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  1. I had a thought during the Big E/Cesaro match. Back in the day people discussed the best pound for pound wrestlers and usually referenced Eddie Guerrero and I think Benoit too. But for reals, is Cesaro the best pound for pound wrestler in major league wrestling right now? He really does seem to be able to do it all. Edit: Regardless of his March Madness standings.
  2. Likewise, anyone hitting up the Saturday show in Toronto?
  3. My only problem with Joe being a surprise opponent is that it's really a no win situation aside from the shock. Joe shouldn't lose in his debut and Owens shouldn't drop the belt so soon. And where do both guys go after that? If anything, I prefer them teaming up as the Fat Boy Wrecking Crew of my dreams.
  4. This Dollhouse stuff is an instant fast forward with me, which is a shame cause I want to give them a chance as wrestlers but I just... can't...
  5. What a great hour of television. Both sit down interviews were spot on, Emma/Charlotte was hugely entertaining, Enzo and Cass getting taken out had exactly the right effect cause I didn't get to hear the catchphrase and was therefore bummed out, and the contract signing was a classic wrestling trope I never get tired of. The only things I didn't like were Alex Riley's bit (what a schlub) and Dana Brooke's painful promo. Not sure how Takeover is going to shape up with the reported injuries but I hope it doesn't stall their momentum cause right now they are on such a roll I never want it to stop.
  6. The only wrestling shirt I don't wear in public is my KILL STEEN KILL shirt because it takes too much explanation to the uninitiated but it's still my favourite one.
  7. I haven't seen a dance(?) that awkward since I popped a boner during Kiss from a Rose at prom.
  8. That's the same thought I had. They acknowledge their history and obviously they both have bright futures. Why not save the biggest blow off for the main roster? Zayn/Owens 4 at Wrestlemania 35 or the like. Although that would require the whole company thinking long term which doesn't seem all that likely right now.
  9. I think this episode was the first time Hemme wasn't pronounced Hemm. Not sure how that got by me for so long. Oh, I guess it didn't matter at all, but aside from that.
  10. So TNA really needs someone else in the announce pod. Who's good and available?
  11. Guys (and gals? Are there any left?), I'm just watching RAW now, and I think I really like Heath Slater. His brief promo was the first time I actually laughed when a wrestler was trying to be funny in a very long time.
  12. My hope for Rusev is that he costs Cena the title in one of his open challenges and that the Lana tease was all a ruse so he can beat Cena and move on to better things. A man can dream, right?
  13. There's some sort of weird irony in Punk writing a character that is played in the movies by a guy that led to him leaving wrestling which is how he has time to write comics.
  14. I love that Rhino is all in on his NXT run. I wish Itami still came out to T.I. That's pretty much all I got.
  15. I won't quote it cause it's huge, but I loved that fist bump with EC3 when I saw it the first time and I love it now. The guy's got something.
  16. I really liked Rusev/Ziggler. Those two could definitely work a three month program and I wouldn't complain. Kind of surprised they weakened Dolph on his way into a PPV match but then again No I'm not.
  17. Maybe people have already talked this out, but is there a reason they don't just run with Blue Pants?
  18. Guys! Maybe he's a life hacker! He could collect a stable of wrestlers and "hack" their matches so they win with weird tricks. Wrestle hack #1: if a guy throws you into the ropes, just, like, stop running, man.
  19. I actually thought that for a second. Who knew Rippa was a secret Raven mega fan this whole time?
  20. I almost get the feeling they're trying for a cyberpunk take on Raven with Crowe and that's why they picked the name. The regularly scheduled program bit is his Quoth the Raven.
  21. I have very fond memories of my first WWE house show, chief among them being Psycho Sid grabbing Goldust by the dick and pulling him around the ring.
  22. And did it really add to the rest of the movie? Of course, Stallone booked himself to go over. What a mark.
  23. I understood it more as it was the first show Vince has attented. Presumably he's seen some NXT to approve the call ups.
  24. That mini-doc for Itami was amazing. I've been a fan of his for a long time and it was nice to see him highlighted so well. Can't wait for the Baron Corbin version. (Kind of a joke?)
  25. I really hope one or both of those guys has a hilariously high voice.
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