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  1. I mean, it was less than 2 years after. Probably just some time dilation, since this was *looks at calendar* 25 years ago. I mean, we're roughly as close to Pillman's WWE run as Pillman's WWE run was to Koloff beating Bruno. Anyway, instead of feeling super old, let's reminisce on how Pillman was a low-key major player in WWE's transition to the attitude era. He was the first notable person to take the "chair folded around the leg" spot, which led to the gun segment. Then there was the edgier Hart Foundation which had that awesome 10-man headlining an IYH event.
  2. I had never seen Danhausen until he showed up in AEW, and I can tell you that he has no physical prowess but had most of the world believing that he possessed supernatural powers. Hook has exposed that he does not, in fact, have any supernatural powers, which has caused Danhausen to act out in crazier, yet non-violent ways. This has the audience invested in wanting the already fairly popular Hook to embrace the lovable goof. Not sure what further explanation wouldn't just be insulting to the audience, which is already into him based on live reactions.
  3. This show definitely had a "Let's not waste our best stuff against the NBA playoffs" kinda feel. Hangman's sudden heelishness wasn't executed as well as Bryan's, but it does sort of make sense for him to be irked by everyone writing him off at Double or Nothing (both in kayfabe and not-kayfabe as seen here). I think it work better if Punk was there to have an actual back and forth. Punk has that voice where he sounds like an asshole even if he isn't trying to be (although most of the time he is), so Hangman's frustration would come across as a lot less forced. Agreed the HoB segment was a mess. Not having Julia do a dick-kick from behind was being unpredictable in a bad way. I guess the door's still open for a turn, but they might have missed the boat for max value. The biggest overarching complaint I have now is using ROH like 2001 WCW, basically a series of undercard titles that attempt compensate for too many directionless people on the roster. I know it's gonna take some time to get new-ROH off the ground, but they really need split up the roster appropriately. Otherwise, you get heatless mains like this. Still some good stuff like Fenix/Dante and Morrisey/Wardlow. Morrisey has improved a lot from his Big Cass days, and wouldn't be a bad fit on the AEW roster.
  4. Got it in 4, but damn that's a tough one for people unfamiliar to the concept.
  5. Gulak is getting into JTG territory with how many roster cuts he's survived already.
  6. The InDex wedding was the NXT finale as far as I'm concerned. Shaw would probably be good in Impact. Dakota and Bivens are the only ones who really make sense for AEW. Dakota would be great to help get new-ROH off the ground with an occasional tour of AEW. Bivens fits in easily because he doesn't take up ring time and lots of people there could use a mouthpiece. Whoever said him and Jade Cargill is dead-on. He could poach Hobbs from Tazz too.
  7. Mox just stole 'em from Danielson, so it's all good. Bryan's a good guy, though. "Here Mox, you take one of my best moves, I'll just dust off this old stomp since any repeated impact move I do will get over instantly."
  8. Rosa vs. Deeb is pretty close to a lock, as is a House of Black/Death Triangle 6-man.
  9. I rolled my eyes at Sammy springing back up after the barbed wire bump at first, but when he just got knocked down again and Scorpio won to a good pop, I was ok with it. It's a modern version of Kobashi gets up after a TD91 then loses immediately to a running elbow, which may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it worked with the live crowd. Sammy's heel work has been top notch the past couple of weeks, and no better proof then getting the crowd 100% behind the aimless and Dan-Lambert-backed Scorpio Sky. Sammy and Tay are Edge and Lita circa 2005 and it's perfect. The rest of the show was pretty good too, minus the Jericho/Kingston and friends feud. Doing the exact same segment every week where the faces look like idiots is a bit too on the nose for the anti-WWE gimmick. FTR collides was exactly what it needed to be, Christian still "not mad" at JB, BCC semi-squash is always great, didn't mind the Elite doing the same thing for just one week, Fenix return was fun, Wardlow-rana, Deeb went over in the street fight (hope her orbital bone is ok), and something I think has gotten completely overlooked in this thread: Team Taz fighting for real belts!
  10. I think it's fair to say someone should've probably told Garcia and Kingston to not go 22 minutes on a 1-hour show with 4 advertised matches. Not that I don't want to see Garcia and Kingston go for 22 minutes, but there's a time and a place. If you could make Rampage 2 hours, as basically Dynamite Part 2 with zero overlap of talent used for a given week, that would probably help the roster a lot. I think Marina's problem is that she looks like a really good athlete but is purposely working at a snail's pace in an attempt to look more intimidating by being so methodical. Sort of like early Taker, except her gimmick doesn't compensate for anything. Jade's biggest problem is that crowds want to cheer her, but she's stuck in a heel role and none of the presentation works that well together. I'm glad Thunder Rosa is getting a moment in the sun, and I do think there's some life to her reign (give Deeb the next program please), but I'm starting to think they should've just gone full Goldberg with Jade and had her steamroll Britt on a random Dynamite.
  11. I would think staying safely above 900k against the NBA playoffs (specifically Nets/Celtics, the most hyped first round series) is pretty decent. I also think KoR going over Jungle Boy clean was the right call. The Elite was right that they've been taking a lot of Ls lately, so giving Cole and KoR a couple tournament match wins should help their cred. Plus, there was the nice post-match bit where Christian was low-key pissed at JB for not honoring a Canadian hero, so it advances that story as well.
  12. She's a lot better than she used to be, but live mic public speaking has never been her strong point. I think in this case, though, she was mostly just out of breath from her match.
  13. Wrestlers age weirdly depending on a lot of different things. Genetics, mileage, injuries, and lifestyle choices being the primary factors I imagine. Jericho, Dustin, HHH, and Regal are all roughly the same age. Presented as a top guy not too far past his prime, presented as a wily old vet on his last legs, just retired and limited to a special attraction role for 10 or so years before that, and fully retired for 10 years respectively. Sting and Arn are the same age too. One guy is still jumping off balconies once a month, while the other has been restricted to manager duty for 25 years.
  14. You keep asserting that Brock is a monster draw if it's a law of physics, but is there any actual proof that Brock adds to WWE's core audience, which has been generally shrinking over the last decade? Jericho was the centerpiece of a brand new promotion getting a national tv deal, dismissing that as drawing power is crazy. Yes AEW has lower ratings than WWE, but getting eyes on a new company is a lot harder than getting eyes on a company that has been the premier name in wrestling for 40 years.
  15. Again I think this just correlation rather than causation, and the claim that all the mega-draws were because of their athletic background and not their dedication to pro-wrestling is more than a bit questionable. Strictly looking at the more modern guys who drew in the post Bret/Shawn athletic revolution in WWE: Austin - Lifelong fan whose #1 goal was to be a pro wrestler. Football was incidental. Was in the business for nearly a decade before becoming a major draw. Rock - Fits the description, but leaves out the key detail that he wouldn't have gotten a look from WWE without his family's wrestling connections, to Vince in particular. Taker - Sought wrestling on his own, wasn't recruited because of his basketball career. Like Austin, was in the business for many years before he could be considered a draw. HHH - Lifelong fan, not much athletic background outside body-building. Also in the business for a long time before he was stand-alone draw. Cena - Was already a trained wrestler before going to OVW. Roman - "Mega draw" is a reach for him to begin with, but like The Rock, it was the family connections that got him the look and undoubtedly gave him a leg up on how to succeed in wrestling (this may very well apply to Bron one day too), not his dime-a-dozen football career. Then you have guys like Brock and Angle who had very good careers, but aren't mega draws, save for maybe Brock's first few appearances back from UFC. Plenty of "wrestling is my blood" types have had comparable drawing power (for example: Rey, Eddie, Jericho).
  16. I don't think this proves much beyond "big athletic guys often try their hand at football, the most prestigious sport in America." You need to some degree of athleticism to be a pro wrestler, and high schools and colleges don't have pro-wrestling teams, so naturally these young athletes will pursue options available to them.
  17. The title match was great because it was the kind of match Adam Cole is best at. One where he's mostly over-matched, but uses his superb timing for generate credible counter-offense to balance out his sick bumps. Page is low-key an awesome ace right now. Hasn't been upstaged by anyone in the spotlight and still presents as a credible top guy despite all the name-power in AEW. Not sure who came up with the crown of thorns finish on Good Friday, but I chuckled.
  18. He could go by Claudio Cesaro Castagnoli, then in a few years start going exclusively by Triple C.
  19. Are they having trouble booking Kingston/P&P's backup or something? This is the third week in a row where they eat a 5 on 3 beatdown. They might be taking the sports entertainment a little too far, channeling 96 NWO or Evolution. The ending of that segment was way more flat than the final segment. Actually, between that, Adam-Cole affiliated guys losing clean but still trying to continue the feud, Nyla attacking Thunder backstage, and Wardlow beating up a dozen security guards while failing to get his hands on MJF, there were a lot more dull holding-pattern segments to complain about over the main. Like, ok, Joe/Lethal in 2022 isn't super exciting, but some (or maybe a lot who knows) of it will be contained in whatever form ROH takes, and the giant stiff will likely be mostly an enforcer on the main shows, not working 15 minute matches. At least the in-ring action was good between JE/RD, Team Taz/Lee-Swerve, and Joe/Suzuki. A mediocre Dynamite is still an enjoyable show.
  20. My one nitpick at the main would be that it was a perfect time to bust out the old 20 minute time-limit draw, maybe as Wheeler was trapped in a choke. That's the minor-est of minor stuff though, it was top tier pro wrestling as is. I mean, Wheeler wrote BCC on his chest with his own blood after the handshake. Fuck that was awesome. Matches like this build a lot of good will with the company to not worry if one of your faves "isn't doing anything" at the moment. Wheeler was a jobber for nearly a year, and within a couple weeks, he looks like the next big thing. Another thing I love about AEW is that my top 5 matches for them this year feature 12 different wrestlers (No order: Page vs. Danielson, Jericho vs. Kingston, Punk vs. MJF dog collar, Bucks vs. FTR, and Mox vs. Yuta).
  21. I assumed Otani was much older than he actually is. He must have been in his early 20s when he popped up in WCW for a minute. Hoping for the best, even though the initial reports (sparse as they are) don't sound good.
  22. I think we're saying the same thing. I don't remember the circumstances of his release, that might have been when he wanted to try MMA. I fully agree he was booked stronger and had more fan interest than Drew during his first WWE tenure. If he stuck around, he almost certainly gotten some more rounds with Cena, Orton, Show, etc and gotten at least whichever main title was the 1B at the time at some point.
  23. Not really. Drew was pushed hard and flopped, Lashley was pushed hard and just kind of leveled off as an upper midcarder. He did get to work that Mania angle with Vince and Trump (23 I think), which is way more significant than anything Drew did in his first run. Both guys are in about the same spot now, but it's a much bigger step up for Drew than Bobby. Bobby was well on his way to being a career midcard/occasional secondary champ guy like Sheamus. I don't think he's really in a better spot other than he feels fresher for having been off WWE tv for several years.
  24. I think a meme wrestler would be more like Fandango or Mizdow. Ryder got a huge pop for his US title win and even got to stand with Punk and Bryan as the workrate faves. He had built up a steady following from his WWECW days. He should have at least had a Ziggler-like career arc bouncing between being an aimeless but always present midcarder, and the occasional significant upper midcard angle. That's not to say that Dolph wouldn't be way better off artistically if he had been forced to the indies to re-invent himself in the same way Cardona was, but I disagree with the premise that Cardona needed to leave to have a viable WWE career.
  25. There was a small window where Zack Ryder was as over as any babyface in the company. He didn't need any character rehab until he was booked as a jobber for 5 years straight. PCO would probably fit the mold better, although he's obviously way too old for WWE to take a look at. Tay Conti is pretty realistic, although she was a major head-scratcher when WWE got rid of her in the first place. Just about everyone saw her potential.
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