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  1. Why do I have a feeling the NFLPA is going to want to speak the the Browns/NFL after its been reported they wouldn't take a player out of a preseason game who was tired. Couldn't this hamper the NFL in any pending penalties. Cant the PA say hes already been punished for the crime?
  2. I think the Academy will end up painting themselves into a corner with this new award. Since they've already said movies can be in both Best Picture and Popular Achievement. People are going to question why a movie is in one but not the other. And if Popluar Achievement just ends up being all the Action/Superhero movies. Then people should just start demanding the Oscars have a Best Comedy, Best Musical, Best Horror, ect categories.
  3. Counter argument to for those upset about Rusev being on the preshow. With all those matches wouldnt you rather be on the preshow and get 10-15mins then on the main show and get 5-10?
  4. So Refs missed a leading with the helmet flag in the Texans vs Chiefs game. Will be interesting to see how they handle it after the game.
  5. I like the idea of Star Trek: West Wing with Picard as the Admiral of Star Fleet or something.
  6. What makes me laugh my head off is the people twisting themselves into pretzels in trying to justified how Mayer's wife knew about this most recent incident but didn't tell her husband, while in the same breath talking about how there super close and talk about everything.
  7. And what was with Brock ordering a stake medium well? We all know he eats his stake raw right off the side of the cow.
  8. And the buy out from the Hawks was for 2.4m less then the contract. Guess what the vet minimum is? Yep 2.4m. So Melo isnt losing a dime in this whole deal.
  9. Is there a good place to see full list of whos already in?
  10. I wont be holding my breath for Disney to remove Johnny Depp from the Pirates movies.
  11. Would it be that easy? I mean wouldnt Punk need to get he ok from UFC?
  12. Was he there for the strip join promo deal?
  13. That is correct which is why many buy out players can end up signing with teams in contention because they only need to pay the minimum without actually losing any money over all.
  14. Sounds about right all the 2016 would have there early outs
  15. You dont understand why a World Cup in a dessert in summer is a bad idea?
  16. The two years would only be if the player is doing the NCAA/G-League split.
  17. If I understand correctly the actors/actress can choice were there nomination is put.
  18. Needs to be that or play hard ball with the NCAA and get them to treat G-league like the NCAA treats Minor League baseball. Let kids play for a collage team till there season ends then go to G-Leauge. But to do this they have to go for two years before being called up to NBA team
  19. It wasn't just the names. I cant remember which quarter back it was but I want to say it was one of the Oklahoma ones during that stretch where they had three or four in a row that became big names. EA and the NCAA would argue that the players in the NCAA games be it football or basketball had ZERO relationship to players in the real world. Thats how they would get around likeness issues. Then EA f'ed up and put in the all time teams and that's where Ed O'Bannon steps in. But the story of the Quaterback blows it out of water. So the Quaterback plays a season as a back up, the guy in front of him moves on the pros so he becomes the starter. At the spring game he goes out in his normal gear. After the game the player and coaches talk and decide he will start wearing a visor and a call sheet. None of this is reported to the press or anyone. So NCAA Football comes out and he goes and buys a copy or one of his friends does and he goes to look at what his rating is as players are to do. And hes shocked not by his rating but by the fact that QB# whatever for Oklahoma who is you know his exact hight and weight blah blah...is also wearing a call sheet and visor. So how is it that the players in NCAA video games made by EA didn't really match real life players?
  20. And would be fine if they didn't just do something similar with Roman and Brock.
  21. I think there are a few stories about high school kids that were part of those moved to Huston and by being in better schools were able to get sports scholarships and then to the pros but I could be wrong.
  22. Well from the narratives that are out there. The Red Sox game after the marathon where Big Papa cursed and such was said to bring the spirits of the city up. Lots of people said seeing the Yanks and Mets get back to playing braught back a level of normalcy to NYC after 9/11. Some times its not so much about making things better but showing that we can move forward.
  23. So he doesnt go to Warriors or Lakers?
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