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  1. So, apparently Omega wanted one woman more than any other when AEW was starting up and that was Kairi Hojo. Her contract with WWE expired this week. Is she fully settled back in Japan? If we aren't getting KO and Zayn, that would be an incredible pickup if it's even possible. It would only work once quarantined are no longer in place if she's settled but she could come over like once or twice a month. I can dream, can't I? 

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  2. Valentina ragdolls pretty much everybody she fights and the grappling/clinch contests with Nunes were super close. The fact that they sometimes fight 20 pounds apart to me says a lot. Nunes is a very big bantamweight, Valentina a small bantamweight and at those lower weight limits, a few pounds is a big difference. Punching power, ability to take a punch, grappling, I feel like Nunes' size was the difference between the two. In terms of technique, only a couple of women have the calibre of striking as Valentina and usually it's either with kicks or punches not both, but none of them have her grappling ability. Those elite female grapplers don't have the striking ability and often look pretty amateurish on their feet. Valentina doesn't really slow down in 5 round fights, she's smart, technical, physically strong, and very agile. She has no flaws other than her size in comparison to Nunes. I am fine being the dissenting voice on this one though. Nunes beat her twice fair and square (mostly, I will forever think Valentina won the second fight... got it confused with the first one which was Nunes' more decisively).

    I think Pena's ability to withstand Nunes' power and combinations to land a couple of her own shots was the most impressive thing coming out of their fight. Also impressed with her ability to scramble to half guard when it looked like Nunes was going for mount in the first round iirc. I do think Nunes wins the rematch though. She'll probably fight a bit more reserved, probably grapple a bit more, landing strikes from guard. 

    It was neat to see a Brazilian fighter named Silva out of Curitiba throwing wild hooks in a brawl. Short but spectacularly violent fight. 

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  3. 11 hours ago, John E. Dynamite said:

    Charles Olivera's first UFC fight ended with an armbar win over Darren Elkins, Joe Rogan.

    This guy is so bad these days and you have DC patterning his game after him. Atrocious. "Why is Poirier holding a closed guard against the greatest submission artist in the UFC?! I don't get it it!" 

    While it's hard to deny Nunes' resume, I don't know if I ever bought into the GOAT talk. She has good technique but I think often relies on her physicality too much and has long had stamina issues. She's much bigger than Pena but Pena is built like a tank relatively speaking. Her punching technique isn't anything special but after surviving round 1 all it took was a decent jab and a rudimentary 1-2. Her comments about being the first real mother champ sucked. I hope Nunes wins the rematch. 

    Charles Oliveira is the man. He's matured and grown up so much in the octagon. Beautiful fight. Too bad about the glove manipulation leading to a dominant second round. I want to see Do Bronx vs. Makhachev but it seems like it's Gaethje, right? Hopefully Charles and Islam win their fights.

    Cruz and Munhoz are complete opposites in a lot of ways and the footwork, pacing, and intelligence of Cruz clearly beat the power and iron skull of Munhoz. Great fight. 

    Ryan Hall looked even more Ryan Hall-ish than usual. Lol cool. 

  4. 7 minutes ago, John from Cincinnati said:

    Have we heard Hook speak before? I can’t recall.

    Yeah, he's whistled while doing the cutthroat thing and he gave a one word answer once when Taz asked him a rhetorical question. Hopefully he doesn't speak for at least another year.

    Match was 100% perfect for what it was. He looked incredible in pretty much everything he did, he is able to do slick grappling while still not giving a single fuck. His hair stayed in place the entire match. He walked out without getting his hand raised and yeah the choke release matching the beat drop has to stay. Only thing I didn't like was redrum. El Camino is a sick name for the crotch lift suplex. 

    Maybe I'll watch the rest of the show but I don't feel particularly inclined tonight. I have seen what I have wanted to see. 

    God, it was worth the wait.

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  5. I was so worried that I had missed Hook, I started swearing at TSN's website for not having Rampage streaming at 5 PM Pacific. My friend had to tell me to calm down, it's on at 7. 

    It has been a long day.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, J.T. said:

    Let's not begrudge Taz for a little villainous moustache twirling.  He is sending his son out for a little "This Is What Will Happen To You" exhibition to send a message to Dante.

    Like duh. "Look what you've made me do." *nuclear option*

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