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  1. All I know about Netflix is that they exploit their creators terribly so that they can give millions to idiot stand ups who still think men holding hands is a punchline worthy of the Apollo. Sounds right up WWE's business model
  2. https://tkogrp.com/press/tko-appoints-dwayne-johnson-to-board-of-directors/ The link tells you the whole story
  3. I like that they're keeping the Opening Promos relatively short. Seth did a great job and Gunther interrupting got a legit pop out of me. I loved the transition into the opening match too The Imperium/New Day match and brawl was fantastic. I went into the match wondering if New Day could still hang and by the end of their promo later they were totally revitalized. And if nothing else, Jey Uso can become the new Ron Simmons with Yeet instead of Damn Not a huge fan of Maxxine or Valhalla, Ivy Nile has something but like Rey Mysterio said you can't work out and get taller so she has to figure something else out. I put too much stock in height sometimes, it's more that smaller wrestlers have to really stand out to overcome the size difference 'realistically' Speaking of, Gable and Ivar was rad. I'm a huge fan of small dudes suplexing big dudes and Gable hit an amazing German in this. It sucks they feel they have to keep Ivar strong(???) Cody and Punk was a fun back and forth complete with Punk admitting he's the part-timer taking a spot now and getting cheered for it. Going back to the Dusty well again is a little boring though Could only catch the main event in passing but I agree it wasn't the most heated affair. All these Judgement Day segments aren't really building Damian Priest as a world title contender and being a tag champ in a comedy angle isn't helping either
  4. Yeah, it would be pretty soon and probably inadvisable. Even if they push forward with Seth and Punk they may need a backup plan just in case
  5. I read that Seth could still come back for Mania depending on the severity of the injury, I guess we'll find out tonight
  6. https://x.com/DrainBamager/status/1748208686982369296?s=20 Apparently it's the 2nd anniversary of Cody's last promo in AEW. Relive the madness
  7. IIRC there was a clip of Ospreay and Ricochet having a very lightly worked but intricate sequence in a New Japan ring going around and Vader saw it and sounded off. It resulted in him and Ospreay wrestling in the UK which may have been one of his last matches
  8. I think this is true, so long as the matches all still make sense when taken together. Sometimes AEW is like watching a comp tape in one promotion as opposed to a single show
  9. It’s only fun if the heat pays off with good action which doesn’t always happen so fair play to you. Personally I like being worked, maybe not to the point of that Lawler example maybe but it’s fun for me to not be able to see through the sleight of hand
  10. Wow, what a stance! Cheers to you, Technico. I don’t get you at all
  11. It is the right of every generation’s youth to dress like absolute shit in new and fascinating ways
  12. Warning, fantasy booking below: They've never done it before but what if they opened it up before or during the cash in match? That way Priest looks to have a guaranteed win and Truth takes that from him but there's still a little mystery and you save the 'pinned Roman' heat for another time. The rest still works As a side angle, who did Truth trade the contract to? *MJF's music hits*
  13. Stan Hansen vs Terry Funk, Sumo Hall, 1983 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2pH7B_NoK0&ab_channel=PavelDurak Just a fight between two hard hitting Texans and one of my favorite uses of the spinning toe hold ever
  14. https://www.espn.com/aew/story/_/id/39323661/samoa-joe-aew-title-win-mjf-hook-cm-punk-jack-perry-fight Joe rules
  15. I knew Madi Wrenkowski was never going to be able to keep her whole name, I was hoping for Madi Wren but I can get used to Wren Sinclair
  16. Priest only gets one chance, I think every time he's tried they take so long to cash in that something happens and it's never been made official
  17. Too many injuries lately, I wonder if it's bad luck or from changes backstage
  18. https://www.pwinsider.com/article/179311/why-monday-night-raw-looked-so-different-last-night.html?p=1 You're right, it was due to the weather
  19. My wife actually wanted to watch Eagles/Buccs AND I have today off so I could check out all of Raw on delay. Win-win! Cole mentioned the crowd is light due to the weather, they certainly were quiet for some matches The Raw Opening Promo was pretty good again although it could always be condensed a little. Drew throwing down with two of the top talkers on Raw two weeks in a row and coming out on top shows how much he's grown in the past few years. I don't think he's winning the Rumble but I'm down for another Drew championship reign. Also, I like that other people have taken Cody's dumb 'finishing the story' bit JD/DIY was solid TV rasslin, I bit on a couple of the nearfalls. Gargano didn't work the corner at all so I think Ciampa has surpassed him at this point and should be on his own but they need something for smaller dudes to do. WWE have too many titles already but with a reshuffling I wonder if they could develop a strong cruisers division again to give some of these guys a focus besides the tag titles Piper Niven ain't giving a shit right now. I think Indi has something, maybe just height Gunther and Kaiser are fantastic, I'm trying not to read too much into why I'm such a fan of the presentation. WWE has figured out how to conquer the What chants, hopefully they fade away now. Kaiser/Woods was decent, Woods can't quite generate the sympathy that Kofi does though. What's the blow off? 6-man between Imperium and New Day and Jey or a grudge tag between the New Day/ Kaiser and Vinci? Professional Tsunami Bronson Reed looks good, vague tweeting at every champion is quite the placeholder Even trying to watch everything I skipped Ivar/Tozawa Ripley and Becky were pretty good. Rhea is turning face, it can't be unintentional at this point but it is confusing things and leading to some mixed reactions. I'm into Becky and Rhea, not so much if they include Nia in there Awesome Truth/JD pushed the ball forward I like Nakamura's promos, not sure what to do with him at this point Shayna and Zoey are a bad ass team but need a manager to get them heat. Actually, a lot of people could use managers right now Jinder and Seth was fine for what it was, the match needed Indus Sheer, Priest, and McIntyre but it got there in the end. Mahal looks great and can cut a heel promo when he wants to but imo his offense is just too basic to capture people's attention in the main event. I'm not saying he shouldn't work an abdominal stretch but in a world title match there needs to be more to it, fish hook him or something Just looking at this write up it's clear Raws tend to start well and peter out as they go along until the main event
  20. https://411mania.com/wrestling/note-on-recent-wwe-raw-smackdown-segments-using-different-styles/ Fightful is saying HHH and Borash are bringing in their production people from NXT to replace Kevin Dunn which is why the Pete Dunne/Tyler Bate segment had that kind of look
  21. I enjoyed what I saw of Smackdown. I'm getting into Joaquin Wilde's resurgence and I'm tickled that Bate and Dunne are repping British Strong Style on the main roster, there's quite a junior's tag division forming. Personally, I thought Bayley/Bianca was a little by the numbers until the hair tying spot but I was also distracted by the audio (the audience sounded really canned)
  22. When so many people don’t agree with you that they’re terrific and excellent, at some point you might have to consider that it’s a matter of taste and not intelligence or logic
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