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  1. First thing that struck me about Tony Khan when he started doing media appearances to hype AEW's formation was he reacted poorly and emotionally to negative criticism (constructive or otherwise). Holy shit, this is awful.

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  2. So am I to understand that the first Witcher game is a clunky POS only worthwhile due to its story and the second one is a legitimately great game? 

    Why isn't cdpr making easy money remastering the first one? I think I'll hold off on that one for now and jump into the 2nd one in a bit before 3 gets its facelift in q2 of 2022 (allegedly). 

  3. I was on the Santana and Ortiz should get the belts bandwagon but I've since jumped off for now at least. Disappointing feud with FTR and they aren't exactly hot right now in terms of crowd reactions. They need to be built up over six months or so to be serious contenders. Beating 2.0 in a blowoff match is a good way to get them moving in the right direction. 

    Part of me wants to see Jungle Boy get a big win next week but Luchasaurus has seemingly gotten worse or plateaued at best over the past two years and I need that Christian feud with JB. I guess you could do to the switch next week and then have the Christian turn come as they lose the belts. If not Jurassic Express, who? Do you quickly heat up Red Dragon (I am so happy AEW is going with this normal person spelling)? FTR just had their shot, even though they're probably most deserving despite some misses (some of the challenges with the Lucha Bros were misses for me and the aforementioned Santana and Ortiz feud). Best Friends are occupied and Chuck can't stop adjusting his tights every 5 seconds. Love him but something needs to be done. He's doing it even after the hug ffs. 

    With that rambling done, I think Jurassic Express should win next week and Hangman retains (though I still think Danielson should win because he's the best act in the company right now and I'd guess the planet too but I don't watch much else these days). 

    There's a photo of da Bunny bloodied up and smiling that looks like a lot. 

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  4. Great show, great main event, but man is AEW falling into too many shenanigans when heels need a win. Faces can lose clean and learn from their mistakes. It's okay.

    But this was the highlight of the night. Private Party are my guys. Isiah Kassidy in particular has come a long way. Them dancing out to the knockoff Midnight's theme was legendary stuff.

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  5. 20 minutes ago, Bryan said:

    Wow, this is definitely way too many multi-person tags on one show for my tastes.

    I've been hearing this a lot lately, especially on Deadlock. On the one hand, I can understand, but each of these are serving a purpose to push forward the story between the two sides and what is the alternative? Burning through singles matches too soon and then you have the potential problem of becoming WWE in diluting importance of singles matches? Letting feuds peter out? Relying on angles and promos more? I think they could get to those singles matches a little bit more expeditiously more often, but this is DVDVR... The board that taught me how great the early '90s WCW multiman tags were, and I think AEW has done a good job of keeping that spirit alive. They almost always hit, even if there isn't an urgency to all of them and they aren't must-see-TV.

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  6. 8 minutes ago, JLowe said:

    To me, Sammy’s run never really got a chance to get over because he was immediately sucked back into that awful Inner Circle-ATT feud and made to look like a lame smirking toady to Jericho. He had, what, 3 defenses, all of which were good and brought out the idea that he was taking on challengers from all over.

    Agreed but Cody is so hot rn. So hot. Cody.

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  7. 3 minutes ago, For Great Justice said:

    This closes the door on what was in my personal opinion TK’s first significant misstep as a booker: 1) Sammy being the least consequential title holder in company history and 2) the fact that Miro ever lost it in the first place 

    I think Sammy being the guy to beat Miro does a lot more than Cody beating Miro, but yeah, it does feel like Miro could've gone another 3-6 months no problem before somebody was able to take advantage of the wonky neck and the accumulation of damage he'd received on it. 

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  8. I imagine the opening segment is most often the highest viewed, right? If they're back to the west coast delay on tbs I guess we should see the show doing a million more often again. Rampage spoiler:


    Cody learned well from Triple H. Just as ratings about to go on the rise, he wins his title back. Can't fucking wait for Christmas and his title run lol. Sammy was doing well but there was little intrigue. I'd love to hear the thought process behind the switch. 

    My cat puked and woke me up so here's a random thought baked on 5 hours of sleep: catching up on Rampage from last week and it occurred to me that when Team Taz inevitably has to go babyface because of HOOK and if you wanted to keep Starks heel, he'd work well with Scorpio and Ethan Page. Sharp dressed men by ZZ Top would have to be their theme. Been too long since somebody used that as a wrestling theme. They probably shouldn't do the Team No Respect shuffle even though it is awesome. Starks is so cool that he'd be a great babyface though. 

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  9. Word was Omega was set for multiple surgeries, with some thinking possible double shoulder surgery. Guy's list of ailments was ridiculous and there's little doubt that he wasn't feeding Meltzer that info directly. February seems like a stupid fast turnaround and I'd rather he heal up than come back too soon, but that was the estimate Meltzer threw out there in November. They'd probably have a rough timeline of his return and while it does seem like it's being set-up for his return I dunno.

    Those Sting quotes warm my heart. I remember his HOF speech ending with him hinting at more and then just disappearing. This has been a storybook run so far. 

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