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  1. Dear Facebook: I have tried being funny. I have tried being understanding. I have tried workarounds. But now, I'm angry. LET ME SET "MOST RECENT" as my default, you sons of misbegotten goats. Yes, I agree that post about peep rankings was cool. The first time it was posted. Several Days Ago. There's no effing need to show it to me again and again and again and again and again and.. (sorry to my friend, but I've seen it so much that it makes me about as ill as actually consuming the number of peeps in that picture) What is so effing hard about realizing that most folks use Facebook to catch up on what their friends are doing most recently? I'm beginning to think that you LIKE people getting frustrated about not being able to set Most Recent as default. That making people go two-three levels into a menu to actually see what folks have posted lately is against the Geneva Convention. (Note: A slight bit of hyperbole there. It ISN'T a violation of the Geneva Convention. It only SHOULD be.) "Hey, this guy wants to see something new? HAH! The Algorithim wants to show him the story about the woman trying to scratch a card off for the 30th time! Who cares what he wants? The sad thing is twitter's worse. (and they're trying to force the same thing down our throats over there as a bonus bit of shittery) This rant brought to you by "Fozzie slept wrong and cricked his back up something fierce"
  2. Hey, my nearby city's in the news again, because one of our sports radio station's producers had a mental clutch drop moment and did a casual racism against Mina Kimes. They were discussing Nips (or those tiny bottles of fireball, etcetera, and the producer threw out Mina Kimes as the Best Nip. So, of course the corporate had to come down hard and they did by.. insisting he meant Mila Kunis. Oh, so it's a sex joke not a racis.. You know what. Fuck 'em.
  3. Also, for the comedy bits. "You weren't the legal man, you need to hold the tag rope to be tagged in!" "There's no tag ropes backstage!" "That's NOT MY PROBLEM. It's in the rulebook. You need to be holding a tag rope." "Fine.. Hangman, you got a rope I can borrow? See, I'm holding a rope." "Ok, close enough. You're the legal man now" Bonus points if it's Rick Knox, because we know he's such a stickler for the letter of the rulebooks...
  4. Double post ish: I kinda half want a version of the 24/7 championship from WWE. Now, before you start disciplinary action to take my wrasslin fan card away, or think I'm off my meds (although I did take a pain pill earlier) I don't mean the silly ass chase scenes non-stop WWE had. I would love to see just a random match break out backstage. I mean, a lot of the AEW folks are damn creative when it comes to laying out a match, and I would love to see a quick five minute or so fight backstage match. I want Kenny Omega dropping off a chandelier on someone. I want Hangman Adam Page dragging someone the length of the catering table ala those old western bar fights (complete with Orange Cassidy no-selling the brawl around him and eating a sandwich) . Not something to the level of the stadium stampede matches, but as a palate cleanser from a ring, four ropes, etcetera, it would be fun.
  5. Please AEW. Give us Death Quadrangle. Take Death Triangle, let Pentagon spam his taunts with PAC, and put Rey Fenix and Vikingo together. Then duck, because there's going to be bodies flying EVERYWHERE. Actually, dream match: Fenix/Vikingo vs Moxley/Minoru Suzuki. Perfect balance between crazy wtf moves and beat down PAIN SMASH HURT YOU. Best of Ninety One. Book it, Coach Tony.
  6. One of the reasons why Rugby is a helluva sport. You won't see the winning team after Euro 2024 go on a four day bender. https://www.reddit.com/r/rugbyunion/comments/11yyjhd/gary_ringrose_wouldnt_come_out_drinking_with_the/
  7. The board agreed with you, and rescinded the red card: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2023/mar/22/freddie-steward-cleared-after-red-card-for-england-in-ireland-overturned-rugby-union
  8. To get seven he would have had to hit three more finis... er.. doubles after the game winning one.
  9. Edit: Beaten like a government mule. Needed someone to say "NEW HERO!" for maximum 80's-90's Puroresu power
  10. In honor of the late great Pat Patterson, that game was the banana. (No, not strong enough.) That game was THE Banana. (Closer...) That game was THE MOTHERFUCKING BANANA.
  11. I do think that they need to look into a 20-30 minute replacement red card rule, if only because a red card is such a game decider.
  12. "You gotta be a man it don't help to hide" *Daniel Bard wildness*
  13. Cuba forgot about Dre..er.. Trea Seriously at this point, they should just redo the Hulk Hogan "Real American" video with Trea Turner hilights
  14. I'm only surprised it wasn't Papa Shango.
  15. Under the rules, contact to the head. I definitely could see yellow with no complaints, but by the rules, he's gotta go.
  16. Damn. That was a good first half until the last couple minutes where England have a man sent off in.. somewhat controversial circumstances. Ireland odds on for the Slam.
  17. at this point, I'm beginning to believe the other owners called a voodoo doctor to hex the Mets for spending so much money
  18. When even a fan of the winning team says the refs completely botched the last few minutes of a game, you know it was bad. They were pretty bad in the lead up (missing a Goubert elbow to Jaylen Brown who is wearing a mask because of injury, but catching the retaliation), but it was prime refshow in the last few seconds. Celtics get an offensive rebound with a few seconds left. Wolves try desperately to steal and/or foul . Celtics coach comes running out on the floor to call timeout. Despite the celtics player having the ball when this happened, the refs ignore this, and don't call a foul either, deciding it's a jump ball. (edit: They don't T up the Celtics coach for running halfway across the floor in his attempt to call timeout) Then it goes the other way, Grant Williams basically steals the ball out of the refs hands on the jump ball, and Celtics get possession, and two free throws which basically ice the game (up 4 with 1.1 on the clock), The refs then eject two Timberwolves players for complaining about the jump ball result, Celtics hit one free throw, and the Wolves hit a meaningless buzzer beater to make it a 2 point game at the end. Not biased referees, just SHIT referees. In fact, the last two minutes report should just be two pictures: 1 of the refs taken pre-game, the other being the betting area after 10 rounds of cow chip bingo. edit 2: For reference, here was Grant completely ignoring the "wait for ball to hit peak" before slapping it to a teammate
  19. It's a legitimately freak injury. He could have gotten it doing just about anything if he did it just lightly jumping up and down on a grass field.
  20. I'd LOL Mets (Diaz got injured in the celebration), but man, that sucks.
  21. Jeff Jarret at the Gorilla position: "Listen, Orange. If we're going to go full Memphis, you need to up your punch game."
  22. WORKRATE folks were probably grinding their molars to powder in that JJ/OC Clusterfuck, but it was 4* in fun. Jeff Jarrett is having the time of his life at 57, he doesn't have to take a super amount of bumps, and the crowd LOVES to HATE him. Love OC with the most "whatever" Eddie tribute to get Satnam and Sonjay thrown out. (Of course, Double J had a plan for that too with Lethal sneaking down after pretending to be injured, and that didn't work EITHER. That kip up on one foot. DAYUMN.
  23. Total of 8 D&D games being re released this month, the four in Silver Box Classics, DragonStrike (3d dragon combat, as done 35 years ago), Shadow Sorcerer (honestly don't remember this one), DeathKeep (REALLY don't remember this one).. and fucking Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace. Holy shit.
  24. Holy shit. I never thought I'd be saying this: Dragonlance: War of the Lance is getting a re-release: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2344020/Silver_Box_Classics/ One of the first strategy/war games I ever played
  25. USA Angry. USA SMASH.
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