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  1. Hey, piranesi... You can use it for other purposes than originally intended...
  2. Civ V is tits. It goes on sale dirt cheap from time to time but picking it up for free is awesome.
  3. I think with no. 1, some posters at caws.ws would post their creations for download at the forum and you could transfer them over. I may be misremembering though.
  4. He was bad by his standards last season as well.
  5. I'm still used to the idea of the gametime slowing down when you bring up the radio menu. During the beginning of a mission, I accidentally ran over one of our dudes as he was fucking around with his bike - killing him in the process. I couldn't stop laughing... To my defense, it waaaas dark. It wasn't a crew member (I hope...) and the guy was playing like a wanker, so I didn't feel too badly.
  6. No, and Adam didn't have a mic, so no witty one liner, at least to my knowledge. Wasn't one shot either... Really, now that I think about it, it wasn't that special.
  7. I'm Robert_T_Pooner and it was awesome watching you channel John McClean, as you took a helicopter out with a pistol. I'm kinda shitty, so thanks for saving me time after time. Got a bluetooth headset in the mail, as I don't know where my old one disappeared to.
  8. I love playoff baseball. And Señor Octubre.
  9. It's pretty great. Does that mod use pre-set or random potential? That will greatly influence if you get guys like Cena becoming huge stars or Kid Kash main eventing WWF.
  10. Monta basketball is universal.
  11. Because he forgets he's doing colour. Power outage means I didn't get to see the first 6 innings, but hell if the last inning and a half haven't entertained me.
  12. It appears Laviolette is done in Philly.
  13. Babe Ruth ain't got shit on Carlos.
  14. A friend and I had the biggest blast watching it for the first time last year. The ending had me in tears from laughter for multiple reasons.
  15. Except Dubnyk has always been terrible and always will be terrible. This shouldn't be surprising.
  16. I couldn't connect to GTAO on ps3 an hour ago. Lame.
  17. Didn't Kießling say he'd never play for the national team so long as Löw was in charge just recently?
  18. Something about rings and ears.
  19. That link ain't working. Here's YT footage: Also this:
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