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  1. Yeah, Roman should've mopped the floor with Miz. Or Miz should've been cheating like crazy to keep the advantage, which wouldn't have devalued him as a heel. Or is that one of the WWE's new rules? Heels can't cheat?
  2. I liked Neville/Corbin but I agree Corbin needed to step it up a little. He needs some mid-level power moves like a tilt-a-whirl something or a cool suplex. Also, ever since that Sad Corbin Twitter pointed out his torso looks like a face I think he needs a shirt.
  3. What would be the reaction if Reigns bets Bryan at Fast Lane and Bryan endorses him as the man to beat Brock? Would the audience turn on both or could that work?
  4. I liked the show but I did watch it mostly with the sound off so that may have helped. I feel like Wyatt and Ziggler never really clicked but that they do have a good match in them. I agree that Bray needs to get a deeper moveset. For all the crap Reigns gets for not having a big enough arsenal, Wyatt is right there with him.
  5. I'd forgotten about him. Dumb name but worth it for the crowd chanting "Something! Something! Something!"
  6. Was anyone ACTUALLY Superkick'd?I'd bet EVERYONE was actually Superkick'd.Pretty much. Not Young Bucks level, but there were a fair share.
  7. Saw some local indy wrestling last night called Superkick'd. Main event was Paul London vs Chris Sabin and I don't mind telling you I had a great time. Nothing like seeing some crowd clearing suicide dives to liven your night.
  8. Not sure why, but this was the show that sold be on Baron Corbin. I wish he had better taste in tattoos but other than that I think he has a lot of potential. He threw Bull in the End of Days like nobody's business and that's no mean feat. I think it was Bray Wyatt on Austin's podcast that said the test of a good finisher was that you could hit it on Big Show. I don't know if Corbin could do that, but Bull was still impressive.
  9. Such a wasted opportunity. So many fun bits they could've done with that gimmick in the match.I would've put good money on the following spot happening: Miz and Mizdow are in the Rumble together and doing well as a team when Miz gets dumped on a fluke. He demands Mizdow take the same bump and eliminate himself but Mizdow decides to stay in the match, sowing the seeds for a match between them at Mania. It seemed like a no brainer.
  10. Hogan and Kane. Settle all the family business.
  11. A Sting/Taker team AND a singles match are both integral to cementing Sting as a legend. He can't have just one match in the WWE and retire. A series needs to happen.
  12. The Rock as the money behind a team of Samoan Assassins (Roman and the Usos and whoever else they've got) tryin to take down the only man Rock never beat could be a good way to gain interest. And keep Reigns from talking too much.
  13. As much as I'm glad Lesnar retained, I feel like Cena vs Reigns is a way more compelling match. Maybe they're saving that for Wrestlemania 32.
  14. If they do, I really hope they add some overly fake canned applause for the end.
  15. What's the contingency plan if they can't get to the arena? Clip show? Just wrestle at whatever Waffle House they're snowed in at?
  16. I enjoyed the show. I actually marked out for Bubba's return but count me with the people who would've preferred more Bully than Bubba. The ending was... Well, let me put it this way. I was watching in a theatre with the full range of fans from kids to wrestling nerds like me and absolutely nobody liked that finish. So who was it was supposed to please?
  17. Definitely excited for this show but so many people have been calling for Daniel Bryan to win the Rumble that the cynic in me thinks they won't do it just for the shock value.
  18. If he can pull off a Channing Tatum in 21 Jump Street vibe I'd buy it. Just walk around with a shirt that says Sun's Out, Gun's Out on it and have a tubby sidekick.
  19. So the last Raw was not totally panned by this board and I decided to give it a try for the first time in a long while (my fandom had been waffling since the death of the old board). I was pleasantly surprised by the show but the one thing that really struck me was Cena. He hasn't really changed anything in years now. I'm not one of those who think he should turn heel but could a good shift in gimmick freshen him up? And what, if anything, can he be besides what he is now?
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