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  1. Costa Rica's starting to do FIFA '13 shit in their own half. Better yet, they're closing down like madmen all over the pitch.
  2. It looks like the generic national team jersey you get in NHL '99 or any EA NHL game for that matter.
  3. Really enjoy all of Sullivan's KC releases. He's a blast to listen to.
  4. The many faces of Phil Jones or Kikuchi, which is better?
  5. Randy Anderson's reaction to Hogan submitting is the best. That guy was fantastic... WCW, in general, had great refs. Fuck Earl Hebner and his lame sliding tell on near falls.
  6. A Dusty finish at NOC would be soooo good. Two PPVs in a row where Bryan has the title in hand only to lose it through nefarious means.
  7. It would likely have been adopted from hockey. I don't think I've heard that called by British commentators, but who knows. Only ever hear the left/right/header combination referred to.
  8. Remember, the title is Triple H's property. He's just loaned it to Orton. So, yeah, this is the option that makes most sense.
  9. Of course Jason Kidd will buy Jay-Z's stake in the Nets.
  10. Foz is talking about a natural hat-trick in hockey.
  11. Yes, that was golden. It makes me think of the Double J/Chyna feud way back when. I paraphrase, but Dubba J said something along the lines of "MEN... IS THE DOMINANT SPECIES," or so. Jeff is wonderfully trashy. This cracks me up too. They weren't even friends like four weeks ago, were they? I guess it's less so Bryan and more so Show whoring himself to the McMahon-Helmsley corporation.
  12. I couldn't believe they hot shot the Orton/Bryan match so soon. That's been their biggest mistake in my opinion. I love this story and it's going to help a lot of guys out long term if the execution meets half its potential but there's no reason why they should have Bryan wrestle Orton at this stage. Make him go through the Shield in a decisive manner or something. Make him earn it. Running it now just makes the eventual screw job too obvious. "NO MORE FIRINGS," as he walks off camera.
  13. My favourite promo ever. Dusty is the best. Agreed. This is just amazing stuff. I need to watch more pre-Hogan WCW.
  14. "Let it simmah!" Trips definitely adheres to the Kevin Sullivan school of booking for heat. Can't believe people want Bryan to win at Night of Champions. This needs to go on for a while. It could be executed better, sure, but the big picture stuff is getting done right.
  15. It's said that Madrid didn't ratify the deal. Why would they loan him out anyway? Sell him or keep him.
  16. At least he didn't go to United, I suppose. HAHAHA, this Peter Stevenson tosser yelling at the Scouse kids on Sky. "UNRULY MOB."
  17. Happy Jim White Jizzfest Day, fellas. Stoke picks up madman Arnautovic from Bremen as the day's first signing. Jim's toes pop. Some old dude was born 100 years ago today as well. He's not on Sky, so fuck him.
  18. Jesus titty fucking Christ, £300k a week for Bale. What's C-Ron on? Edit: That son of a bitch is up to something! (spoilered for size)
  19. Are there any alternatives for Özil aside from Arsenal? Please don't let him go there.
  20. Getting Kaka off the books is a must and Di Maria is somewhat redundant with Bale, but selling Özil would be crazy. He's their best playmaker.
  21. They spent over £50m on Illarramendi and Isco. Transfermarkt has their net spend as £95m. FFP, fuck yeah.
  22. Tottenham spent the money before they sold Bale. It was well done on their part all around. Fuck Real Madrid but they'll never go bankrupt. They have ridiculous TV money, a massive stadium, huge sponsorship deals, and money from the CL.
  23. Man, that second half was hard to take. It's strange to see Liverpool manage to soak up pressure for an entire half and not give away too many scoring chances. Winning ugly is... strange, but I like it. Valencia really changed the match, he was superb. Wisdom looked so cool when he came on. I could see him supplanting Martin Kelly as Johnson's backup. He's calm under pressure and a physical wonder.
  24. You ask for so little. There's always a pelanty. There's always diving. There's always chanting. There's usually a red. It's the worst of football and the best of football. Mostly the worst though. And then we have the North West Derby.
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