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  1. Kinda surprised more people here aren't high on Luke Harper. He seems like a total southern-style brawling throwback that everyone would love. He needs to expand his mid-match filler a bit, but those strikes were vicious. I'd be down for a Punk/Bryan vs. Wyatt Family No DQ brawl at Survivor Series. It is a bit sad to see Bryan plummet down the card like this, but I guess I'll take my Bryan/Harper match and be happy.


    6-man was pretty decent. Loved the finishing stretch a bunch, but the early stages didn't seem on par with The Shield's best work. Maybe it was just because the commentary was so distracting. It was hilarious to hear Del Rio get clowned by Cole on the mic, in a HHH-burial sort of way. Doesn't help ADR in the slightest, but I laughed out loud a few times, so it was entertainment I guess. 


    Most of the rest of the show was fast forward material. Were they reading different parts of the deposition each time it was on screen or did they really play the same promo 100 times?


    The HHH/Show segment was so incredibly terribly written. At least you know the writers weren't holding back on any potential gems for Bryan, they really just have nothing for the supposed top faces. I don't even like the fact that Show is the center point of this angle, but at least let him have his one moment in the sun. The crowd was so hot him owning HHH, but then they killed all the heat as soon as it began. That beatdown should've been saved for next week. Way too much too soon and for no reason. You can't have your top face make a triumphant return, then get beat down minutes later. That's just stupid. The worst part is they obviously didn't learn from the Bryan program and have already written themselves into a corner where Show is going to look even worse if he doesn't win the title now. And I don't think he has a very good chance.That said, it was good effort performance-wise from just about everyone involved. Show and HHH were good on the mic, and The Shield and Orton were great with the action. Corporate Kane would make a great comedy character, but he was so out of place here. Scary music hits that's supposed to be a game-changer, then he just walks to ringside and just throws a chair in the ring (nice catch by Rollins btw)? That's it? That's his big turn moment? Oh wait, I'm back to ragging on the terrible writing again, sorry. 

  2. Exactly - how could he not singlehandedly overcome Triple H, Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels?

    The same way Austin overcame Triple H, Randy Orton Mike Tyson, and Shawn Michaels to win his first title?

    I'm getting tired of all the cliches about how "the money's in the chase" and all that BS. WWE's most over faces weren't over because they came up short repeatedly but had excuses. They were over because they kicked lots of ass and won lots of matches/titles, even when the odds were stacked against them.

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  3. I am sad it looks like they are going to break up the Shield.  It seems like the only group they've booked well in a year.  I really hope they have someone in mind to put Reigns with to make him look great as a single.  He needs a Fit Finlay type program to work around the horn like they did with Batista.


    Well, Goldust is right there, and I think Christian is available (or at least will be soon). If you want to turn him face, though, it gets a little tougher, since The Shield have been THE consistent upper midcard heels you're looking for with something like this. I think your only choice is Del Rio. Orton and Cesaro are too high/low on the card for a first program despite probably being better match-ups.


    As far as The Shield splitting goes, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, they're awesome and still have some mileage left as a group. On the other hand, stable break-ups are part of the natural cycle of wrestling and it's probably better for a group to leave you wanting more than to overstay its welcome and become a burden like the NWO. I think they missed a big opportunity for a proper break-up by not having one of them win MITB back in July (especially seeing how they wasted it on Sandow and cheapened the entire MITB gimmick in the process). The logical way to break up the "ultimate team" would've been to have one  be tempted by individual glory. You could've had the tension building for months while they were still having great matches together to keep it from feeling like stalling or indecisive writing. A proper slow-burn, if you will.


    The shoulder to the ringpost spot is still horribly overused, but not as bad as it was a few years ago. I swear I remember an episode of SD where it was in literally every match.


    Underused is definitely good old knife-edge chops. No reason a few guys couldn't be dishing those out as signature strikes. 

    Under WWE ordenence wrestlers are not allowed to do the knifehand chops anymore. Yes one of the "banned" moves as per Vince. 



    I'm pretty sure I've seen Punk and Ambrose use them recently, but not with any regularity. Had no idea they were banned.

  5. The shoulder to the ringpost spot is still horribly overused, but not as bad as it was a few years ago. I swear I remember an episode of SD where it was in literally every match.


    Underused is definitely good old knife-edge chops. No reason a few guys couldn't be dishing those out as signature strikes. 

  6. WWE can book Bryan however they want - NOTHING can hurt the guy. He's like Foley in '99 in the sense that the fans care about him. Not just his character, but him - they want him to do well and will make sure that happens.

    That does not bode well for Bryan's impending feud with HHH.

  7. That sure was a show.


    Really liked the tag title match. All 6 guys are just on fire right now, and I wouldn't mind if they dragged this out to a ladder match at TLC. Goldust is basically Christian with a back story people care about, and he's tearing it up in the "grizzled vet getting one last run" role, and he's way over. Normally when WWE guys tease the superplex to the outside, I don't flinch, but when I saw Rollins in that position, I figured he'd actually take it. All the guys on the floor were in good position, though, and it ended up looking relatively safe in addition to being visually impressive, so good job to everyone there. Super hot finishing stretch, too.


    Unfortunately, it was all downhill after the great opener. Has anyone mentioned Kane coming back yet? That seems to have been completely forgotten. Loved Lawler acting shocked that Kane would chokeslam Miz too. Yeah, when does Kane ever go around attacking everyone? That's so unlike him.


    Glad Punk finally got his revenge on Heyman, so hopefully that feud is over. Punk badly needs something new.


    Cena/ADR was fine for what it was, a totally predictable match that wouldn't have looked out of place on Raw. Whoever compared it to Hogan coming back in WCW was spot on. The one ray of hope here is that maybe Cena can make the World title the important belt for a while, and set up a much-needed unification match with the WWE title. 


    Going into the show, I was expecting a touching ending with Bryan and Brie celebrating with their titles to close the show, so needless to say when Brie lost, it took the wind out of my sails going into the main. And who the fuck is asking for a Bella feud? For the love of god, don't turn one of them, please.


    The main was pretty blah. I mean, the match itself was pretty nice, probably Bryan and Orton's best work together since their No DQ on Raw, but that ending was all kinds of terrible. I gave the benefit of the doubt at NOC. I gave them the benefit of the doubt at Battleground. But now we've reached the end of our 3 ppv in 2 months stretch, and this is the blowoff? Yikes. The only redeeming quality was that there was no heat at all for the SCM (that missed by a mile) or any of the subsequent HHH/Orton celebrating. I'm sure no one can wait for an angle built around the Kliq in 2013.

  8. Team Bischoff (Orton, Jericho, Christian, Steiner, Henry) vs. Team Austin (Michaels, RVD, Booker T, Dudleys) from 2003 is generally considered one of the best I think.


    I also remember the Alliance (Austin, RVD, Angle, Booker T, Shane) vs. Team WWF (Rock, Jericho, Taker, Kane, Show) being pretty fun, but I haven't seen that match in forever.

  9. I loved Rowan's awkward spin kick on Miz. The dude is a swamp monster just throwing himself at his opponent. It shouldn't look pretty.

    Eh, wrestling is still a performance art to some degree. I mean, Rowan doesn't need to have Evan-Bourne-like grace, but there's a difference between have rugged-looking offense that fits a character and a 6'8 guy getting his leg up to Miz's chest then falling on his ass. Harper manages to convey the exact same character just fine while hitting all his stuff clean.

  10. From the "things I never thought I would be posting" department, I would really like to see a singles match with Kofi and Luke Harper. They've had some great chemistry in their recent tags. I'm not sold on Rowan at all (wtf was that kick thing he tried on Miz), but Harper is quickly moving up my list of guys I wanna see more. He's like a cross between JBL and Necro Butcher.


    I like what they're doing with Big E. He's getting a nice rub from Punk and making the most of his time in the ring. Not sure why they didn't use his turn as an opportunity to get him a new finisher, but I still hope he ends the Curtis Axel experiment on Sunday.


    As far as the main angle goes, I can't see Bryan losing on Sunday, especially with the teaser for a HHH match. This story has been written pretty coherently, and the next logical step is Bryan decisively wins the title and HHH gets desperate and tries to go after Bryan himself. No idea where that leaves Show, though, who still has to officially get his job back somehow. Might just have to deus ex machina that one with Vince or something, because it would be a huge mistake to give the heat of slaying corporate HHH to Show instead of Bryan.


    My early guess at some Survivor Series Matches:


    HHH vs. Bryan

    Shield/Orton/Ryback vs. Punk/Big E/Show/Rhodes Bros

    Cena vs. Sandow (vs. Del Rio?)

  11. What was the problem with Swagger's title run? Badly booked, or did the crowd just not take to Swagger?



    I don't think he was ever really that over. Big guy that doesn't wrestle big, no physical charisma to speak of, mediocre promo skills even without the lisp... He had some decent to good matches in ECW, but there weren't too many reasons for fans to get into him. Even less so when he was jobbing to the likes of Santino heading into MITB. Winning that match was a total WTF moment which could've gone either way, but they rushed the title onto him that same week when everyone still didn't take him seriously. Then his title run was the standard wishy-washy "Yeah, we're pushing this guy, but we're not 100% sure about him" affair that lasted about 4 months total including the re-match phase. Afterwards he was sent on a jobber run so bad he eventually had to be taken off tv.


    So definitely poorly-booked, but I think his ceiling was about Miz level anyway. No way he was escaping the midcard forever, even with a strong push.

  12. Crowd sucked. Looked like Bryan got the weakest reaction I've seen in months, and poor Miz couldn't even get the 10 punches in the corner over.


    This is true, disappointing turn out in KC, which is normally a lot better. The entire upper deck of the Sprint Center was blacked out, as well as everything between the stage and hard cameras. I'd be surprised if there were even 7500 in attendance. It should be noted that this was originally supposed to be a Raw, but they switched it around for some reason in mid-July. I'm guessing that was a big part of the poor attendance since everyone at the last Raw in May probably bought their tickets that same week using the arena-only password. I knew a guy who had to sell off his front row seats due to the schedule change.

  13. Obviously everyone here gets the big ones out of the way quick, but one I haven't seen yet that should absolutely be in the discussion is Mick Foley. Outside of his famous death matches in Japan, he did most of his work in the US for the entire decade, and contributed to each of the 3 major promotions of the 90s. He was never the top guy, but he was key to WCW's depth, ECW's extreme image, and defining both the physical and comedic qualities of the attitude era. I don't know if anyone in the history of wrestling could put an opponent over as strong as Foley, and he put over some great ones in the 90s.


    My top 5 based on US Work (no order):Mick Foley

    Eddie Guerrero

    Rey Mysterio Jr.

    Steve Austin



    Michaels, Hart, Dustin, and he who shall not be named are also strong contenders.

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  14. Opening dark match was Los Locales, not Los Matadores. One of the Locales was definitely Ricardo, the other one looked like Tyler Breeze, but I wasn't 100% sure.


    Before Heyman sent Axel and Ryback to attack Punk, he made some snarky comments about Punk's moderately impressive win over a "mediocre NXT-division" talent like Langston, which helped spur the turn. Cool moment that wasn't expected.


    Main event had another awesome finishing run. The dark main was Bryan and Orton, then Bryan did the "we love you all" go home promo.


    If anyone cares about the Main Event spoilers, here's those:


    Ambrose d. Ziggler  to retain the US title. 


    Santino and Tons of Funk d. 3MB


    Khali d. Fandango


    Sandow d. R-Truth.

  15. Honestly, I didn't think the match was all that amazing outside of the last five minutes when they finally started to incorporate the no DQ aspect. Before then it was just a solid tag with a somewhat shitty crowd. Its good, but I'm not sure its better than the Battleground tag.

    Pretty much. If the entire match was like that last 5 minutes, yeah, serious MOTYC. That first 10 minutes was the epitome of "filler," though. Plus it's hard to take any No DQ tag seriously when guys are tagging in and out. It goes back all the way to those Dudley table matches (except the one against the Hardys which was not surprisingly the best by miles), and it is without a doubt one of my biggest WWE pet peeves. The ref ordering one member from each team to the apron at the start of this match made me wince. In that moment, I would've given an absurd amount of money for either Shield guy to say "Or what? You'll disqualify us?" Then both of them attack the Rhodes brothers so a proper tornado No DQ tag could begin.

  16. I don't know, over-the-top gimmicks really fell off post MNW/Attitude era. Taker and Kane have been grandfathered in as the only "really out there" gimmicks that have survived the past 10 years. The Wyatts can probably get over today because (a) their over-the-top gimmick is really dark, reminiscent of early Mankind or Kane and (b) they have some decent talent behind the gimmick. The environment's not in their favor though, and it's compounded by the bad break of the unrelentingly talented Shield already having an unstoppable trio gimmick.


    Also, back to the main topic, I saw Umaga mentioned tangentially during the Sting/Cena discussion, but has anyone mentioned how crazy Umaga would've been in an 80s Wild Samoan gimmick? It's a testament to Eddie Fatu that he got Umaga over as much as he did in the late 2000s, but he would've been a monster in the Rock 'N Wrestling days.

  17. I haven't actually seen Punk vs. Jericho from Payback, but people on Twitter were shitting themselves over it. Was it that good?

    It was one of the last cuts off my top 20 along with HHH/Lesnar at Extreme Rules. If you like what Punk and Jericho have done the last 3 or 4 years, you'll like the Payback match. It's exactly what you'd expect from them doing basically a face v face formula, even though I guess Punk was supposed to kinda still be a heel. Personally, I thought the first half was slow and the finishing run was solid. Definitely Jericho's best match this year, although that's not saying a lot. Punk's obviously had several that were better. On a company-wide scale, it just didn't stand out too much. In a lesser year, it's probably a top 20, but not in 2013.

  18. Matt Sydal/Evan Bourne needed to be around during the heyday of WCW's cruiserweight division. An English-speaking white-meat babyface that could fly with the best of them. Instead he got stuck (and injured) in the time after WWE gave up on cruisers and before small indy guys like Punk and Bryan took off. 


    Nigel McGuinness wasn't necessarily in the wrong era, but he was definitely in the wrong promotion. He had all the charisma necessary to make it in WWE, and while he might have sacrificed a little bit in-ring going through WWE developmental instead of the indies, he at least wouldn't have killed himself with stupid bumps. Could you imagine if he got Wade Barrett's initial push? 


    John Cena's a guy who rose to the top of his era by sheer talent (and Lesnar deciding to pursue other activities), not because he was necessarily the best fit for his era. He would've been even bigger in the late 80s/early 90s. I mean, he could've rocked the territories too, but he would've killed it as a top face for either of the big two on the national stage.

  19. I'm more interested in the NOC/Battleground buys and house show gates since Cena's been hurt than Raw ratings. I'd expect Battleground to be subpar because the card looked like crap and I'd imagine very few people expected it to be a decisive show, but I'll be interested to see how they compare to recent years. HIAC would've been a great indicator as well until Cena was announced.

  20. The Roman/Bryan singles match from a few weeks ago was awesome. There are always those years in baseball when a guy wins MVP for being way better than expected on a good team (like Jimmy Rollins on the Phils in '07). Reigns is like that. That dude didn't do much of anything in the minors but he's a friggin' revelation in the WWE. If he was replaced with another smaller indie guy (not that Dean and Seth are small), they wouldn't have the same cachet. They need a muscle dude who has that unstoppable gimmick. Dare I say that his trash talk game has reached Mark Henry levels? 


    If you were to do end-of-year awards, Roman would win most improved so easily. He's gone from the guy that hides in all the matches until spear time, to an active contributor throughout. 


    But no one reaches Mark Henry levels of trash talk. Let's not be too quick to forget "I'ma whip you like you stole somethin' boy," and "Tell me a joke now!"

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  21. I think Cena winning the World title is a pretty good move at this point from a booking standpoint. Del Rio's done as much as he can to keep the belt worth something with how terribly it has been booked, but it's still gonna take a top-level guy to bring it back. A unification match down the road isn't a bad idea. I'd do that angle with Punk, personally, but Cena works too. The only concern I have with Cena is that he looks like he could be the next big wrestling tragedy the way he rushes back from injuries. He has to be putting a lot of bad things in his body to do that. 


    I have no idea what they're doing with the Bryan/Orton program, especially with Show already attacking HHH. Not sure why they wouldn't save that for HIAC, or blown it off at Battleground last night. That's a ppv moment, not a Raw moment. It's obvious someone (probably Vince) is backing him up, so I guess the endgame is HHH/Show at the ppv? Maybe? Shouldn't Bryan be the one to vanquish the evil HHH, though, as part of establishing him as the next big face? Luckily, Bryan has teflon overness, otherwise I'd say things might be looking a bit bleak for him with Show siphoning off some of his big heat moments and Cena coming back so soon. Wouldn't wanna rush to judgment after one show, though.

  22. 1. Punk vs. Lesnar (Summer Slam)

    2. Del Rio vs. Ziggler (Payback)

    3. Del Rio vs. Show - LMS (SD 1-11)

    4. Bryan vs. Rollins (Raw 6-10)

    5. Bryan vs. Cena (Summer Slam)

    6. Bryan/Usos vs. Shield (SD 9-20)

    7. Punk vs. Taker (Wrestlemania)

    8. Hell No/Kofi vs. Shield (Raw 5-20)

    9. Cena/Sheamus/Ryback vs. Shield (Elimination Chamber)

    10. Bryan vs. Orton - No DQ (Raw 6-24)

    11. Del Rio vs. Christian (Summer Slam)

    12. Punk vs. Cena (Raw 2-25)

    13. Usos vs. Rollins/Reigns (Money in the Bank, pre-show)

    14. Orton vs. Christian (Raw 8-19)

    15. Cody/Dustin vs. Rollins/Reigns (Battleground)

    16. Bryan vs. Swagger/Cesaro/Ryback - Gauntlet (Raw 7-22)

    17. Cesaro vs. Kofi (Main Event 5-1)

    18. Del Rio vs. Big Show - LMS (Royal Rumble)

    19. Orton vs. Big Show - Extreme Rules (Extreme Rules, the ppv)

    20. Hell No/Orton vs. Shield (SD 6-14)


    If you can field a top 20 that strong by the beginning of October, you know it's a good year. The individual MVP has to go to Bryan for his overness and consistency, but I think Rollins and Del Rio both deserve mention. Rollins is the best individual in the Shield which as a whole, has been a super-important act for WWE this year. His bumping and athleticism really provides most of the "flash" in Shield matches that takes them to the next level. Del Rio, while not only having two of the absolute best matches this year that will probably end up in MOTD discussion, has provided tremendous stability to the World title. While the belt has plummeted in value relative to the WWE title, Del Rio has kept it afloat and left the window open for a full recovery down the road. And of course, this entire conversation would be drastically different if Lesnar were full time.

  23. Better than NOC, but a pretty average show overall. 


    ADR/RVD was solid as the hardcore stip covered for lot of RVD's shittiness. There were a couple awful whiffed kicks, and the selling/transitioning wasn't the best, but the chair and ladder spots made for a good spectacle. The finishing spot was nice and put over Del Rio strong. Was this supposed to be RVD's last appearance?


    Surprised to see a match like Real Americans vs. Santino/Khali make ppv, but anything that's used as a vehicle to get Cesaro over is fine by me. If he turns face, he's the next big thing in WWE.


    Divas match was forgettable. AJ's awesome, but those other 3 can't act at all. Face Bellas just aren't working.


    Axel/Truth was exactly what you'd expect, although with that dropkick, Axel might move up from "irredeemably boring" to "Maven-esque."


    Shield/Rhodes family was easily the highlight of the show. Perfect formula tag with a happy ending. Ambrose and Dusty actually contributed in their roles. While not as flashy or life-threatening as his other bumps, Rollins did easily have the best Cross-Rhodes bump ever. I'm not sure how you'd transition to it, but I'd love for Dustin to be Del Rio's next challenger. 


    Kofi/Bray was a little better than expected. Nothing exciting most of the way, but the finishing run was a lot more inspired than I thought it would be. Killer dive by Kofi, and Bray adding that exorcist crawl to his arsenal was a good touch to his character. 


    Punk/Ryback was there. Love Ryback's new gimmick, but I'm still not feeling him in long matches against an even opponent. I would be interested a cell re-match if Heyman is in there massaging Ryback (to prepare him for the match of course, nothing else) then Punk sneaks out under the ring and chains the door shut and the match is built around Ryback trying to stop Heyman from getting killed. 


    The main event wasn't something that should be run when you're trying to establish a new guy as a ppv draw. Match was fine with a decent finishing stretch until Show's music hit. Why would they have him KO both guys fighting for the abeyanced title? This was a Raw ending, not a ppv ending. I keep telling myself "3 shows in 7 weeks, 3 shows in 7 weeks, but god damn that was a terrible finish to a ppv and no one came out of it looking good. And in kayfabe, why the hell is HHH leaving halfway through the ppv?

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