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  1. Not a great call, but still. Sets up the last half hour nicely.
  2. What's the best version of Sid? I fucking loved Survivor Series '96 Sid but that version ended with him shitting in Taker's face as he receives a Tombstone. Shirley, he must lose points for that.
  3. He looked good when it was packed in the Stoke box. He struggled with more space in the middle third though. Pretty nervous first game but you can't judge much from one match other than he is an E.T. lookin' mother fucker. Also, I like Willian but I don't think he's 30-35 million pounds good. He'd be great with Coutinho though, as he provides that element of pace that's lacking in our attack outside of Sturridge and the odd cameo from Raheem (though, he's got more acceleration than flat-out pace). How terrible are Stoke though? What a team.
  4. I know the Kop has been guilty of stealing some bad songs, but this needs to be adopted.
  5. Buddy Rose love affair continues: The fans in Portland were great.
  6. During. It was after his match against Dan Severn during the '98 KOTR qualifier he started using it. He won the Euro belt in July. So, technically, before and during. Discovering the greatness that is mid-to-late '70s Buddy Rose, that is so much better than morbidly obese Buddy. Although...
  7. What about Henke's charity dinner for the Foundation to Buy the Larsson's a Second Gold Shark Tank? I really like Larsson but that was scummy.
  8. SECOND PLACE. SECOND PLACE. *rocks back and forth naked in the dark corner* Manchester United 1 - Liverpool 4. *rock, rock* Hey, remember when Aly Cissokho was supposed to be the best young left back in football?
  9. In the grand scheme of things, I suppose that should be considered progress in terms of preachers' views on homosexuality. Also, I thoroughly enjoy Philly crowds. Now, whichever crowd started the "Husky Harris" chants for Bray Wyatt can fuck off. Wait, that sounds exactly like something Philly fans would do. *torn*
  10. I'm in the same boat. I didn't like him from day 1 of his Inoki-fueled super push way back when. I'd occasionally watch the odd super hyped match from Japan after '07 and didn't think that much of him and the new "heel persona." But he's really grown into that character and has a unique charisma. His timing is really good and he's become a pretty smart rassler. Good for him. Good for us.
  11. He's a dead ball specialist and is pretty clinical in front of net. On the other hand, he's got tunnel vision, isn't as supremely talented on the ball as you'd think, and doesn't make the best of decisions. He was so frustrating for his first season and a half or so in Vancouver and it's not like he's a guy that could step into a premier league squad, but for the MLS he's good, sometimes great.
  12. ROAD HOUSE SIG! YES! "A polar bear fell on me." To go with one of this month's themes:
  13. Oh. My. God. I finally got around to a late '70s-early '80s Portland set and it's just amazing. It starts in '79 with Buddy Rose, Ed Wiskowski, Roddy Piper, and KILLER TIM BROOKS challenging babyfaces Adrian Adonis and Ron Starr to an 8-man elimination tag match. They then bring a wheelbarrow full of belts and show 'em off for the camera. Great segment. This is followed by the match itself and it goes for about 25 minutes, full of solid action with Piper bumping all over the place for the faces, before Wiskowski and Rose turn on Piper and Brooks following miscommunication during the match. Rose hits a backbreaker, holds and Wiskowski comes off the top with a knee to Brooks' head. This leads to a stretcher job. Fucking awesome! Haha, Rose boasts that they broke Brooks' neck. Buddy is so skinny at this point. I mean, he's pudgy but compared to what was to come.
  14. So, a two or three month run with the IC title is in his future then? Not really a hard push as it doesn't amount to much these days and is a nice place to stash guys they have nothing much for.
  15. I was thinking the first quote exactly, then the second thing popped in my mind when he went into the shed. "There could be much worse things than Japanese wrestling mags in there..."
  16. It really is amazing they can fit all of this on a current gen game. I feel cheated by all those who came before it. (Okay, not you Red Dead). I'll be on PS3 as well.
  17. If only he were better on the mic, he would have been on a lot more Monday Night Raws. Jason rocked the classy mullet.
  18. Agreed. Washington makes the most sense. Anaheim second. Saku ain't going to be putting up those numbers again over 82 games.
  20. Yeah, those were great. Though, why didn't he explain what the mounds of loose paper he was standing on were!? Whomever Dave gets to eventually convert his tapes to DVD needs to torrent that shit up STAT.
  21. He's a legitimate second line center. He was playing some of the worst minutes the league (same with Double Dion) and put up good possession numbers despite this. For all his failings, Ron Wilson used him properly and he was putting up 50+ points. He's a much better center than Tyler Bozak in every way other than faceoff ability, and that's overvalued (see: Gordon, Boyd [he's pretty good defensively, that too... but c'mon!]). He works his balls off, so I don't get the Klima comparison. NHL executives have shown a reluctance to go with guys that have any bad marks against them. This added with his camp wanting too much money are likely why he's still available. Still, I think $4-4.5 up to 3 or 4 years is fine value for him. The Leafs don't use much in the way of advanced stats from what I've read and looking at their moves, but even they have to be negotiating from the standpoint that Kadri (and his teammates) were scoring at unsustainable rates.
  22. It's not his fault these new guys are clueless half the time, dammit!
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