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  1. We've started a "Watch PPV" Club  (kinda like a book club, except someone chooses a 10+ year old PPV from the On Demand archives, and everyone watches and posts their thoughts)  over at another forum I hang out at, and I started it by suggesting "Capital Combat 90, the return of Robocop." (thanks to the mention in this thread)


    It's going to be great!


    Kevin Sullivan, Cactus Jack and Bam Bam Bigelow vs the Road Warriors (.. and norman the lunatic)

    THe Freebirds vs The Rock and Roll Express (in a strap match)

    Paul Ellering vs Teddy Long ( hair vs hair.. oh yeah and the Road Warriors and Doom at ringside. Bobby Heenan bet $20 on Peanuthead Teddy Long to win)

    Ric Flair and Lex Luger (For the TITLE IN THE CAGE.. sure nothing screwy's going to happen...)


    Oh, and the Horsemen, Sting, and ROBOCOP!

  2. Compared to what the rest of you went through, this is minor but...today was haircut day, except I blinked and found out the hard way that my barber and I had VERY different ideas of what the phrase "Just enough to comb meant


    Now, my normal barber does great, but he takes February off (to go to Florida), so I hit a Wally World salon. BIIIIIG mistake


    I blink and all of a sudden, 90% of my hair is gone. And not from the sides either, where you could just trim the sides to that length and keep the top reasonable). I mean.. BZZRT with the clippers, and my hair goes flying. And there's not much I can do because at this point, you might as well finish it off


    It was so bad after the haircut I went walking through Wally World afterwards, looking for a winter cap to cover it up (it's that short/bad), and because it's damn cold outside. And despite the fact we have a bit of snow coming in thursday, and another one of those polar vortex thingamabobs later in the week, and the fact that it's not even March Freaking First.. they have no winter hats at Wal Mart. Except for two lonely Duck Dynasty hats, and quite honestly, I'd rather suffer than give money to them.


    So I posted the picture to a couple of my friends, who were supportive.


    Ha. Good one right?


    One of them "Foz, the National Forehead Association called, and that thing is being reclassified as a five head"


    The other was.. somewhat nicer.. he said "So you look like Curly of the three stooges two months after his last shave. What's the big deal?"


    I need new friends. 

  3. crazy finish in SA/AUS, as the umpires give an extra half hour to South Africa (if the result is pretty much decided, the umpires can grant an extra half hour to try to complete play that day.. and Australia were 7 down and 200 runs or so behind).. South Africa were going nuts trying to get wickets as there was worries that the fifth day would be rained out, leaving the match a draw), and with two overs left in the half hour, a part time bowler who ironically referred to himself as a "pie-chucker" got the last Australian wicket.


    HHH need to can on-air the equipment manager that responsible for the maintenance of the Elimination Chamber. The caulking on three of the plexi-shields was so dried out that they just popped right off. OSHA?

    help these days,



    I like how its supposed to be bullet proof yet can pop out with the simplest of ease.


    The Lexan didn't break. The fastenings did. Hell, that piece of lexan on the outside had Randy Orton face plant it and Cesaro's AA land on it and stil held (that must have been GNARLY for Cesaro mind you

  5. Scotland beat Italy 21-20.. really good game.


    England come back to win 13-10 over Ireland.


    So here's how the race for the title stands:


    Ireland 2-1 (+42)

    England 2-1 (+21)

    Wales 2-1 (+6)

    France 2-1 (+1)


    Next Games are in 2 weeks. on saturday Ireland (at home versus Italy) and France (traveling to Scotland) each try to pad their point differential (the only tiebreaker), and in a title eliminator, Wales visit Twickenham to take on England.


    If I had to put money down, I'd say Ireland are still the favorites, but England have a chance, Wales and France need a LOT of things to go right for them.

  6. So tommorrow's games are huge..


    Italy-Scotland for the prospective Wooden Spoon, and England-Ireland.


    If England wins, things will be crazy as there will be 4 teams at 2-1.


    Ireland wins, and it's going to be hard to catch them, as they will have games left against Italy and France

  7. So, Chivas USA was bought out by MLS today (rumored for only $25 million when they turned down an offer of $70 million last year).


    So a not-so-fond farewell to probably the most controversial MLS owner (the HBO story on how they were weeding out non-spanish speakers had to hurt)

  8. I registered for the Free NAB Challenge Pass at http://watchafl.afl.com.au , leaning towards possibly getting the full season pass.  Has anyone from here signed up for the streaming service before and have thoughts on its value?


    I would just get FS+ if you can (Especially if you have a DVR service). AFL costs $15/week, $25/month, or $139 for full season.. FS+ has a ton of games, and is only $15/month.

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  9. Watching the GB-Sweden semifinal replay on NBCOlympics.com... man, Great Britain really got out of jail, their opponents are sitting 2 with three rocks to play, and just as important, NO GB rocks are in the house.

  10. the Russians are starting to get frustrated. If the Finns can hold out for 5 minutes, get a breakaway... it's going to be interesting to see how the two teams deal with the pressure..  If they don't comeback, Putin won't let them out of the country :)

  11. Not a great start for GB in the women's semi final.. first some debris on the ice leads Canada to take two in the first end as a Canadian shot switches direction and misses everything, and then by a matter of millimeters, Canada steal one in the second end..


    Oh, and if you're up, you may want to catch the men's giant slalom second run. Just saying.

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