the guys who beat them just disappeared. It's the booking or lack thereof I have an issue with
  20. Gotta say, Mox and Claudio squashing FTR in a feud and then immediately going on vacation is peak AEW https://411mania.com/wrestling/backstage-notes-recent-aew-tv-absence-jon-moxley/
  21. Ronda had some thoughts about Vince and WWE in her book https://411mania.com/wrestling/ronda-rousey-vince-mcmahon-new-book/
  22. How many fighters are splitting that money?
  23. Re: the Continental Title Eddie got to take a pic posing like Kawada so it was all worth it(?)
  24. This came across my algorithm today, Bobby Roode's entrance from TakeOver: Toronto in 2016. I was there and this clip doesn't do justice to how loud the singalong was, everyone loved that theme and the semi-hometown boy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVaJH8pWnWk&ab_channel=WWE
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