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  1. Can we bash our teams before we support Seattle instead (bah, the Revs playing in a pointyball stadium with no atmosphere)


    Seattle had supported lower level soccer pretty well, and the team made a lot of fan-friendly actions that made the fans feel like they were involved with the team (the fans elect the GM, etcetera)


    Fenerbache hopefully liked losing to Arsenal, as it's the last they'll be playing in Europe till 2015-16, as CAS declined their match-fixing appeal (they are thrown out of this year's Europa League and barred from Europe next season as well)

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  2. Was actually shaping up to be a crackerjack finish, as Australia sportingly declared at 111-6 (23 overs) setting England a goal of 237 from 44 overs, but sadly the game ended four overs early with England 21 runs short and five wickets in hand.

  3. Yup, England go into Operation Shutdown, finish day 3 at 247-4, behind by 245 runs (but almost definitely will make Australia bat again, which unless something amazing happens means that it'll be a draw)


    Really negative cricket, a horrible scoring rate of 2.1 an over today for England, but I guess it's what was left to them after Australia beat them up in the first innings.

  4. Looks like barring an england collapse, the final Test is going to end with a fizzle, Australia declare at 492-9, while England have made 32-0 in reply.. the pitch is great for batting, for bowling? Not so much.

  5. 13th Age is a lot less fiddly and overdetailed (and created by the folks who did 3E and 4E dnd)




    Some interesting things in there, for example, an escalation die that starts at +1 on the second turn and goes up +1 on each turn after that. The escalation die provides a bonus to players rolls, and it can also provide other benefits during a battle for a player (for example, the barbarian rage ability, if the escalation die is at 4+, doesn't use up your use of Rage for the day)


    It keeps it from devolving into the swing and miss fest that 3.5 can turn into..


    It also makes the characters feel a lot more awesome, even at first level (there's only 10 levels, 1-5 is basically adventurer tier, 6-8 is champion tier, 9-10 is Epic Tier), as part of it is that you generate the One Unique Thing about your character, and the character level makes advancing levels a lot more powerful (base weapon damage is +1dX for each level, so a fifth level fighter using a d8 sword rolls 5d8 for damage)

  6. Oh god. Football Manager 2014 Classic for PS Vita.. featuring cloud play (so you can play on your computer, and then take that same game on the road with your Vita)


    The announcement:


    We’re excited to officially announce that Football Manager Classic 2014 is coming to PlayStation Vita.

    FMC14 for PS Vita is our first game to allow cross-platform play away from home computers, meaning that fans who own both FM14 (and play Classic mode) for PC, Mac or Linux and FMC14 for PS Vita will be able to carry on a single continuous game, whether they’re at home using their computer or out and about with their PlayStation Vita (or vice versa).

    It will be the first ever handheld game to feature our 3D Match Engine, alongside a pretty much identical feature set to FMC on home computers. Play the game at home, at work, at Uni, on the bus, on the train – wherever you want to, with the saved game stored in the cloud.

    FMC14 for PS Vita will be published by SEGA and will be available as both a physical release and a digital download through the PSN store. Look out for more information, including release date coming soon. 

    Welcome to the future of FM.

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