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  1. Missed Thursday Night. I am a-shamefuled






    Green Bay






    New Orleans



    San Francisco



    Tiebreaker #1: total points in Wsh/GB 65

    Tiebreaker #2: Manning Brothers combined touchdown passes 5

    Tiebreaker #3: Frank Gore rushing yards 65

  2. Status entering the final two rounds


    USA 16 (Qualified)

    Costa Rica 15 (Qualified)

    Honduras 11 (0)

    --------Automatic Qualifiers---------

    Panama 8 (-2)

    -------Playoff with New Zealand-----

    Mexico 8 (-2)

    Jamaica 4 (-6)


    Final Two rounds of games (Home team listed first)

    October 11th


    Honduras-Costa Rica



    That's right, basically a winner take all showdown at the Azteca


    October 15th

    Costa Rica-Mexico




    Wouldn't it be great if Mexico had to rely on the USA to take the playoff spot?

  3. The sad thing is that  the referee could not award the goal (soccer rules do not have things like american football does, where a score can be awarded for a "patently unfair play"), and the team whose masseur saved those two shots tied this game 2-2 (and advanced on away goals to the final, 3-3)


    The team who got screwed is taking legal advice and it's being reviewed in the Sports Justice court, but it should've been automatic. Disqualification or at most lenient, force a replay of the game.

  4. Denver

    Tampa Bay


    New Orleans

    New England



    Kansas City




    San Francisco


    NY Giants




    Tiebreaker #1: Geno Smith total turnovers (fumbles lost + interceptions) 4

    Tiebreaker #2: Colin Kaepernick total yards (rushing + passing) 289

    Tiebreaker #3: Calvin Johnson receiving yards 95

  5. I'm still wanting to hear what people wish would happen instead with the Bryan angle. Because while there is a lot of bitching going on in this thread, I'm not really seeing too much in the way of, "Well, they should do this instead." 


    Do you guys get how this works? You want Bryan to get over on HHH during a random Monday Night RAW? You want him to win the title during his chase on the 11th most important PPV of the year? You don't want him to win when it matters the most?


    He's not getting buried. The roster is not getting emasculated. It's a slow burn. Bryan should be booked weak right now because everything is against him. There will be something happening sometime, possibly at NOC, where it'll let him get a bit closer to a finally overcoming these odds. Or something on a RAW. And slowly, it turns against the establishment and in Bryan's favor. And then on a big show, Bryan will overcome the odds and it'll make him a bigger star than he is right now. And hopefully it's at WrestleMania. There's always going to be stuff to criticize because we look closer than anyone at all this, but it's getting ridiculous at this point.


    You guys know how a movie or serialized TV works. Even the smallest things that don't look like they matter...they get mentioned because it usually means something big in the end. Nothing gets mentioned if it's not going to matter to the story. So then when it happens, they can go back to it and say, "Ohhhhhhhh! That's right." That's how a good story gets told. This doesn't need to be told in a month for it to be good. I guarantee if people were watching Flair in '89 against Funk at GAB and this board existed, there would be people thinking he should have dropped the belt because they should have played up the neck injury more and let Funk cheat to win. Instead, they let that thing burn for five months and drew huge over the time. And Flair never dropped the belt. This can work even if Bryan doesn't win the belt. And then when he does, it's gonna mean that much more.


    The bullshit about it not happening fast enough is people being short sighted and seeing this in a one month or two month time span. And it's because of what happened with Punk and whatever else people want to bring up. This isn't the biggest act since Hulk Hogan getting over on a non-wrestling boss, three retired flunkies and some renegade son. This is a guy who is on the cusp of superstardom getting held down by someone who has shown he's still a force and the most dominant group in the company. Something will happen soon that will tilt the odds in Bryan's favor. Just sit back and wait until it happens.


    Tim: I would like to see small victories.. Bryan doing a bit of divide and conquering. taking out one member, for example, who's on the look out for him (yeah, there's the YEScalade), or sliding out before the Shield can get him.. at least one show should have him end with at least a small victory to say "Yeah, he can win battles, but he can't win the war...", to build up interest in seeing him win the war..

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  6. This sounds like the next Ocean's Movie: From the BBC Deadline day ticker:




    Spanish football writer Andy West: "Some bizarre reports coming out regarding United's collapsed Herrera deal. Apparently a group of men claiming to be United representatives spent an hour at the La Liga offices in Madrid today, but it turns out they had nothing to do with the club and were presumably just attempting to get a cut of the deal in an elaborate fraud.

    "Must be stressed these are just rumours but the Spanish media have published pictures of men in black suits - supposedly the United "representatives" - coming out of the league offices carrying briefcases.

    "All very strange and no doubt the truth will come out in the next few days.

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