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  1. Excalibur should have responded with, "JR, he's Jim Sorgi to Jericho's Peyton Manning" and I bet he would have understood immediately.
  2. Man, Darren Till should have been guns ablazing in round 5. He seemed way too lackadaisical for a fight that was clearly still on the table. Anyway, congrats to Whittaker because that elbow in round one was brutal. I wouldn't have been shocked if Till finished him on the ground after that.
  3. Very few fighters if any have the strange arc on their right hand like Robert Whittaker. That always makes me nervous with him. He throws it like he's Ozone dancing the movie Breakin'.
  4. That's sorta of my issue with Fedor is it wasn't until he got to Affliction where you can really put him over the top. He beat CroCop in his absolute prime and he beat Minotauro twice with also one NC. I'l even give you Heath Herring and probably Randleman just to be be nice. Without those wins (and the Affliction mini run), boy is it sketchy. Werdum has beaten Tom Erikson, Overeem (the good one, not Valentijn) Aleksandr, Napao 2x, Pezao, Fedor at the end of his prime, Minotauro, Roy Nelson, Cain, and now Gus who was a great LHW at one time.
  5. If Khabib can keep going for two or three more years, he's is going to have a big case as the best Lightweight ever. Cain was like the Riddick Bowe of MMA. He looked a like an absolute monster coming up, then he got the belt, and it got sketchy from there. He absolutely had the most potential I've seen in a heavyweight fighter before Ngannou showed up.
  6. Before Stipe went on his run, Werdum was up there as either 2a or 2b or right on Fedor's tail for GOAT HW just on strength of schedule. Sadly, a lot of heavyweights' resumes don't age very well.
  7. He don't really need your slack because I'm pretty sure it's not him out there freestyling. His job is to be the intercessor between the two old fogies, which right now, he does tremendously.
  8. fuck you with a cherry on top on that last part I will forever remember "HEY IT'S THE BUTCHER !!! AND JR THAT'S THE BLADE" That shit was glorious as someone who followed PWG to just to hear Disco Machine and Excalibur do MST3K commentary. It was like a goddamn fever dream I was having to hear him do it with two guys I've heard on commentary for the better part of 30+ years.
  9. I saw a video on IG from I believe the 2 ring battle royal from Wrestlemarinpiad '89 where the members of Prison Gate Party/Gokumon-to (Bull, Aja, Bison, Grizzly, and maybe Condor if she was still around by then) angrily stride to the ring to the strains of Pat Benatar's "Invincible". Wild shit.
  10. Tom Aspinall might be a very good heavyweight prospect. Jake Collier is the most fringe of UFC fighters you're gonna find, but Aspinall treated him as such. Man, Nicolas Dalby showed a lot of promise before his first UFC run. Now he's on his second UFC run, and it looks like his up and down first UFC run was not a fluke. He's just an inconsistent fighter all around.
  11. At least he will be able to take his mind off of it enjoying some rad Totino's pizza rolls while playing his Gameboy as soon as he gets home.
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