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  1. No one else said it? No? Ok. I'll bite the bullet. Settle down, Natural-cito
  2. New Thuggish Murderous heroes! (sorry, that's the leaders, not the team, shouldn't tar them)
  3. Would this be the biggest upset since I dunno, 1950 (USA-England?)
  4. Not that he's really at fault for any of the goals, but I can see why Iran was trying so desperately to keep their first string goalkeeper in.
  5. Getting a reaction from @Pete is almost as good as getting one from @DEAN
  6. Stat of the second half. the jets averaged 2.77 yards per play in the second half. HA! Pathetic. Wait.. what's that? The stat's wrong?.. well of course.. what do you mean they averaged 2.77 INCHES per play in the second half????????? (remember Jets fans, it's not the size, it's how you us.. wait, they didn't use it. nevermind)
  7. Life finds a way. So do the Patriots over the Jets. Still was a horribly stinky game.
  8. One thing, and I'm not sure if it's attention to detail from Tony K, or if I'm working off my own brain here, but you know how Bryce Remsburg had spent the last few weeks actually catching bad guys and outside interference "in the act"? Was that to set up this moment where he missed the knux?
  9. You know, this really had a bit of everything. Fun Shlock to start the show to get the crowd in the mood? Check. Brutal Cage match? Check (Jungle Boy Jack Perry, you insane. you cray cray. You nuts!) Strong-Style personified? Check. (eddie and Jun throwing bombs) Matches that told a story? Check. Sweve in Our Glory's bustup, Britt vs Saraya Many Meaty Manly Men throwing Meat? Check 1 (Joe), Check 2 (Hobbs), Check 3 (Wardlow) Modern Day lucha-infused trios craziness? Death Triangle and The Elite Crowd pleasing title change (Hayter) Hated Heel squeaking by so you'll tune in next time hoping that next time he'll get his ass kicked? Jericho. Collection of crazy-ass-moments? Sting and Darby vs Jarrett and Lethal. I gushed a while back about the Darby coffin drop off the ladder that satnam singh caught effortlessly, but Jarrett catching darby with the guitar on the way down, and Darby showing that he had learned Sting's no-sell, puts it to good use. Fun Shit. And then the main event. Crazy main event that will provide the talking point and "NOOOOOOO!" moment. Regal giving MJF the Knux.
  10. If creating joke/meme threads wouldn't get my head on a stake, I'd create a poll thread. "Does AEW indeed rule the fucking world?" edit: world not universe. Get your meme right, Foz.
  11. In my efforts to make @DEAN say something like OH GODDAMNIT at least two times a month... I have a pun for him. "The Death Triangle/Elite finish had Fenix channeling his inner 80's Oaktown rapper and going "Please Hammer, Hurt 'em""
  12. The Darby coffin drop getting perfectly caught by Satnam.. Han Solo: "Great Shot kid! That was one in a million"
  13. Turns out it was "Drawer-take-all", as a 16-16 draw sends Portugal through (as they won on tiebreakers) Lost by 1 to chile, drew to Portugal. Fuck. No USA rugby at the World CUp.
  14. The Winner Take All match between Portugal and the USA is Friday at 10:30 AM, streaming free/live on https://www.therugbynetwork.com/ At least here in the USA.
  15. It's good that England fans get a chance to rest and let the title sink i.. oh who are we kidding, they're already playing Australia in a one day series. (Literally, they just finished their innings)
  16. File under: Life comes at you fast. Last week: 2 goals against ManCity This week: (232 alleged breaches of betting rules)
  17. Tubi will have 4k streaming of world cup games approximately 30 minutes after games end https://worldsoccertalk.com/tv/tubi-to-make-world-cup-game-reruns-available-in-4k-20221114-WST-408266.html#Echobox=1668452908-1
  18. My picks: Group A Netherlands 1st Senegal 2nd Group B England 1st Wales 2nd Group C Argentina 1st Mexico 2nd Group D France 1st Denmark 2nd Group E Spain 1st Germany 2nd Group F Belgium 1st Canada 2nd Group G Brazil 1st Cameroon 2nd Group H Portugal 1st Ghana 2nd
  19. I decided that doing the weekly picks for the world cup was a biiiit too much.. but I came up with some thing to do it that was a bit easier to handle during the World Cup. Pick the two teams you think will advance from each group, and the position they will finish in (1st and 2nd). Scoring System: 10 Points for correctly picking a team to advance +20 Points for correctly picking their position (1st or second) +30 bonus points if you call the teams advancing AND both finish in the position you selected) Group A Qatar Ecuador Sengal Netherlands Group B Iran USA England Wales Group C Argentina Saudi Arabia Mexico Poland Group D France Australia Denmark Tunisia Group E Spain Costa Rica Germany Japan Group F Belgium Canada Morocco Croatia Group G Brazil Serbia Switzerland Cameroon Group H Portugal Ghana Uruguay South Korea
  20. AxB: Right: Liverpool, Leicester, Newcastle, Arsenal, Aston Villa (50 Points) Yo-Yo: Right: Bournemouth, Liverpool, Spurs, Newcastle, Arsenal (50 Points) Dewar: Right: Bournemouth, Liverpool (EXACT!), Tottenham, Newcastle, Arsenal, Man Utd) (90 Points) Pete: Right: Bournemouth, Liverpool, Tottenham, Newcastle, Arsenal (50 Points) Fozzie: Right: Liverpool, Tottenham, Leicester, Newcastle, Arsenal (50 Points) Dewar scores his 1st week win.
  21. Results: Man City 1-2 Brentford Bournemouth 3-0 Everton Liverpool 3-1 Southampton Forest 1-0 Palace Tottenham 4-3 Leeds West Ham United 0-2 Leicester Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea Wolves 0-2 Arsenal Brighton 1-2 Aston Villa Fulham 1-2 Man Utd T1: YES T2: 29 T3: 10th minute
  22. I don't know what surprises me more: A) They got the game in with no delays B) England Won. C) Stokes got his first 50 in the format.
  23. Well, if you bet THAT result, you either are A) a time traveler, B) Someone who generally throws money away but got lucky, or C) A fan of the visiting team.
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