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  1. LAWLZ. Bryzgalov is close to signing with the Vegas ECHL team. If only he had some money to burn down there...
  2. Wait, not wanting dudes to be concussed and have all the possible physical and emotional fallout from repeated severe concussions is not a valid concern? Cool. Shit, I'll admit it, some fights are fucking entertaining, but it's not worth it. If those guys want to earn money through fisticuffs, join a boxing gym or martial arts camp.
  3. No. There are only four gang signs/taunts/greetings: bro chest bump, double middle finger, jerking off, or up yours. You can also set up custom names for each grouping of 10 levels, so I chose wrasslin names/terms (ie, level 1-10 is Curtain Jerker, 11-20 is Jobber, etc.) I can change the color of the crew but the Social Club site is barely working at the moment. What color would people like? Or what would be easiest to see, especially to seperate us from other crews? If someone wants to make a different emblem, that is fine. I just used the one Gonzalez made so it was something different from the default fist. Maybe a touched up version of the main site's logo? Beat the game last night, feel dirty for doing so. I didn't want it to end. But, seriously, though...
  4. I like Kessel a lot but that's way too much money.
  5. Seriously. One of my few complaints is that there is not nearly enough Lamar.
  6. I actually think Nabokov and the Islanders are a good fit together. As a young team on the rise they benefit from having a veteran goalie who has plenty of post-season experience. And I like how he had such an attitude about joining the Isles originally but now has begrudgingly been part of the process of them becoming a playoff contender. I'll admit I thought it would play out awfully at first, but in the long run I think it's a relationship that benefits both sides. This was true for the first half of the shortened season, then it became a gong show if memory serves me correctly. He was the Islanders' achilles heel against Pittsburgh in the first round. I thought they had a legitimate chance of beating Pittsburgh if they didn't have a goalie of their own to match Fleury's poor play.
  7. That means nothing when your other options were Clemmensen and Threeormore. He was particularly bad in his first handful of call-up games, but he did improve a little bit towards the end of the season. I think he showed he wasn't ready yet for the NHL, at least not as a starter. I had a shit tonne of free time last year and watched way too many TBL/Panther games. I'm going to miss not being able to watch as many Phoenix games with Bronald Cherry up in that bitch. Still ordered centre ice but won't be putting as much time in as last season.
  8. No way is he able to play as aggressively as he did in Boston with Big Z. He's two years older and when he can't come out of his crease 10 feet, he's a li'l goalie with lots to shoot at. Markstrom wasn't any good last year, so this could be bad for Florida and its 7 fans we've counted. Speaking of the east and goalies, Garth Snow sucks. He had one job, get a goalie that can post NHL competent numbers for more than 20 games and he re-signed Nabokov. I have a hard time seeing them making the playoffs this year.
  9. My sleeping pattern is completely fucked right now, so this was the funniest thing to me at 4:30 this morning. This is the most difficult console game to stop playing I've yet to encounter. Just too good.
  10. Wouldn't be shocked if that's the case and there are usually one or two quality players available at this time of year. With Bo not even getting 10 minutes with both Henrik and Kesler in the line-up, it doesn't make much sense for him to stay up. Shinkaruk could go either way. Don't think he'd last a full season, so may as well avoid burning a year off his ELC.
  11. And Schroeder's out for a while, while Jensen's going to Utica? Doesn't look great for either of those guys.
  12. Watched about 5 minutes of the Phoenix preseason game and the first period against Edmonton last Saturday... how have Shinkaruk and Horvat looked? Huntah had that nice top cheddar goal in one of the first games but how has he actually played? Do either look remotely ready?
  13. Well, if enough people don't buy the game, 2K should get the message.
  14. A timeless classic.
  15. Jiji

    Fantasy Hockey

    We were thinking of doing a yahoo keeper league, no?
  16. Really?! People don't like the radio?! The radio is, by FAR, my favourite thing going: The Descendents, Queen, Phil Collins, Eddie Murphy ('Party All the Time' is SO good), Rick James, Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck, Amerie, Britney Spears, Hall and Oates, Bob Seger and Phil Fuckin' Collins! Seriously, I can just drive around for hours listening to the radio. This is what I've been doing the past few hours. So much fun. Well, I was also looking for hitchhikers as Trevor, so there were ulterior motives at work. Just exploring the massive terrain in this game is great stuff. I just discovered how damn fine Worldwide FM is. Also, I was in the middle of nowhere and I got in a shootout with a dude in an RV. Took him out, the cops were on me and I hide under the nearby bridge. They all converge on the area and find the guy's body. I think I'm safe because no way would they look under the bridge for the Trevor the troll. But they do... "Hey, I found him!" So's, I have to kill them all and lose 4 stars. LOVE THIS GAME.
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