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  1. Pretty solid show overall. Nothing too too great in the match department, although a big step up from what we usually see on this show and the right people went over.


    Rose/Camacho was totally forgettable. I'm giving it 6 weeks until Rose is solidly on the ME/Superstars circuit.


    Ascencion/Lucha was ok. Ascencion is always better with guys they can sell for a bit since their offense really isn't good enough to be doing a squash gimmick. You can tell Connor is especially limited when his big pop spot is a series of routine kicks in the corner. Ricardo looked a bit off here, but I'm liking what I see from Kalisto. They should have him and Victor go one on one for the hell of it.


    Breeze/Zayn was a fine movez based match. Good looking stuff from both guys except that botch trying to set up the Orange Crush. Zayn's really on another level from anybody else sans Neville on this show. Breeze to his credit did his best to keep up. He's not athletic enough to do the kind of stuff Zayn does, but he did bump and time his offense well. The chickenshit finish was really perfect. Not sure this really made Breeze any kind of star (I still think his ceiling is post WWE title Miz at this point), but he'll be good fodder for Neville.


    Charlotte's new theme with the Space Odyssey samples is HORRIBLE, like every ounce hate unjustly directed at Cesaro's new theme should be aimed straight at that garbage. The match was pretty good though. Execution wasn't always the best, but they did make it look like a real struggle and knew it would come down to who made the first flukey mistake. Also a bit surprised by the face celebration from Charlotte, but if the BFFs break up, Sasha pretty much has to be the heel.


    The main event was by far the biggest disappointment. Tyson Kidd is straight out of the pre-Bad Influence Chris Daniels/Kaz mold of ridiculously athletic guys that try to work a fast pace and still somehow manage to be boring beyond belief. Thus the match that was 90% Tyson Kidd offense was not very fun. Neville only got a couple spots to shine, but at least he kept the belt and can move on to a moderately inspiring challenger after being saddled with Brodus and Kidd. It'll be nice to have two actual NXT guys fighting for the belt again instead of throwing in a WWE reject.

  2. Although I'm not crazy about the angles, Takeover should be a solid show. Neville/Kidd, Nattie/Charlotte, and Zayn/Breeze should all be decent matches, and Kalisto and El Local vs. Ascension is interesting.


    Hopefully they get to the Zayn/Neville rivalry pretty soon because they are seriously lacking in the worthwhile feuds department right now. I also think a program with Corey Graves and Tyson Kidd could work (not for the title obviously).

  3. A couple things being slept on:


    1. Orton's reactions during Cody's trolling promo. "That was uncalled for" after the lapdogs line and the genuine laugh and "Good one" after RKBlows were brilliant.


    2. Cesaro's beatdown on Sheamus. That big boot from the side and then nothing but elbows and knees to the head until the neutralizer. Simple and effective.

  4. I'm not sure how to feel about the NXT opening. One one hand, I like the beat and the video and audio sync really well. On the other hand, the song lyrics are awful and just about everyone featured in the video is no longer on the NXT roster. All things considered, I think they could stand to redo it starting at Takeover.

  5. Overheard in the ring: As Adam Rose did that ludicrous bicycle kick while between the ropes, from off camera, Camacho gave the best, most disgusted "Ridiculous!" in response. Each week on this show, someone says something in the ring that is both really funny and nicely in-character.


    That spot is so stupid, but the name "rose pedal" is brilliant. I'm torn on whether I want him to keep it or not now.


    This has to be the first show in a long time where the divas matches go 1-2 for best on the show. Paige/Tamina and Sasha/Nattie were both very good. I don't really like the way the divas tournament has played out though. I'd have rather seen Alexa upset Charlotte and Sasha go all the way and use Charlotte's entitled "destined for greatness attitude" to fuel the breakup.


    Also liked the promo to set up Zayn/Breeze and Neville squashing Hawkins in the main. Neville has quietly been booked very strong since NXT hit the network.

  6. Adam Rose has a shitty group of friends. There were like 20 of them and they all just stood there while BIGG HOSS Swagger sucker punched their guy and laughed in their faces. I'm pretty sure Swags would lose a match to the bunny these days.


    Cena/Harper was real nice, though. Harper's high-flyer sequence ruled and running Sister Abigails for everyone.

  7. What's the most definitive example of a babyface thoroughly losing an extensive feud to the heel?

    Ryder/Kane is the first that comes to mind, but sure there are better?


    Ryder/Kane is actually a really good answer. I don't know if Ryder got heat on Kane at any point, and it's not like Kane is notoriously protected. There was the flat tire incident, and he kept getting more and more injured, and Kane just kept beating him up more and more.


    HHH vs. Eugene came to mind. I'm not sure Eugene did much except run intereference during HHH's iron man with Benoit, while HHH gave him and Regal multiple bloody beatdowns, beat him clean in the Summer Slam match, and broke his arm a short while later to take him off tv.


    Hogan vs. Savage in WCW was pretty bad too. Savage took NWO beatings/spray-paintings almost every week (including them spraying his bald spot one time) and never really got much back on Hogan. He would always do those things where he'd take forever to back Hogan down, but not actually hit him like an idiot, until the rest of the NWO caught up to him. Hogan also tricked Liz into joining the NWO somehow and won the blowoff match at Halloween Havoc with shenanigans. Savage disappeared for a couple months and returned, only to join the NWO and play second fiddle to Hogan for the remainder of its existence.


    What was the storyline of Dibiase leaving the nWo when he was originally brought in as the 'money' behind them?


    Had to do with Spring Stampede 97. Nash was fighting Rick Steiner in a one on one match during one of Hall's injuries/rehab/drunk/whatever. Steiner had an injured ear and Nash kept going after it, dropping him ear first on an exposed turnbuckle. Both DiBiase and Nick Patrick thought that Nash was being too brutal so they both defected from the nWo. At least that's how I remember it anyway.



    That was pretty much it. Dibiase had his "come to Jesus" moment there, then came back a couple months later as The Steiners' master plan to finally get the tag titles. They were unsuccessful and floundered until Scott turned and joined the NWO.

  9. Damien Sandow is a poor man's Miz, without any outside-the-biz cred. Pretty boring overall, but an ok promo and ring work worthy of a spot in the low to mid-card. He's not really above a losing streak/worked shoot "I'm being buried" gimmick, but even if he is, it's not by enough to warrant any serious outrage.


    Also, this SD must really suck if all the posts are about Damien Sandow.

  10. One thing folks may have to keep in mind is that Roman isn't actually THAT big or strong. He'd never have gotten Henry up on his shoulders if Mark hadn't gone up most of the way on the ropes.


    Yeah, he doesn't really do a lot of power spots for having a power gimmick. Most of the time his Samoan drop even looks like crap. He should be more of a striker. I say add some knees, a big boot, and a Koslov-like headbutt than can stop an opponent on a dime. Also, a Samoa Joe style STO out of the corner which looks like it takes a lot of power even though you can brace yourself on the turnbuckles. A lariat to the back of the head would be a good add too.

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  11. They've already Hassan'ed Rusev after a couple weeks. Yeah, he was a **foreign** monster before, but really, Bulgaria is a pretty innocuous country. Now they're just like "Hey, Bulgaria is basically the same thing as Russia, right?" and have blown their load on cheap heat with the Putin tron. Plus his first name disappeared without a trace. I'll be surprised if he's on tv in 6 months.

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  12. Speaking of all these potential turns, is there any hope of Emma turning on Santino? It would just be a simple low blow and shouting "You made me dance wear a pink cobra sock!" Hell, she could even beat Santino in a match before moving on to give Paige a decent challenger.

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    It's just one match, but I like Alexa Bliss. Cute character, music, entrance props, etc, and had an unintentionally good match with Fox thanks to botching her second move and crushing Fox's sternum which led to Fox stiffing her the rest of the way. Doing all the cutesy poses with a busted mouth was a great way to make a memorable debut.



    Don't think that was a botch. And Alicia always beats the hell out of her opponent. It was jut a good match.



    I thought she was just supposed to be doing a splash out of the back handspring, because that knee came down *hard* and both girls seemed surprised by it. 

  14. It's just one match, but I like Alexa Bliss. Cute character, music, entrance props, etc, and had an unintentionally good match with Fox thanks to botching her second move and crushing Fox's sternum which led to Fox stiffing her the rest of the way. Doing all the cutesy poses with a busted mouth was a great way to make a memorable debut.


    Tyler Breeze got jobbed hard in that battle royal. Those refs are ridiculously incompetent if they can't figure out that the guy flipping over the ropes and landing on his back had his feet touch after two guys who were dropping straight down feet first. 


    Oh, and Renee is a permanent announcer! 

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  15. What's with people being antiSheamus? I think he works as either a heel or a face. He goes hard in the ring. Are people gonna be complaining if we get Sheamus and Cesaro pummeling each other for a couple months? I don't think so.


    He is slightly underrated as a wrestler, but I think even most of the people who x4 his matches when pressed will concede that he's pretty good. Most of the hate comes from lazy booking and general staleness. Like his series with Christian earlier this year produced some really good matches, but everyone hated it by the end because it had this unmistakeable "why should we care" stench hovering around it. The Bryan and Show feuds are probably the only worthwhile angles he's been involved with in the last 3 years.


    Personally, I watch just about every Sheamus match, but I do think his character could use some freshening.

  16. Would it surprise anyone if Sheamus did get his ass kicked by Sin Cara? 


    Since it looks like they're heading that route with his character on tv, I could see this being some kind of new age work. Sheamus' popularity has been dwindling since 18 seconds, and a heel turn is overdue. Feeding a rumor like this around the net, combined with kicking up the old Yoshi Tatsu rumors will get the smart fans to turn on him even faster.


    Although, Hunico does seem like a legit tough guy, so no, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a shoot.


    His booking is like he is super macho, overcompensating tough guy.


    Makes him the perfect guy to follow in HHH and Orton's footsteps when Batista goes off tv.

  17. Re-watched Shield vs. Evolution and it's very good, but not quite up to the best showings from everyone in the match this year (except Batista, obviously). There's a ton of good spots like the first hot tag to Ambrose where he jacks Batista with a forearm on the apron and Reigns does a little house-cleaning and out does John Cena crashing into the steps. HHH is a total ace and he really carries the heat segments for Evolution, although Orton has a nice dropkick spot when they're working over Ambrose. Reigns' hot tag was great. Rollins' missed dive was nasty, but don't overlook Ambrose and Orton having a wildly sloppy (in a good way) brawl in the background. The crowd brawl was well done and Batista had a great sell of the superman punch.


    The drawbacks were the first 5 minutes where The Shield uncharacteristically made no tags when Rollins was on offense and, of course, Batista and Reigns laying around for another 5 minutes at the end. The first part really took me out of it watching it live, as it made no sense for The Shield to not be making their usual fast tags and using their swarming offense early. So the match could've probably been laid out better in those spots, but the good definitely out-weighs the bad, and this match is sitting just outside my top 10 for the year.

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