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  1. That is some horseshit. At that point, if you're as big of a nerd for AEW as I am, I'd be thinking about VPN'ing it and going with FITE.
  2. Haunted Chocolatier, by the developer of Stardew Valley, looks very much like Stardew Valley but chocolate. I'm so excited.
  3. LOL. That spot scared the shit out of me. I want to like Velvet and she does some things pretty well but she's dangerous to herself in particular it seems.
  4. I think he was pretty pissed off at how petty they've been and then the no commercial stuff too, because he knows that's a pissing contest where both companies lose financially. He went so over the top in his dunking that he won me over. It's hilarious. You gotta read his tweets in his Giannis Antetokounmpo intro voice.
  5. What a special group of young wrestlers they can build around.
  6. I have a feeling Omega is taking time off to heal up after dropping his titles (Vikingo in December!) and very well could turn face because what purpose does Callis have with an injured loser when there are "better" options around, doubly so if the Steen talk turns out like we hope. They've talked about Don manipulating Omega since the turn, it's a natural way to end the arc. Rushmore bb. You can do it without Steen and have Cole be that guy to sway the Bucks, as they've been working together and have history. Moxley I hope is turning heel though he doesn't need to. He should be Hangman's first challenger either way and he already put it in motion calling him a whiny bitch in other words during a nuclear promo a couple weeks ago. Hoping Miro dethrones Page.
  7. At this point, I hope you're right so Black can move on without the cloud of Cody looming over his head. I just want this to end. I also want to hear the reaction to when it happens. Although, Florida seems pretty pro Cody. Because of course.
  8. Contract talks have broken down after Ayton wanted the max and Phoenix was unwilling to give it to him.
  9. 9 years ago and Kota is an even bigger unbeatable rival for Omega than Okada was. There's also less "continuity" between DDT from 9 years ago and AEW than there is NJPW and AEW.
  10. They've saved this for just this moment, man. Not even Okada got to kick out of the OWA. Years in the making, crowning your homegrown star in a huge moment the promotion has been building to since day one. If not now, when? Darby Allin for the TNT title? Nah. I'm glad Omega left NJPW when he did because if he stayed around, I'm sure Okada would've gotten a win back and probably kicked out of the OWA. It took just one OWA to put Hangman out of business at Full Gear last year too. The symmetry is perfection.
  11. Sooooo what's gonna happen?
  12. That Punk match prospered as a result for us, thankfully. Matches with commercial breaks in them have their dynamics completely changed for the worse and it breaks the immersion factor for viewers. I can't imagine the Suzuki/Danielson match with commercials.
  13. Thankfully it has not been.
  14. That Kurtz promo was wrestling gold. He's my MVP of 2021.
  15. Knox was perfect in PWG where the rules in tag matches aren't really enforced nor expected to be enforced. When he actually has to pretend to care, yeah... He's struggled. The subplot of him being a low key Bucks stooge is at least funny and convincing enough. edit: autocorrect is my friend 99% of the time, lol.
  16. I would've liked a less predictable first round too. Miro, however, is busy fighting God.
  17. They gotta give Powerhouse Hobbs a win here after this. Monster heels aren't monsters if they never win important matches.
  18. That's pretty true. Sorry, I guess the "one" singles match is not true.
  19. Yeah, that sucked for Yuta and he should probably be handled a bit better than that.
  20. I hope you're right. Bucks could afford to drop a fall and the Dark Order have been feeling extra jabroni lately.
  21. By losing this match, the Dark Order will definitely keep the Superkliq from interfering in the Omega/Hangman match a month away. What was that nonsense?
  22. That was a bit weird how Ruby was talking about having no friends and how she's happy to be a loner mere weeks after tagging and hugging with Statlander and Riho.
  23. Scott Steiner is da god of this shit.
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